Red wine researcher besmirched

January 13, 2012

Red wine’s benefits to cardiovascular health have been extolled for years, and now an East Coast researcher known for his research on the issue is being accused of falsifying data. [SF Chronicle]

Behavior of Dipak Das of the University of Connecticut was discovered by an internal institutional review after the discovery of more than 140 instances in which the researcher exaggerated or lied about data results.

Red wine’s popularity got a big boost in 2006 when studies showed that an ingredient, resveratrol, caused obese mice to live longer, healthier lives. Das was not connected to those studies, and other scientists insist that Das is not a major figure in the field. He’s been at the university’s health center since 1983.

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“…I be placed in a bewilderment. There I were, resting. And upon a sudden, I hear an ungodly row on the internet. Scientists falsifying their studies, without real data, without common sense. Researchers selling their souls, what left their be, and taking loot for themselves.

What be that, First Mate?”

“Stupidity, captain.”

“Researcher exaggerated or lied about data results”…same reasearchers for Global Warming?

There’s a big difference between research done buy some dude named Dipak Das and the IIPC, NASA, Stanford U, NOAA as well as all with the exception of maybe two or three of the worlds leading scientists.

“Besmirched”? lol

I take resveratrol, so I should live to about 150, (I know that SSB is happy about that). The problem with any supplement is knowing if the brands are pure and effective, I hope I’m not just wasting my money. I wish that supplements were regulated.

You can never trust just one study.

You’re an overweight mouse?

Very funny.