Lillian Larsen after school coordinator accused of sex with student

January 30, 2012

Sarah Drown

An after school programs coordinator at the Lillian Larsen School in San Miguel has been charged with engaging in unlawful sex with a 14-year-old boy she met on campus, authorities said Monday.

Sarah Drown, 20, allegedly had an “affair” with the student in November, deputies said.

“She is not one of our classroom teachers, she is a part time first year programs coordinator,” said Julian D. Crocker, county superintendent of schools. “The allegations are that it happened after school.”

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies took Drown into custody on Friday and booked her into the San Luis Obispo County Jail on suspicion of unlawful sex with a minor. Drown remains in jail on $20,000 bail.

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Not quite the Lotto Jackpot for a 14 year old boy like Debra Lafave was, but hey! – this is San Miguel, California.

According to the Trib, Miss Drows was put on paid admin leave pending an investigation.

Now why is it that Paso won’t do the same with Chief Lisa?

… In related news, Ms. Drown was later voted coolest after school coordinator ever.

So far everyone here is assuming the girl is guilty, she could be innocent!

Not in this forum.

A number of states allow marriage as young as age 14 with parental consent…

And California isn’t one of them so your point is???


You are correct

That one slipped by, I overlooked it.

I went to high school with a person (many many years ago) who married who married a young lady from another state at age 14, still married to this day.

But friendly warning (In case you haven’t notice), most that are posting are viewing matters strictly and solely from a single California Statue perspective and any outside reference or comarison is unforgiving to them.

Hi willie –

I should have posted the statement (yours) to which I was referring. Glad you see it for what it is. No offense intended.

18 thumbs down? I didn’t think I’d have to connect the dots for them.

Here it is folks…

“And the boys age is way too young by any standard in the US continent or the civilized world.”

PS – From a global viewpoint 14 is adult enough for any number of acts (some of them decidedly not ‘civilized’) that would stun the sensibilities of most of us living our sheltered lives in the happiest place in America. In perspective this doesn’t seem like a huge deal.

She’s not much to look at, but I guess to a 14 y.o. she is more attractive than a tube sock or warm apple pie.

She is in a position of trust

And the boys age is way too young by any standard in the US continent or the civilized world.

It’s a long standing tradition with north county students who are home schooled.

They won’t understand it unless you spell it “HOAM SKULED”.

Hot Debate?

Maybe no more.

I was listening to KVEC today.

“Sounds like” Dave is weening down CCN.

Even if we had no CCN blog to post, I would still pick CCN over KVEC for local news.

I kinda of anticipated it would happen sooner or later

Anytime you question or challenge the rich and powerful (even though we the people put them there) you can expect expect behind the scene compromise, its always been that way.

When I was 14 that wouldn’t have been called a crime, It would have been called lucky. But that was a long time ago.

If she were a guy, would you still say that? Would it be “lucky” for a 20 year old male to have sex w/a 14 year old female? I should hope not.

No, of course not. Back then less that fifty years ago, there was a nearly universally accepted tolerance for behavior differences between the sexes, was it right? No. But it WAS part of the culture and saying it wasn’t simply isn’t honest. Things change, for one thing a few generations ago a 14 year old girl was not considered a child, but was probably married. You more than likely have a 15 year old great great… grandmother.

So stick your preposterous outrage somewhere else. I was not talking about now.


I lived during the time you are talking about, (its the truth!) it takes guts to disclose this.

If you have ever taken a general Philosophy course and read Aristotle “The Cave” you can see where the iron grip of mind control comes from.

Quick brief: “The Cave” is a discussion hypothesizing:

“What if” a group of institutionalized prisoners were forced for many years to focus at a single lit area on a wall in a confined cave for many years, and was never allowed to do otherwise.

Thereafter “What if” there were suddenly given the freedom to look anywhere they pleased?

The conclusion was, they would not (Dare in fear or in belief)!

Another reply, Would it have been lucky for the guy? Well he probably wouldn’t have thought so shaking before the father with the shotgun and the preacher at the altar, but that was before we let the government dictate all our morals.

Wow. That’s about all I can say.

She must have some real problems to see a 14-year-old boy as sexually appealing. I’m sure there are plenty of grown men that she could have fooled around with. I mean let’s face it, if a woman wants to have sex, finding a man willing to indulge her shouldn’t be very tough.

That said, I recall being 14 (junior high age?) and there were boys in the locker room who could have passed for a grown man.

My own mother used to say that I was a boy in a man’s body but that was in high school, not junior high.