Adam Hill admits to impersonating opponent

January 19, 2012

Adam Hill


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill admitted Wednesday he impersonated his political opponent, and now says it was just a joke.

On Jan. 6, the San Luis Obispo Tribune printed a letter to the editor from Sheila Blake, asking readers to help her convince LAFCO to vote against annexing the proposed Los Robles Del Mar development into the city of Pismo Beach. The issue has divided many in the South County beach community.

On the same morning, Hill left the following message on Blake’s answering machine, calling her names and claiming to be Ed Waage, Hill’s opponent in the District 3 supervisor race.

“Hi Mrs. Blake, I read your letter in the Tribune, are you a communist, or a socialist, or both or maybe a Marxist, this is Ed Waage. Just wanted to let you know what I thought,” the message says.

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After listening to the message which she claims she did not think sounded like either candidate, she called Waage to tell him about the impersonation. Blake then allowed Waage to make an audio copy of the call, which he provided to CalCoastNews.

“I am disappointed that Adam Hill would make a phone call and pretend the phone call was from me,” Waage said.

On Monday, Hill received the following questions from a reporter and subsequently refused to answer questions about the phone message after being provided a transcript of the Blake call.

“I have a voice message that was left on an answering machine of a Pismo Beach resident who had an opinion letter in the Tribune,” a CalCoastNews reporter wrote in an email to Hill. “And while the call says it is from Ed Waage, several people contend it is you. How do you respond to allegations you made the phone call?”

Hill responded in an email on Monday saying the questions were “malicious, gotcha stuff,” and that he hoped the reporter was “confident that the constant campaign of defamation” against him “could not be proven to show actual malice.”

On Wednesday evening, Blake says Hill, a good friend, called to explain that he had made the call as an “innocent joke.”

“I acted so swiftly to call Ed (Waage), Adam (Hill) never got a chance to call back and tease me about the call,” Blake said even though it had been nine days since she had provided the tape to Waage.

Hill said Wednesday he did not remember making the call when asked about it on Monday.

“I did not even know what the heck you were asking about when you emailed me the night before you ran your story,” Hill wrote in an email on Wednesday.

The Save Price Canyon website has quoted Hill as telling its group that he is against the two large proposed developments that are winding their way through the system. In an interesting twist, planners involved in one of the proposed developments also contend Hill has said he is supporting their project.

When asked in four separate emails if he supports the Save Price Canyon group or those attempting to develop the property, Hill refused to answer, instead asking, “Why the hate?”

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I see it exactly as Hill explained it: It was a poorly-thought-out joke that went awry.

There are a hundred valid reasons he is unqualified to be our supervisor, but I don’t think this is one of them.

Poor judgement, yes; but he was having a joke with a friend not acting in any official capacity.

When the people elect someone to represent them they expect that you don’t act like you are still in junior high. This is as valid as any other reason. It is a reflection on his judgement. We should hold elected officials to high standards. Let’s hope this signals defeat for Adam Hill. I don’t know much about Ed Waage but I would take just about anyone over Hill.

When you learn more about Ed Waage, I think you’ll discover an honest, very smart individual who will make our County proud.

Another neighbor!

Yeah–a “good friend” who didn’t even recognize his voice.

Hill hasn’t been stable since he got into office. It’s just one bizarre, nasty thing after another.

There has to be something seriouly wrong with this man or his character. He handles a divorcing in disgust, he handled the cross buring eposide in Arroyo Grande in disgust, he handled the De Vaul siutation in disgust (of course the woman he left his wife for had a lot to do with that), he handled COLAB in disgust, and he is just plain crude, nasty, unreasonable and inappropriate to anyone who does not agree with him. This man is either mentally unstable or is just plain mean and nasty. He does not have to agree with everyone or anyone but as an elected official he has a responsibility to listen, learn and make honesty and reasonable decisions. This man needs serious help and should not run agree. This is all a cry for help!!!

I ask this sincerely: is Adam Hill mentally ill? This type of bizarre, erratic behavior makes one wonder.

ITA. He sounds paranoid and unable to function in some instances.

Sometimes paranoid people are very unpleasant. I guess when you think everyone is out to get you, you can take the approach of getting them first before they get you. Harvey Milk comes to mind. Scary.

Obviously the juvenile Mr. Hill lacks any sense of values.

Not only SLO County, but the whole country, seems to suffer these fools gladly.

Politics is a participation sport. Voters need to do their own vetting and weigh the would-be candidate’s value system, background, accomplishments and failures before deciding who gets their vote. Voting is a privilege and a right – intelligent voting is a responsibility.

If Hill hasn’t got the grit to resign, maybe a recall is in order?

What a dishonest, cowardly man, trying to use such a pathetic excuse.= It was just “an innocent joke”.

Adam Hill’s disgraceful leadership reminds me of the Italian cruise ship captain who recently offered another pathetic excuse. He abandoned his sinking ship…um, I mean he “tripped” and fell into a lifeboat. Yeah, right.

Your comments are so on target. Great analysis!!!

I come from a family of sailors. Schettino’s actions have caused a lot of outrage and sadness here, too. Such aberrant behavior.

Jokes are funny. Impersonations are not. One lie begets another. What next from this yahoo? Honesty counts, and this poor excuse of a public servant is an embarrassment. Resign Hill!

I think we all know who the real joke is! I for one hope you starting packing now Mr. Hill and don’t let the door hit you on the way out after the election.

I hope his wife is getting some enjoyment out of this. He must have been heII on earth to live with.

taxpayer, I’m in complete agreement with you on this one! This JOKER has got to go, NOW! He’s just dumber than dirt & has no business being a “Supervisor”. That being said, there are a few other SLO Supervisors who should not run again. Bruce Gibson is FAR WORSE than Hill.

If he had any common decency, he would stand up to the microphone at the next Board meeting and ask the people who put him into office for forgivness. Then he would resign. You can’t learn good judgement.

Unfortunately, you can’t learn class and graciousness, either. That’s why the chances of Adam Hill doing what you recommend are between slim and none.

Good suggestion, though.

This guy has to go. If he says he doesn’t remember making this call then either he’s a liar or he has a drinking problem. Has he done this before and forgotten about it? Man, how can someone with this kind of intelligence and character continue to sit on the Board of Supervisors?

If Hill were smarter, he’d choose B) a drinking problem. Then he could go to 90 day rehab at the taxpayers’ expense and this whole crank call business would cool down. Heck, he may even emerge as a spokesperson for getting clean and sober. Unfortunately, he’s A) a liar and that just can’t be fixed…except at election time. Goodbye, Mr. Hill. Goodbye.

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