Pills recalled after potential mix-up

January 11, 2012

The Food and Drug Administration is warning the public to watch for the potential mix-up of several over the counter medicines and prescription pain killers. [WallStreetJournal]

“Novartis is recalling 1,645 lots of its Excedrin, NoDoz, Bufferin and Gas-X medicines because the products could contain stray capsules or caplets from other products, or ‘contain broken or chipped tablets,’ ” the Wall Street Journal said.

Last month, Navartis shut down the plant where the products were manufactured. The plant also manufactured opioid pain killers including Percocet and an extended release type of morphine.

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The IWMA board must have gotten some of the affected bottles of pills….

Getting Percocet in my Gas-X may or may not be an added bonus!

Time released morphine in place of a NoDoz, right before a long drive, Yippppiiiiiiiieeeeeeee.

Is Gas-x or NoDoz a prescribed treatment for sarcasm?



And all this time I thought you were just full of hot air!