California prison psychologist allegedly faked her own rape

December 11, 2011

Laurie Ann Martinez

Police arrested a prison psychologist for making a false report of rape in order to convince her husband to move out of their Sacramento neighborhood. [WashingtonPost]

Laurie Ann Martinez, 36, allegedly split her lip, scraped her knuckles with sandpaper, had a friend don boxing gloves and punch her in the face, and wet her own pants in order to convince police she had been raped and robbed by a stranger in her home in April.

Police detectives and crime scene investigators spent hundreds of hours on the case until one of Martinez’s prison co-workers came forward to say Martinez had faked the rape in an attempt to convince her husband to move to a safer neighborhood, the Washington Post said.

Her plan failed and she and her husband filed for divorce six-weeks after the alleged rape.

“Martinez, one of her friends and two co-workers eventually told police the whole thing was a setup to convince Martinez’s husband that they needed to move from a blighted, high-crime area three miles north of the state Capitol,” the Washington Post said.

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Doesn’t the psychologist look like a younger and (if possible) more sullen Tammy Rudock, he ex-general manager of Cambria? Does Rudock have a daughter?

What a pair! apparently stuff like this happens more than you think.

This is just too weird.

The thing that is so frightening about this is that when you consider the word of a prison psychologist who endured a solicited punch in the face and then urinated on herself, she would have near 100% credibility. She could have fingered just about anybody and she would have been believed. I hope the woman in prison consider what this “nut case” has done. She essentially has aided in diminishing the credibility of all rape victims who had no proof other than their own word.

When it comes to the crime of rape, it’s very difficult to separate the facts from the fiction. I have no doubt many innocent men have been imprisoned for a crime (rape) they didn’t commit. Likewise, I have no doubt that many more have gotten away with it and gone unpunished.

Kinda creepy. Is this like faking an orgasm ?

Kinda creepy? Well yeah if it’s the guy that fakes it !

No, it’s nothing like faking an orgasm, since an orgasm usually is not a crime and, if another person is involved, it usually implies consensual sex.

This *itch said a sex crime, rape, occurred! Men could have been arrested and interviewed, which could have (if they had no history) ruined them, if it became public knowledge. An innocent man could have gone to trial, been convicted, and spent time in prison. Then, when discharged, would have had to live with the requirements for convicted sex criminals for the rest of his life.

Worse, she raised the specter of a woman falsely claiming rape for material gain.

I can’t think of enough bad things to say about this greedy, clueless woman. I only hope that, as the Rule of 10 goes, may what she did come back to her ten-fold.

Of more concern, resulting from the actions of our quivering legislators eliminating your rights, is that someone such as this lovely creature could label you as a ‘terrorist’. The MP’s then whisk you away and you have no rights to a hearing. Bye bye.

Precisely. How many more psychopathic “public officials” are there waiting to label you? The U.S. is now an official “battleground” in the “War on Terror” (sic).

Welcome to the POLICE STATE:

Obama Administration Demanded Power To Indefinitely Detain U.S. Citizens

Paul Joseph Watson

White House removed language that would have protected Americans from Section 1031 of NDAA.

Oh geez, you guys sound so paranoid and silly. This has nothing to do with terrorist.

This was one whack job, until we have robots doing our jobs we are bound to have a few screwballs. This could happen in the private sector as well but it’s so convenient when you can find another excuse to blame Obama for everything wrong with the world. Plus, it seems like crazy comes with that job, many of them are a bit touched but we can’t throw out the baby with the bath water. This is one wacky lady so stop sounding like this is epidemic and that this happens every week it just makes you sound ridiculous.

TQ, you know I usually agree with you, but the concerns about a police state and terrorists are not paranoid or silly.

Obama has expanded presidential powers more than any president I can remember.

I’m not going to do anything more to drag this topic off the bandwagon into a discussion about our loss of rights under the Obama administration. I just wanted to voice my opinion that these concerns are not paranoid or silly.

Mary, this is about one lady from Sacramento, not terrorist, not Obama not all this other nonesense. So far this one goofy lady has people concerned with a terrorist, a police state, the Obama admin. This one lady even has a few people demeaning or questioning the truth behind all cases of rape. It’s just ONE crazy lady that was attempting to control her husband in a very sick and perverted way, nothing more. Why on earth would you equate this crazy lady to Obama’s expansion of the presidential powers? How does one get from here (crazy lady) to there (terrorists, Obama)?

By thinking this woman has the lone power to judge whether a person is a terrorist and have them whisked away by MPs is just silly and paranoid IMO.

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If I’m reading your message correctly, Zap would be a good person for that, he finds some very interesting links. I believe that on your submitter page it says that we must use our real names. As much as some people don’t like it, I can’t do that, I have too much to lose by doing so. If it weren’t for the kids, my family business and one other thing then I wouldn’t care, but my opinions don’t just effect me.

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What is happening in terms of our Constitutional protections in a trial situation is downright scary.

What I cannot understand is the apparent disconnect between Obama’s background as a civil rights attorney and his alleged acts, or failures to act, when modification of the Patriot Act and other laws like the one you cited, come before him for his consideration. I don’t get it.

But because the very nature of your cite raises the “credibility issue” with what is being published on the Internet, I decided to really learn how to track the legislation itself.

I started with gpoaccess. Then, I discovered it had mutated into a “new and improved Web site.”

I found that I was no longer able to research by topic in the CFR, for instance, but actually had to call someone to tell them that the INDEX vol. was missing from their Web site.

Then, they wanted to know exactly what topic I was researching.

When I gave them the topic (which was really offensive, when you consider the implications,) they told me I had to KNOW THE CITE FIRST before I could find the topic.

They couldn’t have designed a more user-antagonistic Web site if they replaced the entire library staff with “shape-shifting” Special Forces personnel on a mission to destroy the republic!

If you saw the recent video clip of Obama going to a meeting being “escorted” by at least six “men in black” who were twice his size, you would agree that Obama looked more intimidated by them than protected by them, and he even commented on it on the video clip itself. Who the Hell knows who is running the country anymore?

I’m sticking with my old forms of communication when it comes to politics: face to face discussion and debate; public assemby and direct access to my elected and appointed representatives; participation and observation of my polling place; snail mail, original signatures: land line telephones and a human voice on the other end of the phone.

You link was both enlightening and informative. But until I get an explanation direct from White House staff (which we should still be able to do, the system being what it is supposed to be,) I will not believe that Obama is so different from what he was eduated and trained to be.

So what we have here is a sociopath with a degree in psychology who is a criminal working in the prison system. HELLO MR GUMMINT, so much for your screening process and psche exams.

I guess you could say 2B or not 2B ….

Wow! As they say. many times these shrinks are crazier than their patients.

Makes you wonder what would have happened if someone had been arrested for this and she identified them as the violator?

Sometimes it makes you wonder about these rape allegations.

Of course your name is Mr. Holly ….