Santa Maria police officer shot by best friend

January 30, 2012

Albert Covarrubias, Jr.

The father of the Santa Maria police officer who was shot and killed while on duty Saturday morning by a fellow officer describes the shooter as his son’s best friend. [KSBY]

Officer Matt Kline had attempted to arrest Albert Covarrubias, Jr., while Covarrubias worked a DUI checkpoint on Broadway. Police had discovered the 29-year-old suspect knew he was going to be arrested for sexual misconduct with a child and intimidation of a witness, police said.

Covarrubias allegedly struggled with arresting officers, drew his weapon and fired. Kline shot him once in the chest.

“Instead of having the son that’s arrested I have the son that’s dead,” said Albert Covarrubias Sr. to KSBY. “It doesn’t make sense.”

In addition to a large extended family, Covarrubias also leaves behind his wife whom he married three weeks ago, KSBY said.

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Everyone, TAKE NOTICE how his picture changed in 4 years. the one above shows a fit young man, the picture released over at kcoy shows a man that looks fat and bloated as if on drugs, booze and ? not even the same guy? what happened? did’nt anyone see him falling apart? one person said, steriods. Non the less, the city of Sata Maria has turned into my worst nightmare. constant crime while over run with ill legal aliens. Gang bangers. lost souls.. a drive up n. broadway looks like one flew over the ko-ko nest. The good officials of our elected lot only care for the fed funding not what tax they are sucking out of us that are still paying. we are the done old ones, and when the shtf and they no longer will have fed funding or us to feed these misfits it will be done. enough is enough.