She’s sexy, she knows it, and she’s 5

January 27, 2012

Isabella Barrett

A child celebrity’s mother is suing three major media outlets for airing a video and reporting on the actions of 5-year-old Isabella Barrett when she danced and sang an electro-rap song entitled “Sexy And I know It” at a New York night club. The performance then aired on the cable television channel TMZ. [San Francisco Chronicle]

Susanna Barrett said the coverage and video depiction was misleading and “sexualized” her daughter. Her lawsuit, in which she seeks $30 million,  also names Huffington Post and the London Daily Mail. The news articles reported the child “gyrating in a nightclub and singing about her sex appeal” and suggested the mother was “forcing” Isabella to perform.

In December, Isabella was widely quoted as saying her co-star Paisley Dickey dressed like a “hooker.”

According to the mother’s filing, “Isabella Barrett did not act or portray herself sexually, erotically or provocatively; she was not ‘gyrating’ at a nightclub or singing ‘about her sex appeal.'”

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A parent is required to be on the set with the child, she could have stopped or protested it then, there on the spot!

What is a child doing in a nightclub, gyrating sexually or not?

Wrong doesn’t even begin to define the exploitation of this 5 year old.

It is rather erie to have this little girl’s picture directly across from Lisa Solomon’s ….

Little Miss Sunshine, I loved that movie.

popular pose ?

I don’t get it, for the last 5 maybe a few more years all the young girls pose like that. I see tons of pictures of my nieces, cousins, my children’s friends etc. on Facebook. The girls almost always have that pucker. I think it looks dumb, is it supposed to be sexy? I’m not exaggerating, if you look at picture of a girls under the age of about 22 or 23 they all have that pose. yuk.

Nicolas Cage

has it covered.

Not everyone who gives birth to a child deserves the title “mother”. “Mommy Dearest” is grotesque.

It’s sad to think of where this little girl will be in a few years.

Who knows maybe she can aspire to be the Chief of Police in Paso.

Sorry I coudn’t help myself.

All things aside the mother should have her head examined to allow her daughter to be involved in this type of stuff at such an early age

This “mother” belongs in prison.

How sad, I can’t understand how women can raise thier daughters to be superficial air heads. Just the picture alone speaks volumes.

You beat me to the comment Typo. I agree on the picture. The mother is saying there was nothing sexual??? Well then what about this picture? Then this mom (which I would love to spew all kinds of vile about) has the AUDACITY to then want to sue!!!??? Are you FREEKING KIDDING ME???

This is precisely the type of mother that would sue.

At this rate, she’s destined to grow up and become a Police Chief.

Parents who exploit their children like this are mentally disturbed.

Who chose or allowed the music, mom? Get real.