Quaid’s bail bond company out $1 million

January 7, 2012

Randy and Evi Quaid

A Santa Barbara County judge ruled Friday that the bail bond company that posted bail for actor Randy Quaid and his wife Evi Quaid will not be getting its money back.

The $1,000,000 in bond money will be forfeited to the County of Santa Barbara general fund.

The Quaids have repeatedly failed to respond to outstanding charges of felony vandalism at their former home in Montecito, Calif., to which they allegedly broke into and caused more than $5,000 worth of damage.

American Surety Company originally posted $100,000 in bail bonds to get the Quaids released from custody. The couple subsequently failed to attend four hearings.

The court then increased the couple’s bail to $500,000 each which American Surety posted.

The couple then fled to Canada. So far, thanks to Evi Quaid’s recent Canadian citizenship because her father was Canadian-born, the Quaids are permitted to remain in Vancouver.

When the bond company was unable to produce the Quaids within one year, the bail bonds were forfeited.

In November, American Surety argued that the bail bond should be returned because the Quaid’s were not in custody when the bail was filed. The court ruling denied the bond company’s motion to exonerate the bonds.

Arrest warrants remain outstanding for the Quaids.

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What is the deal with Randy Quaid and his bride, anyway? Why have they come to have these very serious issues haunting them?

Mental illness.

What a coincidence. I had just said the other day that the Morro Bay cop that allowed his guns to be stolen looks like this guy. If you go back to the CCN home page and look at both pictures Quaid looks like an older version of the goofy cop.

Regarding the the Quaids, funny how two crazy people with the same crazy symptoms manage to find each other.

Of course I disagree with SSB. I feel Randy Q. used to be a good actor and that Dennis is a good actor.

I feel sorry for Randy’s family, this must be rough for them.

Sounds like the Quaids have reason to be paranoid from a different hit squad now. A mil $? Someone will pay, and it just may be the Quaids this time.

Seems like a double win for the taxpayer:

He gets a million bucks, and, he gets out from under his obligation to provide for the Quids’ mental health care.



I agree 1 million bond is a bit extreme especially when Gearhart, Grigger Jones and others are free to roam and commit more crimes Give me a break!

Time to Call Duane “Dog” Chapman. He’ll bring them backl.

I still can’t believe after all these years that Randy and Dennis are brothers. They look nor act nothing alike.

Dennis has always seemed pretty stable and a decent actor. Randy is a freaking loon and should be doing commercials at best.

I think Randy is actually doing precisely what he does best…hiding from the law! Commercials? Neither one of them are fit to do even a Snuggy commercial.

He isn’t hiding from the law, he is hiding from the Hollywood Actor Hit Man Squad and is afraid to come out……… and his wife agrees with him or he agrees with her. It’s very strange that they’re collectively exhibiting the same sort of emotional illness at the same time but that should be a mitigating factor with the court in my opinion.

What a HORRIBLE ruling and terribly injustice intended to fatten the pockets of the biggest crooks around, the government. American Surety’s argument that they should only have to forfeit the original bail because the Quaids were not in custody at the time is to me, completely legitimate and rational. They were likely forced into extending that $1,000,000 at the time in order to prevent having to forfeit the $200,000. That’s extortion, and this judge ought to be sent to prison where he can redecorate the cells awaiting the Quaids.

Have to agree with you on that. What i don’t understand is the 5k in felony vandalism resulting in 1 mil bail. I think you can get caught with five pounds of cocaine and not have that kind of bail. Our system is going to crap before our eyes. Hopefully when the government crashes, all these crooks in the legal system will be in the soup line.

You don’t think the Quaids are a flight risk?

Might have been a horrible business decision. Forfeit $200,000, or 1 million? The bond company knew it was dealing with the Quaids, after all.

How exactly is this a bad decision? The bail bondsman makes his money by taking risks, sometimes you end up on the reward side of risk and sometimes you end up on the losing side. They had a hundred grand down and after the Quaids didn’t show up for four hearings they willingly decided not to just double down on their risk/bet they quintupled down on it. They made a bad choice and they lost.

I get the feeling that if the govt didn’t hold someone to their contract that says that if these people don’t show up for court the bond is forfeited you would by crying and bawling about how inefficient.

I would call you a person who is not operating in good faith, but to be fair to you that would require a certain amount of sophistication that I do not believe you possess.

The Quaids were in Canada when the bail was increased. The court never had them in custody at the time and would not have been able to take them into custody, with or without the bail. There is no reason to keep the additional 800K. It’s not as if the court was holding them and only let them go in lieu of the extra bail. This is disgraceful. The court should be happy with their 200K. OINK OINK, typical gummint, I’m sick of the stench.

I bet that judge issues search warrants to every LEO with a flimsy cause who asks for one too.

Forced? So they didn’t have ANY other options? lol

You libertarians are funny!

Here is what a typical conservatroid would say:

“Damn those Canadiens” “They Hate America” “Let’s KILL ALL OF THEM ! ” “We Amurkans are just better than them ANYWAY ! “.