Yep, he got even, all right

December 16, 2011

Gary Lyons

A Los Osos man retaliated against a San Luis Obispo County Superior Court judge he felt had wronged him by breaking into her home and burglarizing it, then leaving a note that led right to him, according to authorities. [Tribune]

Gary Aaron Lyons pleaded no contest Thursday in San Luis Obispo Superior Court to charges he removed valuables from the home of Judge Dodie Harman. Lyons entered his plea in front of visiting judge Michael Barton.

Other local judges had recused themselves from hearing the case to avoid  conflict. The 31-year-old Los Osos man was charged with four felonies including burglary and grand theft. When arrested, he was allegedly in possession of methamphetamine. He’ll be sentenced Feb. 21.

Lyons took weapons and jewelry, and left his DNA on a note which read in part, “I’m sorry it come (sic) to this, but I told you I wanted another chance… but you (expletive) me anyways. Good luck finding me.” He was a neighbor of Harman’s at the time of the break-in, but subsequently  moved.

Cops nailed him less than a month later when he tried to sell one of Harman’s handguns to an undercover officer.

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I’m glad the guy got caught. Women judges in this county are scarse enough. What I would really like to see is an interview with Harman after she attempts to get a permanent restraining order against this guy.

There are three sides to every story Yours Mine and what really happened. Did he really have methamphetiamine on his person? The reason I ask is because there was a case in Vegas a few years back where two officers came forward admitting they planted drugs on a guy just to make a case. What were the circumstances in the original case?

Apparently, he not only got caught attempting to sell the judges gun but he sold meth to an undercover cop!

well that’s enough evidence to go after the guy! Sorry Mr. Lyons! Time to get clean

Anyone that deliberately brakes into a judges house must be on something pretty potent.

I know this is going to sound warped but I don’t really care if anything was planted, what I don’t know won’t hurt me in this case. I can’t stand thieves. A few times in my life my homes have been burglarized and it’s a terrible feeling, you feel so violated. I never felt as comfortable the in those homes again. In my case I lost things that could never be replaced. So, who cares, the one thing we know is that this bum broke into someones house,,,lock em up and if being on drugs can cause him to be locked up longer than all the better.

I have to agree. Having one’s home violated like that leaves a person feeling insecure in their own private space. It’s about more than loosing ones possessions, It’s about loosing ones sense of privacy and security.

Judge Harmon is a great judge..she is fair and honorable lady..I am sorry this happened to you..glad you dirtbag neighbor got caught and you can get some closure to this mess

Gee Mkaney;

You sound bitter….Sounds like you’ve had first hand experience with law enforcement and/ or judges.

Just sayin’.

It may sound like it, but that is not the case.

Never a good idea to screw with a judge.

There is no doubt he’s a total loser…

But if he had been the one who left his handgun in a place that someone could steal it (e.g. not in a locked safe) and in fact someone had stolen it and by some chance some kid had gotten hurt with it, there’d be a hanging. Not so for the judge, who doesn’t even elicit a raised eyebrow. “Just sayin'”

Not sure about the Judge but I have no little kids around so I consider my firearms appropriately stored when they’re in my locked house. I don’t need the government to tell me otherwise.

I have no problem with people that don’t have kids not locking up their guns, no big deal.

But you are an example of why I don’t like the laws that allow people to carry guns in public. SSB+concealed weapon=scary.

I totally agree with you. I was just making an observation about how things seem to work in th world of manipulating public opnion, generally speaking.


WOW, Talk about refusing to take responsibility.

Stupid meth head. It’s true, that stuff turns their brains to mush.

Even the meth heads would call this guy stupid.

So much for all the kids in college on adderal and ritalin then huh Typo? It’s bad, but I always contend that it’s 90% law enforcement publicity. How better to sell your product (security and enforcement)?

I haven’t seen any college kids with hair like straw, skin sores, and nasty rotten teeth, breaking into judges homes, from Ritalin or adderall. So I’m not sure why you brought that up, are you comparing them?

I’m trying to make a point that they’re basically the same drug with the same effects, so what would account for the difference..i.e. the fact that you don’t see college kids doing such things?

That’s simply not true. Meth goes to the brain in a much faster direct fashion, it peaks in a much faster and direct way compared to Adderall which is more controlled and even. Adderall isn’t made in someones bathtub. Meth is much harder on your body and is made differently with different ingredients. Adderall is controlled and meth isn’t. They are both amphetamines, but the methyl part of meth is quite different and not in a good way. If my college kid had ADHD and needed meds I’d rather them take Adderall than meth. If you want to give yours meth instead then that’s what I guess you’d do. Or perhaps you’re one of those that doesn’t believe that some kids truly have ADHD.

mkaney, you aren’t comparing adderal and ritalin to meth are you?

I most certainly am. Do the research, ask those with first hand experience. In particular, Adderal is basically the same thing.