Second homeless person found dead in SLO County

January 13, 2012

SLO homeless sweep

A second homeless person was found dead in San Luis Obispo County, but authorities do not believe foul play is involved, Paso Robles Police said.

Police found no obvious signs of foul play on the body they found Thursday in a transient camp located on the west side of the Salinas Riverbed, near Sulfur Springs Road. The unidentified person appeared to have been dead for a significant amount of time with the body being in the advanced stages of decomposition, police said.

Last week, a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s department cadaver dog, while searching for another person, located the body of a homeless man in a makeshift bed with cardboard walls under the dock in Oceano.

There were no signs of foul play and the body appeared to have been there several days, according to the responding coroner’s deputy.

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I suspect the churches are far to busy trying to decide which of the Republican “Clown”

candidates they want as the next Christian Ayatollah to be bothered with such banal

activities like actually trying to help folks.

When Grigger Jones is not busy stealing my inheritance, he will be the next Christian conservative candidate.

Whatever happened to the word “vagrant”?


It seems more apropos to use the term “homeless” subsequent to the Federal Reserve, Banksters and Wall Street crashing this economy while they still bathe in their riches! Surely you can comprehend this most simple of deductions, yes?

Call the loaves and fishes charity led by Grigger jones and see if they will help. It’s worth a shot


Better yet, call ALL of the Christian churches in Paso Robles and get them to help!!!!

In this manner, they won’t be hypocritical to Jesus’ doctrine that they speak so diligently about on Sunday mornings!


I couldn’t agree more


Can you believe our “dislikes” numbering in what they are at this time?! LOL

As I ‘ve proffered before, there are so many pseudo-christians that are present within CCN forums that either refuse to actually read the teachings of Jesus, or they do not want their churches to spend any money upon the people they’re suppose to help!

Their churches need to save that money for a new parking lot, or maybe another Christian picnic where there will be an abundance of food and drink, or just maybe, the pastor needs a new car, or an addition to his house? :)

Hypocrites, every single one of them!


There is no known history of Jesus ever writing any doctrine you “F” hypocrite!

Keep “F” yourself.


Your just a vain, arrogant cock sucker little punk who leans on the Holy Bible, Jesus’s good name and the internet as a tool.

Even this is putting it mildly.

Your where your at because your ancestors and you are cursed, and at the rate your going, you are sinking more than surfacing.

so pray for your own damn ass, nobody wants you to pray for them or prey on them!

Keep “F” yourself!

I doubt even someone like Jim Baker (a true religious christian crook) would have anything to do with you.

How long have you been on welfare you little prick (Thats why no one wants to pay taxes)?

Willie! Get a grip. You need to check your temper. Why are you letting someone you don’t even know get you so mad? Calm down, you’re scaring me.


There’re a lot of “little willies” in our Christian God’s creation. They’re put there for a reason for us to feel sorry for them, and to try and help them rid their Satanic ways. Our God concept is testing us, as in the case of our mascot, “willie”.

Barring the fact that “little willie” cannot construct a sentence without foul words, poor syntactical sentence structuring, and misspelled and misused words, we must give him the pity that he deserves.

Typoqueen, as it is shown in “little wilies” embarrassing posts, all of our God’s creation cannot be like the upstanding and the intelligent individuals that we represent.

Let us feel sorry for “little willie” because when he meets our Christian God face to face upon Judgment Day, it will not be a pretty sight. Can you hear the trap doors to Hell springing open in his behalf? I surely can. :(

There is no “dock” in Oceano. So, where was this homeless man found? There is the Arroyo Grande creek bed which runs parallel to the levy. There is the State Park pathway, which runs around portions of the Lagoon, within the State Park. There is a bridge over another portion of the lagoon which is next to the Oceano County campground. So, where was this man found?

If his body was in an advanced state of decomposition, it would be hard to pinpoint the cause of death, wouldn’t it? Was an autopsy performed? If so, by whom? Which forensics lab did testing?

Stories of the homeless and their plight is, in fact, a public service to us all. There but for fortune, go you or I. Substance abuse and mental health issues are the causes of homelessness which get the most attention, but it is only a part of the story. High rent and low wages are another cause. If you have no family you can turn to, when you lose your job and deplete your savings, homelessness may be the only result of a negative cash balance.

Victims of violence, and those who are forced to live in the household with substance abusers are often the ones who find themselves homeless, when they have the courage and means to leave the home. Some are runaways who have no idea how to earn a living, and who lack the self esteem to believe in themselves. Some are simply too old, and have depleted the savings they had. Some have lost their homes during the last ten years.

Many people continue to work while they are homeless, but still have a hard time obtaining affordable housing, or the lump sum required to move into a rental. Only 1 in 13 residents own their own home in San Luis Obispo County according to the latest statistics from the state.

Here are some things each of us can do to help:

1. If you need work done around your house, and you are willing to pay, find someone you think can do the job and offer to pay him or her on a daily basis.

2. SHOW them how to do the work and STAY on the premises to supervise. Offer to pick the person up, provide a healthy meal, and drive that person back to the place where you picked them up. Tell them that they can leave at any time, and you will pay for the work that has been performed.

3. If your project entails more than one person, and you cannot just leave at any time, let that person know ahead of time that if s/he decides to quit before the work is completed, you can only provide transportation in the form of busfare and a ride to the nearest bus stop.

For instance, when people help me around the house, I tell them that I expect them to work at least four hours. If they leave before then, they get paid per hour worked, but they will have to take the bus home to the shelter, or else they will have to wait until everyone else is done working, and get a ride at that time.

4. If you are a homeowner who has hired a homeless person as a day laborer, you can add a term to your homeowner’s policy to cover workers at your home. This extra insurance is very inexpensive and is well worth the price. Look into it to protect yourself and your worker.

5. Do not worry about the Feds., the IRS, the State, and Homeland Security. What you need to do is to protect is yourself. In this scenario, if you do that, you will be fulfilling your legal duties.

You have a duty to IDENTIFY the person whom you are bringing to your home. Take a picture i.d. (i.e., a driver’s license) and make a copy of it.

Either before or after the work is done, obtain a written receipt from the person acknowledging what work was done, how many hours that person worked, and how much s/he was paid. Make sure the person SIGNS the receipt (both printed and signature name.)

Unless you plan to pay that person thousands of dollars, you do not have to worry about “taking out taxes” for someone who is homeless. They will not earn enough money to have taxes taken out by you, for one day’s work. And if, for some reason, someone wants you to pay taxes for a day’s homeless labor, then pay it! Look at it as you contribution to ameliorate a national problem.

Whatever a person’s history is, the ability to work, make money, and get a square meal, gives a person hope, a sense of self-esteem, and the knowledge that he can do good in the world.

5. The ALTERNATIVE form of help you can provide is encouraging your church or synagog or mosk or temple to provide overnight shelter to the homeless. This is such a simple, no-cost solution that everyone should be doing it.

Not only does this protect the homeless from the freezing temperatures we have experienced this winter, but it also familiarizes our community with the homeless in our community. There is funding available to assist with providing food, clothing, and utility bills during their stay, if anyone care to do the research for financial assistance.

People who declare themselves to be “Christians” should be happy to volunteer at least one or two nights a month to be monitors at the religious institution which offers shelter to the homeless. Shelter within a religious facility doesn’t need to be offered on a daily basis, but it should be offered on a regular basis.

For example, you may be able to convince your religious institution to house 15 people during the winter months, from December through March, on MWF or TTH or SAT/Sun, within those months. Discuss the possibility with other members of your congregation and with other institutions which provide such care.

Facilities that shelter the homeless can tell you what is needed (blankets, mats for the floor, a kitchen for offering coffee and snacks.) It is very likely that your institution’s insurance already covers these visitors.

This article has provided a way to expose the plight of the homeless and points the way to how we can help. Thank-you, Reporter Tribe, for reminding me about what it was like to be homeless. As a homeowner, I never want to forget what it was like to be homeless.



Jesus is smiling upon you, thank you for showing other Christians in what they should be doing if they actually follow the scriptures and Jesus’ word!

Thank you sir!

I thanketh thee, Mr. Slanders, for your kind words. Perhaps, if it should come to pass that thou monitorith in thine own church, some day we shall playeth a game of poker togethereth. I much enjoyeth your blogs and you’re matching wits with Cindyeth and Mary Maloneth. Keep up the excellent work:)

oto, Hopefully SLO County has competent & experienced coroner investigators. I have a family member who is a coroner investigator for LA County. She was sent out on a call from the LA Sheriff’s Dept. to the scene of a badly decomposed person at a homeless camp. The Sheriff called it in as a “natural cause of death”, but when this investigator saw the body, she was able to clearly see trauma & stab wounds to the head & body. Because this LA Coroner investigator is so highly trained & experienced, she called back to the office & had the crime scene sealed. Let’s hope SLO County has investigators as astute as the investigator from LA. Of course an autopsy will be done, but the question is how skillful is the person doing the autopsy? I don’t have a whole lot of confidence with SLO County Sheriff’s Dept.

RU4Real, I agree with you. Once I asked a sheriff’s deputy in Oceano if we had a coronor. (We used to, but that was in the late eighties and the T-T did a fantastic bio on the coronor. Coronors are a little strange in their own right, but I guess they have to be, to do what they do.)

Anyway, the deputy, as usual gave an answer worthy of his training: “Oh, we’re all coronors, he said.” The conversation arose after reading the sheriff’s incident logs for that week. Two people were found dead in their homes at night in one week. The same deputies, working the graveyard shift (no joke intended….) discovered the bodies. I was curious whether or not a coronor was called to look at the bodies. “Aw, you don’t have to call a coronor out just for that. We can tell if they’re still breathing or not!” (No brains, no headaches.) I left it at that.

If the Reporter Tribe could only get their hands on the article that was written about the county coronor who was in office between 1983-1986, you could not get more entertaining and informative than that article.

oto, In LA County, all of the highly trained “Coroner Investigaters” are also referred to as “Deputy Coroners”. The Chief Medical Examiner is Dr. Shalikashfili (sp is incorrect!), there are many other doctors on staff who perform the autopsies. All are excellent. I am so impressed with the way LA treats the decedants with respect. Most of the “Coroner Investigators” have a law enforcement and/or medical background. They are constantly improving their skills by taking advanced classes with other top Medical Examiners offices. We just got back from an in depth advanced training class with the Chief Medical Examiner in New York City. It can only benefit all when top agencies get together.

Oto, I believe the Oceano man was found in some bushes near where that teenager was recently shot, somewhere between 19th and 21st streets. I have no idea where they came up with ‘dock’. They found this man when they were looking for an older at risk gentleman that was missing, he turned up in So. Ca..

Thanks for the info., Typoqueen. They must be referring to a wooden bridge, or something.

sheriff report said under a loading dock of some sort

So sad to die alone like that. A reminder to call my family tonight and tell them how much I love them!

Look at what they did to Devaul (SLO Sunny Acres – LOVR) for not only caring but ACTUALLY doing what he can for them! The County is rigorously enforcing everything in the book against him to this day, every which way they can containing him in a quandry of regulations, costing him a fortune to restructuring/ rebuilding and legal expense to teach him a lesson for disrespect and defiance (I went during Xmas to buy fire wood from him and spoke with him).

Devaul is a tough ol’ bird. I hope he gets the recognition for the effort he put in to clean that place up. Anyone who drives by there can see how much work he put in to comply with the County’s rules and regs, but it’s never enough. I’ve seen this kind of abuse of authority before in the Planning Dept.. It has gone beyond compliance issues and clearly motivated by greed and the desire to take Devaul’s property.

Whether you like him or hate him, Devaul needs to make his property income producing. He can’t just keep providing shelter, food and utilities at little or no cost to that portion of the community who are the hardest to place.

The Dept. of Corrections; the County’s Planning and Building Dept.; and the San Luis Obispo Community Development Dept. are the ones who have the deepest pockets with access to grants and funding to make DeVaul’s ranch work. These departments are direct beneficiaries of DeVaul’s efforts. Otherwise, you would see more of these people living in the creek, or panhandling downtown.

So, as yuppified as the neighbors would like his place to be, he was there long before they took that “scenic corridor,” ignored the General Plan, and built more subdivisions on the hills across the road from Dan’s place, and right before you get into those housing developments as you’re heading into town on Los Osos Valley Road.

I see plenty of avenues for compromise because with DeVaul already there and providing low-income rentals, he is fulfilling a goal expressly stated in the City and County’s housing element of the LUO. There is plenty of buffer space between his concern and the homeowners who feel they are superior to him. He is “Ag”, they are not. He is a large land holder in comparison. They are not. He wants to be able to offer affordable rental units sufficient to bring in just enough income to pay for the upkeep and taxes on the property, and to pay him a living wage. Who would not want this for themselves? And he is taking on considerable responsibility.

On a number of occassions, I braved wild territory, after all the newspaper articles about DeVaul, and showed up on his doorstep unannounced. The old farmhouse was so clean, there wasn’t even any dirt on the floor! Now, anyone who lives down a dirt road on Ag land knows how hard it is to keep the wooden floors clean! You have to sweep it several times a day, as farm hands go in and out. The kitchen was tidy, and the people who were there were happy to be able to work to keep it clean.

In every group, there will be those who don’t do the work, or have issues. But few of us have had to go through what many of them have. Money is a buffer to life, but it can also be a “blinder” to life, just like those pieces of leather you put on the harness of a work-horse, so he can’t see to his left or right. He can only see what is straight ahead of him, as he plods forward, never veering from his course.

DeVaul and the County Building Dept., with the help and assistance of the Cal Poly Architechture Dept., could turn his property into an experimental jewel of a property, with even less one-room studios per acre than the local plan calls for. If the County can violate the Oceano Specific Plan to stick twice as many condos in one acre as the plan allows, I don’t see why they can’t permit Devaul to put in 15 one-room studios on one acre of his ranch. Especially, if they are providing farm labor while they are there. It sounds like a win-win to me and a resource for the agencies who send their homeless direct from their doors to his.

In my opinion, oto, SLO County should be more willing to help Mr. DeVaul. He was providing a good service to the homeless population. He has cleaned things up. I clearly do not understand why he cannot have a “tent city” or small cabins to house these folks in. It’s certainly better & healthier than livin in a creek bed. Mr. DeVaul provides nourishing hot meals. I see nothing wrong with him providing a seperate dorm like structure, preferly seperatequarters for males & females. I would be glad to donate shower gels, lotions, shampoo & conditioner. SLO County needs to back off or offer him some assistance, he is after all keeping these folks off the street & in a relatively safe environment. Way superior to living in a creek bed somewhere,


OMG! What a wonderful Christlike dissertation! Subsequent to reading your fine use of the English language, I fell upon the floor with trembling arms held skyward as if our Christian God was speaking in your behalf!

But, I am sorry, because actual facts get in the way of so many of the CCN alumni that your treatise will fall upon deaf ears.

It would seem that the TRUE Christian NIMBY’s that are across from the DeVaul property would be proud to see a certain unfortunate faction of our society helped in the way they are, especially since it follows the teachings of Jesus! Furthermore, it would be a short walk for them to visit Sunny Acres to give to the poor as Jesus so commanded! A nice Sunday walk after church, yes?

But, once again, we know what will happen, don’t we? Instead of being TRUE Christians, they will continue to try to oust ol’ Devaul and go directly against the teachings of the bible.

It must be so sad to be a hypocritical Christian. :(

Yes, very sad indeed. If only there were some TRUE Christians in Paso Robles that would continually walk the riverbed, or have outlets nearby, to feed, clothe, and help these homeless people of our God’s creation. :(

Better yet, where are the Christian churches in this respect, especially after passing the plate on Sunday morning? Jesus said; “All they asked was that we should continue to remember the poor, the very thing I was eager to do.” (Galatians 2:10)

But, what happens? The pseudo-chrisians are too busy washing their Bimmers, acquiring another smart phone, or purchasing another item that they really don’t need. All the while they go to their many different denominations on Sunday morning all dressed up nice and pretty, and are spoon fed their bible for the week. Just plain hypocrites, and we all know what Jesus thought of this group, don’t we?

Now watch, anyone that clicks on the “dislike” button to this post, isn’t a Christian whatsoever, but is one in name only. Let us keep count. How sad.

I think the psuedo Christians are also busy posting comments on every CCN story…right Ted?

How much did you spend on the computer you are using to tell us all to give up our worldly possessions? I bet that could have bought a lot of meals for the poor.

Remind me again of that old saying about “glass houses.”


I use a coffee house computer that is 1/2 block from where I stay. Are you going to sell your computer soon so as not to be a hypocrite to your statement? Probably not.

I hope that you have shatter proof glass around your house!


I am not selling my computer but I also don’t preach about all of things people need to do to be a “true” Christian. I don’t believe that owning a computer will condemn me to an eternity in hell. Then again, maybe it does…it is through my computer that I read your misguided and warped posts.

I’m done with you.


No, keeping your computer won’t make you a victim of Hell, but you proffered that I should sell mine, isn’t that hypocritcal on your part? Sure it is.

You have to be done with me because you cannot refute my biblical knowledge and remain intelligent looking in the aftermath regarding what the bible says about the poor relative to this threads topic!

You made a good move in saving face. Good for you! I wish the others would do the same to prevent them from also stepping in the proverbial poo on so many occasions! But, some never learn. :(

Okay, you’re dismissed.

“I use a coffee house computer that is 1/2 block from where I stay.”…where is that? I would enjoy meeting you face to face…

I waited for Ted’s email with much anticipation. Predictably, I received nothing. Too bad, I think I would have really enjoyed a conversation with such an enlightened individual…who knows maybe I would learn something new about myself…but, it looks like we are just dealing with a garden variety CONCERNED TROLL…move along people, nothing to see here…the hater is very disappointed with Ted


A word please! If I was to address every Tom, Dick, and Harry, that wants to meet such a godly individual like me, I wouldn’t have the time for my ministries and schooling you upon the FACTS pertaining to the topics posed!

Besides, I get a minimum of $25,000 per speaking engagement. Do you have that kind of “unreportable cash” for me to even entertain your meet and greet? think not!

Be grateful that you’re getting my biblical and political knowledge for FREE within this forum! Get it?

Yes, you have nothing to see but the truth relative to TRUE Christianity, and actual FACTS that I give you pertaining to political topics! Yes, to save face, you and your kind better move on! I couldn’t have said it better! lol

LOL…$25K fee? I was thinking more like a cup a coffee. Maybe I’d be willing to do 20 bucks. Anyway…you are obviously witty, I just wanted to see what you could do without the benefit of a Google search ;-)


If you were ever lucky enough to meet my aquaintance, I am sure that I would have to bring a laptop for you to be able to converse, because without google search, i am afraid that you’re dead in the water. :(

Yes, when in confrontation with the “assertion” crowd, google certainly can back up claims with absolutes! This is the point where said faction becomes silent.

Mr. Sanders

Why don’t you get off your “A” and do something.

Xmas eve was about 32 degrees, on Xmas day, I walked along the SLO Creek.

Behind the Meat Head Movers was a clean and neatly kept camp, there was a clean brown “healthy” pit bull dog tied to a tree.

No one was present, their tent had a note address to SLOPD and State Parks keeping them posted on their efforts to recover.

I left a large bag of homemade MREs, fruit juices, snacks in a large white carry bag, and 2 new rain panchos (to insulate from the cold) in their well kept tent.

There is a consensus among different religions, that the Bible is accurate but NOT from your usuary/ application of it nor at your level. You however disgrace it. Get sober or go to hell in regret. FYI, the booze is blinding your pereption and heightening your ego.

You stike me as a Jim Jones type preacher calling everyone a pseudo christian.

Why don’t you get off the booze OR take your killing field crusade elsewhere.

Willie, what you did was very generous & I commend you for that.

But here’s a piece of advice for this chatboard: Don’t feed the Troll. Don’t acknowledge his snarky posts. Just ignore him. He’s not for real.


The only thing that is not REAL, is the fact of pseudo-christians not following ALL OF THE BIBLE’S DOCTRINE! They pick and choose what they want to hear! Nope, that’s not how it works! The ENTIRE bible is inspired by our Christian God, not just the parts that pseudo-christians want to read.

You are probably guilty of this infraction because it is so prevalent as I’ve seen in this forum. It is truly sad to watch you people at times. :(

Judgment Day will sort your kind out, praise Jesus!


Thank you, I appreciate your post and fine contribution to the community

Eventually the monitor will 86 the trolls and my self as well.

Mr. Sanders? No, I am not the fried chicken king, HELLO? To you, it’s “Mr.” Slanders, get it?

Oh my, you are yet another to use the old ruse of circular reasoning to try in vain to support your attack on TRUE Christianity and myself. Why am I not surprised? Because this forum is LOADED with your type! lol Here, let me save you the trouble of looking up this concept. It is; “assuming as a premise, the conclusion in which you wish to reach”. Get it? Good.

What you allegedly left for the homeless behind Meat Head Movers is a disgrace! That is, if you actually did it in the first place, I doubt it. Try leaving what I do for the homeless, of which are bags full of food that will last for a week! Gift certificates to the Hometown Buffet in SLO, where they can eat themselves into oblivion if they want! Clothes, shoes and blankets from the Good Will in SLO!

“willie”, listen up, the rest of your diatribe is comical upon it’s face because what I bring forth from the bible is actual literal FACT as it is historically intended! Your smoke and mirrors to hide the fact that you wish you knew in what you were talking about relative to the scriptures is entertaining, but not to one of my level of knowledge and understanding of TRUE Christianity.

You are but another neophyte that “thinks” they know the scriptures! LOL Conversely, take your “satanic road show” out of this forum, because when you confront me about TRUE Christianity, you’re bringing a pocket knife to my gun fight! Understand? Sure you do. LOL

Save face willie, move along and remain silent upon this topic.

@Brother Slanders True Christians are supposed to be humble and loving. I cannot dispute the fact that you have knowledge of the Bible but it is not the Lord’s will that you should be so condescending in His name to your neighbor. In fact, to know the Lord and drive people away from the church (say with your holier than thou approach) is actually a sin. And just because you can give more materials gifts than someone else doesn’t mean that the Lord is more pleased with you than another. You cannot buy your way into heaven. But I’m sure you already know this.

“[H]omemade MREs” well, as long as you didn’t try to duplicate the Cheese and Vegetable Omelet MRE. That one’s inedible,and is always the one left in the box. Seriously, though, if you feel that you helped those people, then good for you. What people need to realize is that there is no “one size fits all” definition of the homeless. There are different subcategories and each one requires a different response modality. But, I commend you for doing your part to help as you saw it. Have a good weekend.


Gee I never knew I was so ignorant, so naive, and don’t know anything until you bought it up

Willie! You brought food and rain ponchos to a homeless camp?! You sweetie-pie!


When I woke up the day before Xmas (not turning on the thermostate in our home) it was “”so cold””, the first thing I thought about were those homeless because I know what it is like outdoors in a tent in cold weather (as an outdoorsman).

We have have a large supply of mixed military and homebrew (ideal or better) MREs for hiking, camping, fishing and hunting trips.

My neighbor, daughter and myself left a whole lot of supplies to help these people get by.

I am familiar with the creek area in SLO (It is also periodically patrolled by Fish & Game-although it is for violations, in actuality I believe they care about the occupants too) some areas are very nice.

The homeless that takes visible breaks along the creek (LOVR to Prado) are tidy and polite and do not infringe on the residence annex it (so far) they are trying to survive, they are trying to recover.

Ted, most of the riverbed is private property, and it’s too dangerous to send ordinary people out to walk the riverbed, both because of the terrain and because we don’t know anything about who is there.

Yes, this is a problem, but its a shared problem with the city and with private property owners (most of whom are not even in town). Last year, volunteers did a count of the homeless but only in a short area of the riverbed–I think the count was about 300 people.

There is some confirmation to the fact that we get homeless from Northern California during the winter, and they go back North during the summer. There is a migrating homeless population that by word of mouth go from one place to the other.


Yes, it is dangerous. That is why I stated with specificity; “have outlets nearby”.

While counting the homeless, which is demeaning if they didn’t feed them as well, then you do have a godly problem in this area. Did you see any Christian churches helping out while this count was in progress?

It matters not on whether the homeless migrate or not, the bottom line is when they are in this area, they should be taken care of in the utmost manner, so saith Jesus Himself, period!

God, I hate hypocritical assumed Christians!!!!

RIP…………. We all have it coming one way or another.

No kidding. It’s been 29 degrees at night… the riverbed isn’t a great place to camp in the harsh winter of the North County. Poor guy. Despite his struggles (drugs? alcohol?) he was someone’s son…maybe a brother or father. Very sad.

Thanks for the reminder. We all can easily forget how sad this truly is.