Santa Barbara doctor accused of trading sex for drugs

January 5, 2012

A Santa Barbara physician was arrested Wednesday on federal drug trafficking charges and allegations the doctor traded pain killers for sex.

Julio Gabriel Diaz, 63, allegedly wrote prescriptions for powerful painkillers, such as OxyContin, for “patients” who were drug addicts – some of whom diverted the pills they received to the black market and or suffered fatal overdoses from the narcotics, according to a press U.S. Department of Justice press release.

“The illegal sale and abuse of prescription narcotics is a growing problem that feeds addictions and leads to other criminal conduct,” said United States Attorney André Birotte Jr. “Many of the illegal prescription drugs that find their way to the street come from doctors who prescribe them for money without medical justification. These doctors are drug dealers and they will face stiff penalties in federal court.”

The criminal complaint affidavit says “that Diaz has written prescriptions for large quantities of controlled substances that are not medically necessary or indicated. As a result, highly addictive prescription controlled substances, including oxycodone and hydrocodone, have been diverted from legitimate medical use into the community for an illegitimate use.”

Doctors, nurses and other personnel with Cottage Hospital complained to the Medical Board of California about Diaz, according to the affidavit. One letter to the medical board said Diaz “is often described as a ‘doctor you can get anything from’ by patients.” A therapist in the psychiatric department at Cottage Hospital told investigators that “people referred to Diaz as the ‘Candy Man’ and that people drove from out of town to see him ‘because they knew he was the man to go to for drugs.’”

Cottage Hospital doctors believed that Diaz posed such a threat that they prepared a spreadsheet documenting emergency room visits by patients who had been prescribed narcotics by Diaz. “The spreadsheet demonstrated Diaz’s pattern of over-prescribing and the direct relationship between the prescriptions received and ER visits and admissions,” a DEA special agent wrote in the affidavit.

Furthermore, two female patients who were admitted to the Cottage Hospital ER told hospital staff “that they were getting narcotics from Diaz in exchange for sexual favors,” according to the affidavit. “They alluded to numerous friends also receiving narcotics from Diaz in exchange for sexual favors.”

Investigators said a series of fatal drug overdoses were linked to narcotics prescribed by Diaz.

A patient who died in November appeared to have been injecting prescription medication that was prescribed by Diaz. The investigation into that death found that “in the six weeks before the patient’s death, Diaz prescribed to the patient a total of 2,087 pills, or an average of 63 predominantly Schedule II and III pills per day.”

The affidavit also outlines a study by one insurance company that documents nearly $1 million in claims to the company for prescriptions written by Diaz over a three-year period.

“Prescription drug abuse has reached epidemic levels – in 2010, about 12 million Americans reported non-medical use of prescription painkillers,” said Timothy J. Landrum, DEA Special Agent in Charge. “DEA is committed to working with our law enforcement partners to ensure those who endanger our citizens by distributing these dangerous drugs for no medical purpose are brought to justice.”

Diaz will be held in jail overnight pending a scheduled court appearance Thursday afternoon in federal court in Santa Ana.

The charge of illegal distribution of a controlled substance by a medical practitioner carries a penalty of up to 20 years in federal prison.

The investigation into Diaz was conducted by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Santa Barbara Police Department, which received the assistance of the California Medical Board.

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I knew Dr. Julio Diaz for over 15 years. He was doing every right. Urine tests, Data Base to see if you were” Doctor shopping” Would not accept any new pain patients. He took care of the low income Hispanic population. Medically, he diagnosed aliments that other Doctors missed.

As for the “low life sluts” who are saying he traded sex for drugs. Did you ever meet Mrs. Diaz?? If you did, you would know how ludicrous those statements are. Dr. Diaz is an exceptionally good looking man. But his Charisma just jumps out at you. He is also very sexy. I happen to know personally someone who was secretly “in love” with him. I had been going to that office for fifteen years. I know everyone there. To the nurse who accused Mrs. Diaz of handing out RX’s like “Candy”, I bet my house that this “nurse” was reprimanded by Mrs. Diaz for inappropriate behavior. Use your imagination. She came to work with him everyday and she guarded him like a hawk. I watched it. She kept the “two bit hussy’s away from the good Doctor. Dr. Diaz is unjudgmental and so compassionate that he is vulnerable. With his charisma, it’s very possible, worthless whores tried to manipulate Doctors feelings. I always saw tenderness and affection between Dr. & Mrs. Diaz… Because he took all the poor people in, my wait was sometimes 2 hours. I watched and observed all personnel in that office” Stop slandering Dr. & Mrs. Diaz with gossip, innuendos and hearsay. People like that are tens times worse than “drug addicts” in my book

I will repeat what his other patient said. He had more compassion in his baby finger then all those fancy ER room Doctors will have in a lifetime. Due to severe medical problems, I have been in and out of ER rooms for over 20 years. Dr. Diaz gave me my life back and I have not been to an ER room for about 10 years. He managed my illness so I could live a normal life.

Do you know what it is like to be incapacitated one week out of the month for over 20 years? My career opportunities were knocking down my door. I was so in demand. (ha ha)

Being fired can be a way of life. It does wonders for your self esteem.

Dr. Julio Diaz gave me my Life back. He is a Saint

The DEA are cowards. All my friends are dead from Vodka and

Cigarettes. I grew up in the drug culture and ALCOHOL & Nicotine are the worst drugs ever. How come liquor store owners, who sell hard liquor to people, who then get in a car accident and kill people; why are they let off the hook from responsibility. What hypocrisy!! I have witness liquor stores owners sell vodka to homeless people that look a little tipsy. That, my friends, is a number one Drug Dealer. Any one who sells hard liquor is a “Drug Dealer”. The cigarette people are Drug Dealers. The sales reps from pharmacies are “Drug Dealers” The pharmaceutical companies are Drug Dealers. Just watch TV

I hope and pray Dr. Diaz has a “Dream Team”. Oh, but his assets have been frozen by the unbiased court system. Gee, Golly, how convenient. His family had to sell personal items just to obtain funds for good legal counsel. Looks like a tiny conspiracy is working behind the scenes to make sure he does not win. Dr. Diaz patients are all donating money for his legal fees. In fact, I am on my way to donate at this moment.

We LOVE you Dr. & Mrs. Diaz.. My prayers are with you everyday. We will prevail.

God Bless you both and I know the angels are watching over you.

I think it would be in the public’s interest to publish a list of those “candy” doctors who will prescribe anything…so, we can avoid them, of course.

If anyone is able to factually post their names, then they would be arrested!

These patients made their own decisions. None of you were hurt by this. It seems to me the only reason anyone should care or make it their business is if the drugs were paid for by public funding sources. Otherwise, who cares? It seems to me if we were looking for best possible outcomes, we’d do better worrying about improving ourselves and solving our own issues rather than trying to control what everyone else is doing.

Yeah, those “free markets” will solve it right? Who cares about that “Hippocratic” oath right?

Next you’ll say let the Pedophiles off the hook because they 15-16-17 y/o kids wanted to engage right?

I do understand mkaneys point. These are adults and the nanny gov is minding everybody’s private business. An addict is an addict and they will get their drugs, one way or another. In fact, this was probably the cheapest and safest line to drugs that a drug addict could ever hope to find. People are going to have sex with the Doc or prostitute themselves on the street but if they are going to sell their body for the drugs, then that is what they’re going to do. Regardless, it seems to me that there should be a moral expectation and certain lines that should not be crossed with our medical establishments. Doctors should be held to a higher standard. Doctors are supposed to save us, not kill us. I still say, he is unfit to practice. I would hope that a Physician would discourage drug addiction. I just can’t right myself with this behavior no matter how much I detest a nanny gummint.

Politicians, law enforcement, and now doctor?!?! Its become an epidemic of sex scandals. I hope it was really worth it for the doctor. I don’t understand why they continue taking the risk of getting caught. Why don’t they just call “phone sex” operator 888-471-4468 therefore than they would get their “sexual satisfaction and can still keep their career and family. Just saying.

My sister was prescribed Oxys out of Cottage Hospital. That was a big f#$*@ng help! Had to detox her at UCLA a few months later. I’m not going to even ask her who her doctor was…………………..

Did your sister have a history of drug or alcohol addiction? Pain killers service a purpose and Oxy is excellent for severe temporary pain. They don’t usually prescribe it for more than 10 days. It doesn’t make sense that she got addicted. Even if she still had “some” pain after 7-10 day’s, they would normally give her something less powerful for it combined with something over the counter. How is it that she was detoxed a few months later? I’ve never heard of a hospital prescribing a few months of that sort of pain killer unless you’re on your death bed. There is more to this story……

“Diaz prescribed to the patient a total of 2,087 pills, or an average of 63 predominantly Schedule II and III pills per day.

” WOW, That’s unbelievable, that’s so over the top I have to wonder if he was even playing with a full dick? I’ve never heard of a doctor doing something like that”. I can’t imagine putting all the time, work and $$ into obtaining a medical degree and then throwing it all away and for what?

Most doctors care very much about the people they heal, this guy must have a serious screw loose.

Oppps oppps … I meant to say playing with a full DECK not dick. Also, the quotation marks are out of place.


Tsk, tsk, a possible “Freudian Slip”, dear? Has it been awhile? *cough*

Diaz wasn’t throwing his medical degree away, he was getting sexual favors because of it, at the expense of his patients becoming prescription drug addicts. :(

“Has it been awhile? *cough*”

That’s a strange question to ask me, after last night and all ;)


As your Freudian Slip post states, and for your sake, we can only hope that YOU were playing with a “full di*k.”


Get out the Mind Brillo !

That’s the funniest “mistake” I’ve seen. There should be a prize or award for making people laugh. Thanks, Cindy!


If you peruse Cindy’s posts throughout this forum, you’ll plainly see that she makes MANY mistakes, funny or not!

We need support! Dr. Diaz is a good doctor! For those of you who know him please visit our site:

I was going to ‘dislike’ , until I read that ‘Boehner”.

This whole thing with the oxy pain pills is a joke. Saw the national Geographic show called the oxy express where patients would go to pain clinics and get hundreds at a time and then return to Tenn, OK or wherever. One sheriff in one of the receiver states said that 90% of his inmates were there for prescription drugs from Florida. The DEA knew about it all along, but big pharma loves pushing their pills and make big money on it so they can lobby the politicians to stay off of their back. It is a vicious cycle of kickbacks.

same as it ever was,Heroin is a tradename for morphine acetate, prescribed by doctors to treat morphine headache.

the same mfg sells adolphine as a treatment for heroin addiction tradename methadone, the company ‘Bayer’ IG Farbin

“These doctors are drug dealers and they will face stiff penalties in federal court.”

Hopefully they will face STIFF penalties in prison, better bring the vaseline…

This will end badly for the patients who actually do need these medications, just you watch. Doctors like these aren’t doctors at all; they are pushers and need to be incarcerated. But wait! Our prisons are so over crowded they will wind up at home with an ankle bracelet, likely contacting their suppliers and selling from their homes!

Throw out the pot offenses that are in prison, and make room for these Doctor Drug Dealers!

Wait, the prisons are unionized, never mind.