Non-profit administrator sentenced to jail

January 11, 2012

A woman accused of embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from two local non-profits was sentenced to six months in San Luis Obispo County Jail and three years probation on Friday.

In November, Morgan Rafferty, 48, pleaded no contest to two counts of grand theft by embezzlement. A no-contest plea results in a conviction without an admission of guilt.

While working as the treasurer for Mothers for Peace and executive director of ECOSLO Rafferty allegedly embezzled more than $30,000 from each agency. The thefts took place between 2007 and 2009.

San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge John Trice set a Feb. 24 hearing to discuss ordering Rafferty to pay restitution to her victims.

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One can only wonder what kind of oversight these two organizations have to let this go unnoticed.

Granted, I am no fan of either group, but you would think they should take some blame… after all, they hired this person.


Blame for someone stealing from you? A new low for you Roger!

The hate is amazing. If they were conservative non profits I’m sure he’d be singing a different tune. He probably blames Obama for the drought. Blame the victims,,nice.

It does make me wonder where Rafferty came from, and why she would choose to steal from a non-profit, public-interest-oriented organization? The people she ripped off started with nothing and were led by health care professionals, teachers and parents, among others.

I quit staring at dirty books decades ago. Now everyone stares at the real thing and still nobody REALLY cares.

The emperor has has no clothes for some time. Some of us can actually see it.

Maybe 60 grand is missing in this case. Miller and gearhead stole over $125,000,000 and still walk free, while spending more of the stolen money evading arrest. The system is broken, in comparison Morgan should get a slap on the wrist.

Just imagine if she had one ounce of cocaine on her – she’d be locked up for YEARS.

Rather than putting so many people in jail, why aren’t people committing similar non-violent crimes be required to house retention and community service?

Violent criminals are being set free due to overcrowding but our system continues to throw people convicted of non-violent crimes into jail. But then, the prison system is being privatized and more “jail mates” means more profits for large corporations.

Something has to change. Our whole system is failing apart due to spending on tax payer money unwisely.

I’ve been saying this same thing for a few years now, you are absolutely right. We have more nonviolent offenders in our prisons than any country in the world. Prisoners in private prisons make 23 cents an hour to make military supplies in which the wealthy prison owners turn around and sell for top dollar to the govt.. It’s such a scam. These relatively newer laws that send people to prison ie ‘3 strikes’ were written up and lobbied by ALEC. ALEC is a conservative lobbing org. that the Koch Bros started and are the main financial contributors. Guess what, the people/corps that own the prisons are members of ALEC. I’ve said this many times in this forum and I will continue to repeat it until people finally see what’s going on with this prison slave labor.

There are people like this lady that are ending up in prison costing us fortune simply to make the fat cats fatter. This lady can be monitored, can do community service and work to pay restitution instead of sitting in jail costing us a pretty penny. Prisons are supposed to keep us safe from predators that will do us physical harm. We can control financial harm from someone like this lady.

I’m glad to see that you get it.

You are a very bright person. :-)

LOL, now we’ll see a record number of ‘thumbs down’ on your post.

$10,000 a month tax-free. Where do I sign up?

A couple years ago we had a trusted treasurer steal about $40000 from our nonprofit, we proved $15000 in court and she spent 60 days in county after a expensive trial. And her probation officer got the restitution waived without us having knowledge until after.Nice job SLO County probation dept, she ended up with breast implants with the stolen money and we ended up with the shaft.

Spending time in jail, which costs considerable money to the taxpayer, did not make a difference in this case.

House retention and community service may be a better alternative.

Why not make the criminal pay for the cost of incarceration ?

“Make a criminal pay for their incarceration”. I can see it now, every time the guards need a raise and the County budget is out of balance they will be looking for some easy revenue. Don’t think it hasn’t happened in the past, it did, to a bunch of teenagers who were unfortunate enough to end up in front of a judge who owned a percentage of a teenage rehabilitation lock up facility. Literally everything and anything got teenagers sent there. A two week program almost always turned into a year for cited poor behavior! Eventually the private rehab was shut down and the judge was put on trial.

Give them house arrest with a work permit and make them pay restitution. Better for everyone, in my opinion.

An excellect example of a 99%er attempting to be a 1%er.

60K represents a day’s interest income for a 1%er.

Any moment now, i expect to see a press release from the Sierra Club, identifying Rafferty as a COLAB infiltrator bent on the destruction of the environment of the Central Coast.