Brown’s tax plan falls short

January 9, 2012

Gov. Jerry Brown

A tax hike that Gov. Jerry Brown plans to put before voters in November will raise less than he hoped, according to the Legislative Analyst, which probably will require much deeper budget cuts than previously anticipated.

The plan would raise only $4.8 billion during the first year, $2.1 billion less than the governor and his budget writers had anticipated. Brown has said he will reduce funding for K-12 and colleges in the event voters do not pass his tax plan.

Brown’s proposal would raise on average $5.5 billion annually over the next three fiscal years, according to the analyst.

The governor believes most of the new tax revenues would come from higher income earners each year. The analyst’s office says it’s a nearly even split during the three full years of implementation, with slightly more money coming from the half-cent sales tax hike.

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Cut salaries and benefits, not services. Here is a simple plan….If a state employee makes 75K a year cut salary 7.5%. If he makes 150K a year cut salary 15%. If he makes 500K a year like some prison dentists, cut the salary 50%. These people are not going to quit their jobs and if they do, there is a line of people behind them. Starting at 75K protects most of the teachers and other working folks and concentrates on the inflated middle management and most of the corrections institute. THEN we tackle the welfare retirement program.

Sam, it’s okay to hire people at reduced rates and with less benefits but by taking away from those that are already there we would hurt the economy even more. Unfortunately Brown has laid off thousands of state employees. He’s cut back a great deal when it comes to state employees. But he should cut back pay for some new hires.

We need to stop cutting the legs off the chair. Start cutting from the top down. Too many over-paid and useless chiefs in the State’s employ.

I am voting no. When does it stop? We must stop it. He is blackmailing this State into more taxes.

How is it any different than a thug saying ” if you don’t gimme your money, I’m gonna hurt your kids?”

Not much, except he is the Governor.

So the next time you’re up for a cost of living pay increase should your boss say ‘when does is it stop? You are blackmailing this company to get more money.’

My point is that although raising taxes is never a good thing, things cost money and inflation keeps moving up. How can we run a state or a country and not add taxes as costs rise? It cost more money for goods so the state needs more money not to mention that he must make up for years and years of past spending. Brown has made cut backs, painful cutbacks, some that I don’t agree with. He’s laid off thousands of state workers (I didn’t agree with that) and has been cutting the waste but we are so in debt he must take drastic actions to get us out of this and he needs to do it now. How else can he get us out of this?

He is using education of our children as a threat to extort more money from the taxpayers. For any reason, that tactic is rotten to the core.

I didn’t take it as a threat, it was a warning to show the consequences of what would happen if we didn’t vote for the tax hike, not a threat. Superintendent Julian Crocker was urging the voters to vote for the tax increase and supported it because he knew that Brown had no choice, you can’t get blood from a stone. I would rather him warn us then tell us afterwards. Should he have just kept that as a secret?

Damn Straight!

Oh, that these crybabies would fess up and admit their mistakes by swallowing the right-wing garbage that lower taxes creates jobs and adds to the economy.

ALL of the demonstrable, empirical evidence is exactly contrary.

We TOLD you that if marginal taxes are NOT levied upon those that have more than enough means to pay them ( Their civic responsibility ) , then cuts to all sorts of public programs would be the outcome.

WE TOLD YOU, but you were to stupid and/or selfish to listen, and now you cry!

Our state is being blackmailed with this. Check out international test scores and you will have your eyes opened. We spend $100,000.00 per child on average from K-12 and we rank below other countries that spend much less than we do.

In grade 4 U.S. ranks #12, grade8U.S. ranks #28, and grade 12 U.S. ranks #19.

Check it out folks and vote accordingly.

“Brown has said he will reduce funding for K-12 and colleges in the event voters do not pass his tax plan.”

Wrong Decision or Area to Cut!

This is not the Governor Brown that I voted for

Yes, it is!


What, you surprised ? Don’t worry he will raise taxes come hell or high water, the democrats always do, its the one thing you can count on. They will call it a “fee” or some other term to say they didn’t raise taxes.

That’s right, the dems get us out of debt and keep the peace and the repubs start wars and get us in debt. Yes, we must raise taxes to pay for your mistakes. Sorry, that how the cycle works, you play, we all pay. Clinton came in straightened out the checkbook, W and Arnie came in and overdrew the account again. Now Obama and Brown must come in and get the books back in order.

What you people don’t get is that you didn’t screw everything up overnight, it takes awhile to repair your damage. These guys aren’t Gods, they can’t fix things overnight, but given enough time we’ll be back on our feet again.

Name one time the Dems have gotten us out of debt. No, the Dems, once they get some money through taxes, will continue to spend. That’s the problem.

Bill Clinton attained a rather good sized surplus and passed that surplus to Bush (your guy) which he in turn blew. If a Repub were in office after Bush, we’d all be learning to speak Chinese.

Thanks to Jerry we will be speaking Spanish soon.

And remember, regardless of which party the Gov is from, the Dem legislaters have been incontrol of CA for a very long time, so we can thank them for the mess we are in

I believe you’re wrong. The Dems lack the two thirds majority that it takes to raise raise taxes on the wealthy. I believe that there are other issues that require 2/3rds, the Dems do not control 2/3rds of the house.

but they are in charge of what does and does not make it to the floor for a vote. The 2/3 issues is new and only means they would get to do whatever they want, they did have and still do have a simple majority and that allows them to do a lot, or screw up a lot

Typo, you are so predictible. The only reason Clinton had a surplus was because the House and the Senate were controlled by the Republicans. By raising taxes on the rich, they will just move out of state. New York has lost alot of revenue because they large earners have left the state along with their taxes. This state needs to stop giving our money away to people who do not work. Just think of the money we could save just by having english our official language.

Oh please, that’s like saying the only reason Walmart is successful is because they have good cashiers. Yes, stop giving money out to people that need it. There’s lots of vacant bridges still left the poor families to live under. How very republican of you.

Save money by having English as our official language,,bla bla bla, same old right wing nonesense.