PR police union demands safe work environment

January 30, 2012

Lisa Solomon


We as police officers and dispatchers are honored to serve the great citizens of Paso Robles and do so with pride.

We know the responsible citizens of Paso Robles work very hard, pay their taxes and deserve quality service from their officers. The men and women of the Paso Robles Police Officers Association strive to provide the citizens of this community the very best service possible, even under difficult conditions.

As officers and dispatchers, we expect that Chief Lisa Solomon will be afforded due process into the serious allegations that have recently been reported by CalCoastNews. The association membership desires a fair investigation which seeks to discover the truth.

We cannot and will not discuss this issue at this time.

I write this letter to publicly inform City Manager Jim App and the Paso Robles City Council that they are mandated by law to provide a safe working environment for their employees. The association membership expects to be treated with respect and dignity by our administration as is expected from us.

We are very grateful for the incredible and positive support the Paso Robles Police Officers Association membership has received from our community we so proudly serve.

This statement is on behalf of the members of the Paso Robles Police Officers Association and provided because of recent events discussed within the media.


Disability will be claimed. Lawsuits will be filed and settled. You the tax paying sheep will be fleeced and there is ab so lute ly nothing you can do about it.


The Paso Robles City Council had better pray that’s not the final outcome of this mess. There is a real feeling of “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” among many Paso residents…


I see people like your mayor and I wonder how in the heck did he get there. I’m not familiar with the rest of your council but I’ve had dealing with that mayor and all I can say is,,try and keep him focused, he’s really not competent IMO.


I have to laugh–“try to keep him focused”

It’s like something you’d advise someone trying to teach their kid how to tie their shoes.

I know it’s not a funny situation, but it just hit me as funny.


I agree but it’s true.


Typo. I think the person who originally made the comment about half asleep and unfocused at the city council meetings was talking about Jim App, the City Manager, not the Mayor.

However, Jim App is the one who runs everything and decides everything before hand, and the city council just goes through the motions. The Mayor and Fred Strong are actually the only ones who occasionally defy the City Manager, and vote against what he wants them to do.


Perhaps but I have mentioned it a few times. I mentioned it on my first post when the first article came out. The guy is past his time, he needs to move on and enjoy his retirement, although my guess would be that he (the mayor) was never all there.


Here we go again. None of you have any idea how this is being investigated. These might be valid charges on the other hand they might be baseless. What if,,, just suppose that Solomon is completely innocent, is there any possible chance that she could just be a victim of disgruntled subordinates? Is there even the slightest chance any chance at all that this could all be for nothing? Is it at all possible that a few people have it out for her because maybe they got in trouble for something or perhaps simply because she is a woman? I understand that most men won’t get this but to you women out there, I’m sure that some of you must have worked in was is traditionally a mans field so you must know how men, especially ‘macho’ men like cops absolutely hate the idea of a woman being their boss, they really resent it. I’ve been there. And yes I know that one of the people complaining is a woman but it could be just a case of cops sticking together,,oh, that would never happen.

Just trying to look at both sides here and since everyone is out to lynch Solomon I’m trying to see things from what could be a different POV. It could be that one or two people became disgruntled. As evidenced in this forum it is easy to see how people feed off of each other. It is easy to see how people take sides and stick together even when there’s nothing to substantiate one side or the other. It’s not hard to believe that this started over one or two people that were reprimanded or just plain flat out hate working under a woman. I have never seen a man that gets that last part. I have had men treat me horribly in the work force, the other men even the ones that had no problem with me nor me with them didn’t see it, only the female employees would get it. Even the good guys would say ‘oh, it’s no big deal just ignore it’ when referring to constant harassment, they just didn’t get it. Even worse is if the female is younger than her male subordinates. I’ve had to fire an older man that just wouldn’t listen or do anything that I asked them to do and the referred to me as ‘sweetie’.

Oh well, I know that you guys will still have this guilt before innocence thing. It’s really a shame in this day and age understanding what we know from the old lynchings and mob mentalities from the past that people are still like this. You would think that by now that we would be past this but as I said, I guess it’s just a dark side of human nature.

Jack L

That is why a completely disconnected third party investigation is important.


I agree.


Until then, send Lisa Solomon home on unpaid administrative leave, and replace her with a cardboard-cutout figure of Barney Fife.


Isn’t that a pretty big slam on good old Barney? He always managed to hold onto his pistol and that one bullet, all the while keeping his pants on.


The way I see it, there are only two realistic options for what happened here:

1) Soloman did what she was accused of, in which case, she should be let go.

2) The cops who have accused her are horrible, vicious, abusive @$$****s who have zero respect for our legal system, in which case I doubt this was the first time they abused their authority like this to serve their own interests. …And Soloman must have known they behave this way towards those they choose to target, and she kept them employed, disrespecting the legal system.

Either way, she needs to go.


In days long gone, during the early 70’s, we came to the same conclusion about Nixon. Whether he knew what his people were doing in his name, or not-he had to go. He was either a consummate crook or out of touch with things he should have been very much in touch with. Looks like the same thing here with this so called chief.


Yes on your #2 unless this wasn’t made into a big deal in the dept. until the CCN article came out. (devils advocate here) She might have just thought it was simple bogus complaint and brushed it off. Perhaps it wasn’t really talked about or made into a big deal until now. Actually I’m pretty surprised that if this was that big of a deal that we’re only hearing about it now. Why didn’t these officers do something about this a year or two ago? But I can see the other side of this, perhaps they did or perhaps they were afraid of retaliation. At this point I can definitely see that two sides of this issue can be made.


I’d guess it’s number 2. Who doesn’t have a story of an encounter with a police officer who let all this power go to his head. I shudder to think what kind of injustices the folks of PR have suffered at the hands of these officers.


Tqueen, you make some valid points. But remember many of these and previous allegations were made by third parties (ie bartenders). I hope we will see an honest investigation.


Those allegations might be accurate. I hate to keep throwing this up but it’s the most popular case of false accusations that I can think of and that’s the McMartin case. We had parents and children that sounded very convincing. Everyone including myself thought that they must have been guilty or molesting and torturing those children, it seemed impossible that so many people would conspire or just be wrong. But as it turned out most of us were wrong. That should have been a lesson to all, it was for me. Like you, I hope we see an honest investigation and let me repeat, I’m not saying that she’s innocent, I’m Switzerland, until the facts come out, I’m neutral. I was just trying to throw some other possibilities.


There is a difference between small children as witnesses and adult police officers who are witnesses.

I don’t think your even attempting to compare the McMartin case to the Lisa Solomon case is valid.


No, I’m not comparing the cases I’m comparing how people stir each other up and they end up believing with all their hearts something that really never happened. The McMartin case is a good example of that. Adults also testified against the McMartins and I believe a couple of other people that worked there were also accused of hideous acts. ADULTS testified that their kids were forced to watch porn and were tortured. Adults testified against them and were completely to blame for all the false testimony by the children. I watch these stupid reality shows (guilty pleasure) and while watching them you see this all the time. One person will say something and by the time it gets around a circle of friends it’s completely blown out of proportion. The next thing you know one mob wife is throwing another mob wife over the bar for something that never happened.


All of it was not made up Typoqueen. I had friends with kids in the pre-school. Lots of what you read was real unfortunately.


I’ve read that case from top to bottom. After six years of what was the most expensive case in history all charges were dropped because there was no evidence of any of these crimes. They couldn’t find the torture tunnels that were supposedly under the school, there was no clinical evidence of molestation nor were any porn tapes that the kids were supposedly forced to watch every found, no seaman, no witnesses, nothing at all. After spending that much time and money I’m sure that someone would have been found guilty and the charges wouldn’t have been dropped if their had been even a shred of evidence. It sounds like your friend was a victim of this this thing that I’ve been attempting (unsuccessfully) to put in words. Your friend really believes those hideous accusations to be true but they weren’t. The children were spoon fed this info and they believed it to be true. I’m sure that to this day many of the parents and the kids think it was true. But it simply wasn’t. If lots of what I read was real as you say then there would have been some evidence.


Oh I forgot the name an ancient biblical scripture (it is published) my friend mentioned recently discovered by archelogist buried in an underground cave.

I am not of any particular religious group, I studied many of them as a literature and enjoyed different perspective at looking at things.

My Christian friend said this new book quotes or clarify that men should be like woman and become one, thus making them equal.

I am sure that in the ancient times, people ran with “the man shall rule and the woman should follow” and by the very nature of mental and physical differences it may make some sense.

My Buddhist friend in attendance, advise that based on the I-Ching I should yield to woman because the yin out number the yang in my family and therefore I will be the cause of disharmony in my family (I have followed that being more conscientious, considerate and respectful, it works mutual wonders).

More to the present:

About 25 years ago, I spoke to a CHP female officer in Northern California, she told me that she was having a difficult (without much detail) life working with many of the male CHP officers.

She mentioned that the attitude of “male CHP officers” she worked with have been “TOO LONG INGRAINED”, it is unlikely to change in her lifetime (I could tell she was not too happy and even believed she had to behave in a way she did not want to for acceptance or merely to get along)!

About six months later, she was in the newspaper, having won a $million scratch off lottery ticket. I don’t know if she stayed on the job or not.

Despite what investigation and findings may follow in this case, I am apt to lend more credibility to what her husband may say, which ain’t gonna happen.

Ted Slanders


Don’t be duped by your ignorant friend when it pertains to the womans position in the godly scheme of things! They are to be ruled over by men, period!

The following word of our Christian God is shown in how men are “ingrained” to believe that woman are second class citizens, as described continually within the scriptures, praise!

“But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.” (1 Corinthians 11:3 )

“Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.” (Ephesians 5:22-24)


Ted Sanders

Thank you, I do appreciate a review of what I have read with my own eyes and concur with religious scholars that the Bible is accurate despite the infinite arguments in its interpretations.

I have a monthly Philosophy Club meeting composed of agnostics, atheist, and people with various and different religious backgrounds (Western, Mid-east, and Eastern), different schools of philosophy, and even people into holistic and meditative arts, and I intermittently attend a Christian Church.

They are very different and I enjoy their friendship, we are all vulnerable to being duped at times (as Will Rogers have put it “sucker born every minute) and it can infect or go around, but the Teacher of the month is like the moderator here.


Thank you willie, P.T.Barnum is the person who claimed a sucker every minute.


Willie, please stop pulling scripture out of context. God never said that women were second class citizens. He just stated what would happen as a result of Adam’s and Eve’s sin and the curse that was placed on the world. Jesus came to take the punishment for that sin. Jesus never treated women as inferior and repeatedly said and did things in his interactions with women that were contrary to the culture of that time. God did not treat women as second class citizens either. Do a little reading in the book of Leviticus to see the provisions God made for the protection of women due to the apparent abuse they were enduring. You cannot take out of context scripture and interpret it in any way you see fit.

All of that aside, Paso Robles does not govern itself using our Holy Bible, so your quoting of scripture to use as a reason for removing Chief Solomon from her position does not really apply, does it? Instead of calling for her removal based on trumped up biblical grounds, why don’t you pray for the truth to be revealed?

Ted Slanders


Uh, you’re kidding us, right? When the bible directly says that men are to rule over women, and not vice versa as in the case of Lisa Solomon, and I have explicitly shown with direct scripture that this is true in my above post, then how can you keep a straight face and say that those passages in question are “trumped up?” LOL! Where do you get the authority to know more than God’s word in this respect?!

Relative to Lisa Solomon, and your quote of “God did not treat women as second class citizens either.” I will have you read the following passages, that are only a few that show women to be second class!

“But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; AND THE HEAD OF OF THE WOMAN IS THE MAN; and the head of Christ is God.” (I Corinthians 11:3)

“For the man is not of the woman; but the woman of the man. Neither was the man created for the woman; BUT THE WOMAN FOR THE MAN.” (I Corinthians 11:8-9)

Furthermore, you erroneously stated that it was “Adam and Eve’s sin”. NOT! Eve was the impetus of the original sin and NOT Adam! Once again proving the inferiority of women.

“Let the women learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. AND ADAM WAS NOT DECEIVED, BUT THE WOMAN BEING DECEIVED WAS IN THE TRANSGRESSION.” (I Timothy 2:11-14)

I suggest that you actually read your bible in it’s literal historical context, and quit Satanically interpreting same! You’re guilty of the following passage; “For the time will come when men will not put up with SOUND DOCTRINE. Instead to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.” (Timothy 4:3)


Good for you typo! Nice to have someone standing out from the crowd and speaking some truth. What is it about people that makes them forget “innocent” until proven guilty?

Dennis Cassidy was the biggest bar/bed hopping person there could be, out doing the rounds when he was police chief. He probably treated Lisa Solomon just like the other women who had the misfortune of being around him. Perhaps if any of these allegations about Lisa are true, she learned them from the way he treated her. EXCEPT she’s a woman, God forbid women in Paso Robles feel like they have the same disgusting equal rights as the men in the “good old boys” environment that is so rich here.

In any case I do hope time sorts this whole thing through thoroughly without anybody getting lynched. It’s a tragic situation in any event, not great for the “second wine country image” to be certain.

Everyone out there needs to stop and think about their behavior when it comes to this “sexual harassment issue” you know the old saying “let him without sin cast the first stone.”


Would you be so magnanimous if Solomon had grabbed your husband’s hoo-hoo?


Lots cops do this type of thing, why don’t we hear about that? I guess women aren’t allowed to join the good old boys club. That being said, she shouldn’t be grabbing any ones hoo-hoo. How do you know that she did grab someones hoo-hoo? Is your conviction of Solomon based on what posters say, or what this article says? We know it’s not based on factual information because we haven’t heard any facts, we haven’t even heard both sides of the story yet. The only thing we’ve heard is speculation, allegations and gossip. Lets hope that in reality it will take more than that to convict those that are accused of a crime.


Really wouldn’t freak me out at all Mary. I’m fairly certain it has been grabbed by many women in the past. It seems to work just fine still.

Until you have been hung out to dry with false allegations and people clamoring for your demise, you can’t really address the situation. And yes you are correct, I have been….and all charges against me were dropped before even going to court. AFTER a real investigation was actually done. The sting of the hate and condemnation on this board are still however hanging around, “Of course you were just looking at the information given and forming an opinion based on that.” How stupid does that sound? Wouldn’t want to walk a foot in your shoes.


No, we don’t have a “guilt before innocence thing.” Look at the number of officers she has assaulted, the number of illegal and criminal behaviors she has engaged in.

Here’s an appropriate quote from Ian Fleming, in the book “Goldfinger”:

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s enemy action.”

For the love of god, what does it take?

Most of us look at the information given, and form an opinion based on that. This is COMMON IN A MESSAGE BOARD ENVIRONMENT.

For some strange reason, you want to apply different common and accepted practices to this particular situation.

I think the situation is with you, sister, and not with those of us who are just treating this like any other article that wanders by and catches our attention.


“For the love of god, what does it take?”

Facts and a trial or at least a confession.

I rarely convict or judge anyone that’s been accused a crime. In this site I often warn that we shouldn’t rush to judgement and to wait for the facts to come out. This isn’t the only article that I’ve gotten cr@p over for doing this. Once in a blue moon I will jump on the bandwagon but I really try not to. I feel bad when I accuse someone of something only to find out that they didn’t do it. It happens all the time. Many people get accused of crimes, the victims, the families and friends of the victim all swear that this guy did this or that, they really believe it. But in many cases it comes out that they were mistaken. They stir each other up. I know there’s a better way to say it rather than ‘stirring or working each other up’, I just can’t think of it right now.


I agree with Mary, where there is smoke there is fire. Multiple allegations can only mean that at least some of this, if not all of this, is true. I can see that some might take advantage of “kick the person while their down” approach, but for all of these people to conspire together to oust the Chief, seem to be a stretch. There are also different allegations, not all are sexual. I also agree that a full investigation has to be done, but I have witnessed first hand the Police department staff, including Lisa, lie in court. So I don’t see that a trial will bring true justice to the victims. If Typoqueen wants to be a juror in this case, Solomon’s defense attorney would gladly snatch her up, the rest of us, by popular opinion, know better.


You might correct. Unlike you and many others here I believe in one of the important rights that we all have and that is that we are all entitled to the right to be innocent until proven guilty and to be tried and judged after all the facts are in by an unbiased jury. So you’re correct, I would be a good juror because unlike many of you I believe in that right.


Who are members of the Paso Police association? Are Sergeants, Lieutenants, Captains, and Chiefs part of it? It is not clear.


I see your point! But for those of us who have had a taste of how they operate when it comes to the chief, ie discharging a firearm within city limits 3 times after parties, hmmm…. What does one do? Did she fire the weapon or her husband? And why did officers only respond 1 time to 911 call made? This is not here say! This is from my calls made!

I’m not out to get the chief. She’s a very nice lady. People do stupid things when they drink. Perhaps the best way to handle this is to have her evaluated for treatment. I don’t know. Everything I’ve been hearing and reading is very upsetting because they do have family to protect from this.

For those of you who say everything is baseless, we’ll have to wait and see what a private investigation concludes!

Jack L

This letter is so weak and thin. Then again it was not written by a real writer. Any investigation that is not done by a REAL HONEST non connected third party is bogus.


Jack L

“third party is bogus”

My opinion and reference:

As an example, LAPD was placed on a Federal Watch for many years (reported released from watch last year on the radio) because their use of a civilian review board and outside agency failed.

One compromised of using an outside agency is that all LEO (rank and file) have a faternal connection and potential inherit credibility among themselves, and using a third LEO party can but not necessarily be selective under everyone’s noses.


I too have to question why a non-law enforcement “Company” who is being paid by the city of Paso Robles is investigating these incidents. It does not make sense and here’s why; let’s say a Paso Robles Police Officer (patrol ofc.) was out on the town in Paso Robles and had a little too much to drink and did the following:

Was in a bar dancing and grabbed an on-duty PRPD officer by the ears and forced his head into his crotch

Later on that evening he was in a hot tub at a local hotel in PR and grabbed a couple weiners, and exposed his own weiner to others in the tub, and then rubbed it on someone there.

A week later he was intoxicated “again” and was in a fellow PRPD officer’s car and grabbed the owner’s weiner.

Now once this officer came to his senses, he then went back to all the people he touched and flashed inappropriately and told them this can never get out. The other officers agree to keep these incidents quiet, and not mention these criminal acts to their Administration.

Time goes by and somehow word leaks out that this officer did all the above and his friends, both on-duty and off-duty cops at the time covered it up

Protocol from a professional PD would be to place that officer on Admin. Leave, and contact an outside “Law Enforcement Agency” to conduct the investigation so there would be no bias or speculation by others of preferential treatment. At the conclusion of the Law Enforcement investigation, a report would be available not only to PRPD but also to the District Attorney’s office should charges be filed against this often drunk and out of control officer.

In other words you don’t hire an electrician to do plumbers work. These are criminal acts. The city of Paso Robles hired it’s own investigators to investigate their own employee. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE PEOPLE? If the city’s “Investigator’ does find that Solomon did actually do some of the things alleged by the article(which I doubt they will), a Law Enforcement investigation will then have to be completed. Another reason the city of PR hired it’s own investigator is so they can keep the story under wraps and allow no flow of information as they know this will eventually cost the city some money (hummmm). A private firm investigating this also has really no time-line for completion of the report, then allowing “FURTHER” collusion among the Admin Staff to get their stories straight.

OK, time for my morning bong hit so I can start thinking more clearly!


Nicely put Highdude. I would also add that if in fact there is an investigation by an outside third party, that the Chief of Police would play a major role (if still on the job) in the outcome of that investigation? Would the investigation really be unbiased? The city manger, mayor and city council are evidently not equipped to handle this issue in a fair and objective manner. Their lack of leadership is the real tragedy in all this. I say get rid of them all come election time!


That letter is as valid as valid can be!

This is written by the victims of Lisa Solomon’s inexcusable sexual harassment of her officers.

The City Council, City Manager, and whomever runs personnel services there have to have known better.

These officers deserve better than the pathetic Lisa Solomon. Barney Fife–a TV character–would be a better police chief than that pathetic piece they have in PR now.

At least Barney didn’t lose his GUN.


“Lose her gun?” She just about gave it away to some criminals (loaded, semi-automatic, unregistered in an unlocked car) C’mon that’s an invitation! I wonder if they had used it during a crime it they would have taken her law-breaking more seriously. I’m kind of thinking not. This will be it, if she gets off this time, I’m packing up and out of here. Too dangerous to live in an area with this much corruption. Think of all the thousands of PO man hours that went to waste while they were out trying to please or dodge the queen bee? Her recklessness I feel seriously jeopordized the safety, let alone the integrity of the entire force AND the city of Paso.


The current investigation regarding Lisa should be conducted by an outside interest whose paycheck isn’t being signed by Paso Robles officials. The idea that alleged felonies of a police official are being probed by a PR-hired private flatfoot is really, really ludicrous.


I agree. Who is investigating these allegations? Someone posted in the other article that the potential Felony of PC149-assault under color of authority, may apply in this instance. This is serious stuff here. No PI should be anywhere near this.


I think the feds should investigate it. There is a good chance at least some of the PR city officials and employees knew about this and allowed it to continue. That’s a concspiracy, and the FBI is excellent at sorting out LE agency conspiracies.

Mr. Magoo

And conversely, we the citizens of the community will show you PRPOA the appropriate respect when you do the following:

On my honor,

I will never betray my badge,

my integrity, my character,

or the public trust.

I will always have

the courage to hold myself

and others accountable for our actions.

I will always uphold the constitution2

my community3 and the agency I serve.


Hang in there officers and other employees. We know its tought to come into work when moral is bad

If the Council is honest and forthright they will due what is necessary, starting with placing the Chief on AL while the investigation is concluded, handing the investigation over to the AG if appropriate and terminating offending employee if warranted.


Great post, Dexter. ITA.


The PRPD needs to realize respect is earned. They have no reason to be respected by me. When they actually respond to my request to have them patrol the streets surrounding my office to stop the drug activity that goes on in my parking lot, then I will consider respect. So far, they have done nothing. It’s been 16 years worth of nothing.

I went to the PRPD and I was given the names and cell number of 2 PRPD drug enforcement officers to call for help. I spoke to them both. Both of them assured me they would come in to my office to discuss the issue. They set appointment dates. They both never showed. This was 3 months ago…we still have the drug trafficking…


Was my experience that whenever someone tells the cops who the drug dealers are, and whom they deal to in my coastal town, the Officers will inform you that they can’t do anything unless they “see” the transactions go down for themselves.

In my opinion, they don’t have “time” sitting around wasting time busting small fry dealers.


Years ago, I learned the name of the person who was dealing heroin to the teenagers in my then hometown. I told a law enforcement officer and his response was, “We know who it is, we just can’t catch him.” A year or so later, the Chief of Police went to prison for running drugs, the cop I had talked to was dismissed. And several of those teenage boys lives were forever destroyed, as they could never overcome their addictions. ?????


It wouldn’t take more than an hour to see 3 or 4 drug deals to go down on any given day in front of my office. My office is literally next door to one of the suspects in the Farmhouse Motel murders. They know of the activity, they simply do not care to do their jobs.


danika, I understand your frustration but I’m wondering if the officers weren’t allowed to follow up on your situation. It’s been 16 yrs of bad service for you so that means that the cops under Chief Lisa AND Chief Cassidy weren’t patrolling your area very well. Isn’t it the Chief & Lieutenants who direct the beat cops where to go/what to do? I’m not sure if I’d put the blame on the cops as much as I’d blame their leaders. I’m not sure…just a thought.


@ Danika Have you noticed the Sheriff Gang Taskforce in the news lately? They seem to be around Paso alot lately. If I were you I would call and leave a tip for them. Maybe you would see something done.


danika, I am sorry you are one of the citizens suffering from this PRPD mess, but I think it is very hard for ANY organization (office, LEO, volunteer group, whatever) to get anything done when there is so much upset going on in the organization.

And this has been going on for YEARS.

It is not the LEs’ fault that they have been harassed and assaulted by their pathetic chief of police. It is the fault of the chief, first and foremost, and then the mayor/city council and employees who have the power to MAKE THIS STOP and turn the department back into a functioning organization again.

Ultimately, because this has gone on for so long, it is the fault of the city’s citizens, as a group (not you specifically) because you have some power in who you vote into office. And the city council is the group that hires the city manager.

If even 25% of PR wrote letters to the State AG’s office and explained what was going on, I think the state would be involved, like the next day.

Just don’t blame it on the officers, please. They are the victims in this situation.


The officers of the PRPD spoke to me and advised me THEY would help. Then they did not. I did not speak to the chief of police.


In other words, Mr. App, do your job and place Chief Solomon on paid admin leave while this plays out. It is the correct action at this time.

The Paso council members appear to be absent from their duties by not encouraging App to act on this or step aside, as in resign.


I wrote 5 councilmen & received 2 responses. Both said essentially “our attorney has advised not to comment.” Um…yeah. I’m holding out an ounce of faith that Chief Lisa AND Jim App will go on admin leave.


Hey pasoparent, I called the AG’s hotline that you posted. They asked that I fax over a letter and a copy of the other article for the new High Risk Audit program. Be sure and call, she sounded like she had not heard anything about this.


Thank you for following through. This is important.


I’d write back and tell them, “I don’t want your comment. I WANT YOU TO PUT LISA SOLOMON OUT ON UNPAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE, NOW, and get someone qualified to lead our police force.”


P.S. In fact, I’d write a letter to each of them every day, and I’d come to a Lisa Solomon-related folder here and post a copy of each letter I sent.

You have to get very aggressive with them. They will not do anything if you don’t.