CMC facing limited layoffs

January 31, 2012


Of the 545 layoff warning notices the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation sent out last week, only seven went to employees of the California Men’s Colony in San Luis Obispo.

As part of a state prison realignment that is slated to reduce the prison population by 33,000 within two years by moving some offenders to county jails, staff numbers are also slated to decline. Throughout the state prison system, there are now 14,000 fewer inmates than there were six months ago.

Even so, at the California Men’s Colony the prisoner population has remained consistent at approximately 5,686 inmates. Plans are in the works to decrease the population by 500 inmates before the end of the fiscal year, said Dean Spears, public information officer at CMC.

“California prisons have some 14,000 fewer inmates today than four months ago at the beginning of the public safety realignment,” Spears said.  “Consequently, staffing needs have also fallen.  As the inmate population decreases at CMC, so will the staffing needs of our institution.”

Currently, there are 912 people employed at CMC. Another round of layoffs is scheduled for the fall.

Correction: The numbers were incorrect on the inmate population. The inmate population on Jan. 30 was 5,686.

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In November 2011, the inmate population at CMC was around 6250 inmates. It has since dropped to around 5725 inmates. I believe the 912 employees is the number of custody (Officers, sergeants etc.) employees. If you add in non-custody staff, you have around 2200 employees at CMC. The classifications range from Office Assistants to Physicians. The next round of cuts should hit around April-June.

Get your facts straight. There are no where near 12,000 inmates at CMC. Cut that number in half. Any moron can go to the CMC website and look that up.


Okay, since you said that any moron, which would obviously include YOU, could look this up at their website, then by all means, please go to the CMC site and report back to us the correct number!

I can’t do this for you, because I am not a moron.

We’ll be awaiting a timely response.

Thank you.

Alright dude, since someone got their butt hurt, here’s your total according to the CMC website: 6485 And you are so right… that isn’t exactly half of 12,000. My estimate was off by 485. If only I was as smart as you.


You presented “hearsay” Give us a link with a close to the current date as possible on it to subtantiate your claim.

We thank you in advance.

Alright Ted, it’s not hard to do, but here you go… you have to options:

You can go to Google and type in California men’s colony. The first link will be to their main page. On the right side when you get in, is a link that states institution statistics.

If you don’t like that idea, option number two:

Go to

On the top is a link that says prisons

When you click on that you’ll see another link that says adult facilities

It’ll then say to learn more about an institution select one in the drop down menu. Choose California men’s colony.

It will then take you to CMC’s homepage. On the right side will be institutional statistics.

As far as a published date, if you think that the news media has more accurate information then the CDC website, take it up with CDC


Okay, it’s a given, YOU cannot provide us with the direct link to substantiate your claim to take it from the realm of “hearsay’ to an “absolute” other than to give us directions? lol

Instead of going through all of that rhetoric like you did, it would have been simpler for you to just copy and paste the link in question and show us. Get it? “Even” a moron could have made it easier than you did!

And yet another pathetic response by Ted Slanders.


You’ve danced around like a clown in this thread, and the truth hurts, therefore a no cogent response from you was expected other than what you gave.

The next time, be more respectful to Karen’s misquoted facts. She corrected them, and don’t allude to the fact that she is a moron because of a minor mistake, get it?

The only moron was you by not being able to logically defend yourself with my facts presented to you! lol

As long as all seven are adminstrators it’s a start, but more admin cuts are neeeded