Mecham scolds Hill for phony phone call

January 24, 2012

Frank Mecham


Supervisor Frank Mecham delivered a firm reproach to a peer Tuesday, characterizing Adam Hill’s recent phone impersonation of a political rival as embarrassing to the board.

Hill left a recorded message Jan. 6 with the author of a letter printed in The Tribune, in which he asked if she was “a communist” and made other comments. He then identified himself as Ed Waage, who is challenging Hill for the District 3 supervisor’s seat.

Mecham also said the incident was taking board time and was not an issue for which the board was responsible. He then asked Hill to apologize to fellow supervisors and to Waage.

Hill responded by repeating his claim that the call was a joke and suggested that the board get on with its business. He told board members he was sorry that it offended some… but he did not apologize.

Supervisor Bruce Gibson and Chairman Jim Patterson quickly defended Hill, both claiming the incident had been blown out of proportion by a “local media group.” Patterson called it “a trivial matter.”

Mecham’s assertions came after three people used their public comment time to ask the board to sanction Hill for his conduct.

In an earlier statement, Wagge said, “Common sense says to refrain from doing something so foolish, and common courtesy would require an apology.”

Despite Hill’s reticence to apologize, Mecham hinted the matter is far from closed: he challenged Gibson to “elevate this discussion in private.”

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Just heard that an official complaint has been filed with the County Grand Jury.

That’s good. And when they’re finished months from now, their report will go to the Board of Sups for any action. And then guess what this board will do with that report? The same thing they did with the Grand Jury’s report about Sarah Christie.

It would be interesting to know if Adam Hill is guilty of one of California’s false impersonation laws. Maybe someone has more information on this. From 529 PC:

“In order to be convicted of violating section 3 of Penal Code 529 PC, you must create either (1) the possibility that the person you are impersonating will be subject to penalties, prosecution, etc., or (2) a benefit for yourself or another person.

It therefore stands to reason that if your act does neither of these, you haven’t violated California’s false impersonation law.

This could be the case if, for example, you were impersonating another person just for entertainment. If the person you are impersonating won’t be subject to any harm…and neither you nor another person is receiving a benefit from the impersonation…then you are not breaking this law.

It’s important, however, to keep in mind that this offense doesn’t require that there be an actual harm or benefit, just the potential to create one.”

It would be very interesting; however, I can tell you that no one is guilty until after a trial. Prior to that it is only opinion. I do not know how “benefit” is intended to be interpreted in this statute. Does it mean fiscal? Does it mean contractual or real property? Do not assume it has generic meaning. Personally, I don’t think a criminal action holds water. It’s an election/character issue IMHO.

You’d probbaly have to go to the law library (or maybe online) to see if there is a court decision or something that accompanies the actual statute that defines the terms and intentions of the Legislature in passing this law.

I would hope that the law’s intent includes preventing this sort of political trickery but who knows, I’ve never heard of a politician being this stupid. That alone to me shows he’s really unsuited for this office.

It’ll have to be up to the Dist. 3 people to oust him. Then he can go back to Cal Poly.

Don’t know Mr. Waage but have heard some good things about him.

Hell, he couldn’t be any worse than Hill, could he?

Integrity and Public Trust are important issue and not lightly dismissed, Supervisor Mecham was NOT out of line. Hill had an opportunity at the beginning and along the way to end this quickly. Whether he realizes it or not (probably don’t realize, too many “ugh” between words and focued on “using” Blake” to speak on his behalf which would probably only make it worst because she is known to have a vested interest), Supervisor Mecham actually gave Hill a last opportunity, a grand forum to end it there and now so everyone can move on. Because he did not, it is far from over!

I have to agree with you. Mr. Hill would have been FAR better off if he had admitted and confronted and apologized for this BEFORE the first article was published (when Cal Coast News contacted him). Then the first article would have been the beginning and the end of the story and a moderate embarrassment. Case closed.

Instead of being contrite, Mr. Hill chooses to thumb his nose at the public, repudiate calls for humility, and refuse responsibility with phrases like “distorted” and “blown out of proportion”. Then he tries to skip past the issue saying we need to get back to important county business. MISTAKE.

No, you don’t get to choose to skip past the issue. Sorry. Any married guy knows that…. oops.

Mr. Hill, you will be far better off the sooner you acknowledge and offer a believable and humble apology to the public, Mr. Waage, Ms. Blake, and the Board. WITHOUT displacing blame with lines like “blown out of proportion.” YOUR OWN arrogance is prolonging this now. It is becoming more about the man than about the incident.

And the Tribune and all your friends are getting muddy covering for you. What a mess you’ve made!

Are the politicians and consultants really this disconnected from reality? This is playbook stuff. Acknowledge, apologize and diffuse. Taking a stand against the public (right or wrong) rarely furthers a political future.

My goodness! Am I giving Adam Hill campaign advice? I’m going to shutup before I help get him re-elected. But if you use it, Adam, tell Chris Crotty he owes me your next campaign pay installment! Maybe hire someone less slick and more with the People next time? You too, Gibson. Crotty is a political crony “drug” pusher. We don’t need slick (i.e. slimy) here.

Crotty Consulting

I encourage all to look at the Crotty Consulting client list.

You know, Hill, Patterson, Gibson, Willie Brown, AFL-CIO, DNC, etc. Got some heavy hitters there.

Willie is mentally challenged. Slorider is mentally deranged. Clinically.

“Coming from you is affirmation in a reverse barometer kind of way.” –Anonymous

Yesterday’s exchange between Sup. Mecham and Sup. Hill will be played today at 4:35 on KVEC 920 AM.

I am very interested to hear this on Dave’s show. Even if this is a joke that got out of hand, it seems to me that at the very least, Adam Hill would apologize to Ed Waage for using his name and impersonating him in a disparaging way that became public. A real lack of character showing for Adam Hill, as well as, Bruce Gibson and Jim Patterson for defending Hill’s action and pretending no apologies are necessary because the reason Hill’s actions are excusable is that this incident has been blown out of proportion.

Then what ?

You gonna throw it out like red meat to the Right-Wing carnivores that stalk here Dave ?

Anyone in studio to refute this rabid crowd of visceral haters ?

Slowerfaster. You’re the only visceral hater here.

Coming from you is affirmation in a reverse barometer kind of way.

So, Hill “claims” he had “forgotten about the whole joke episode”…Could he be suffering from early on-set Alzheimers? Or is it substance abuse? Whichever, he’s in serious need of re-hab. If it’s early onset Alzheimers, I’ll overlook his blunder, but if it’s drugs and/or booze….forget about it, he’s in need of serious help….

Excellant show today Dave.

I sure wish Jerry Lenthall was on the board instead of this immature elitist. To think this turd was teaching our kids at Cal Poly is scary.

This shouldn’t be terribly surprising as he’s really not much different than many if not most in academia.

You hit the nail on the head Bob.

I know people that know Jerry Lenthall personally, and most say that he is a decent enough fellow, but was no way a politician. Overmatched.

I met him once…very informally. He did not know me and treated me like something he stepped in.

Stop behaving like something one might step in, then.

I hate to say, “I told you so,” but …

It’s been confirmed that Adam Hill not only taught our kids at Cal Poly, but he also harassed them, using the same inflammatory rhetoric and behaving as erratically as he did when he was chairman of the board.

I don’t know any of the BOS members personally, I follow the issues, voting and comments as expressed in the local news media’s and must say that Adam Hill, since his election, has made inappropriate comments to the general public, has demonstrated in appropriate behavior on some of the major issues in the South County, and has certainly demonstrated the lack of respect for the office he holds and the people he is suppose to be serving, not the opposite of… What is amazing to me is the loyalty that the other supervisors have shown him for this erractic, inappropriate and misleading behavior, certainly demonstrates their character. I have certainly loss respect for Jim Patterson during the past year and Bruce Gibson has always been questionable. Where was Mr. Texeria during this discussion, hiding in the hen house, and what is his position regarding this type of behavior for Mr. Hill and the likes…? This whole thing is like watching the little gang of thugs in school that follow the leader intimadating, harassing and ignoring everyone and expecting everyone to live in fear of them. Just not going to happen in this County! They all need to go. Sending my donation to Me. Waage and Ms. Arnold.

Just a 2 cent comment:

There is an ancient proverb by a wise king (Soloman) “you can tell a child by his works” to appease those in power that suit your usefullness and needs and to step on those below is childish!

Also “those who serve an evil king are they themselves evil (or foolish) even though they don’t think so, for they have drank his wine”

A British Poet (Rudard Kipling’s poem “If”) said/ advised/ warned that althought you “walk among kings, do not lose the common touch”

SLOBIRD, I agree.

Why was there only one other supervisor who spoke out against Adam Hill’s irresponsible actions?

Those who did not speak out against Hill’s phone call and subsequent actions, by their silence, are voicing their tacit approval.

What is it with district 3 supervisors. Lenthal and now Hill. DUMB & DUMBER!

After Lenthal any change should have been good. Then comes along Hill, who makes a bad former supervisor on his worst day look good.

I can’t believe I voted for such a fool!