15 protesters arrested at Vandenberg

February 28, 2012

Vandenberg Air Force Base police arrested 15 protesters who trespassed onto federal property shortly before Saturday’s successful launch of an unarmed Minuteman III ballistic missile.

Those arrested said they were peacefully protesting “anti-nuclear missile defense.”

Vandenberg officials will release more information about the arrests after federal charges are filed. The protesters will be tried in a Los Angeles based federal court.

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Gee. 15 people with nothing to do but interrupt people working to advance science.

With Obama’s new NDAA law that he signed secretly while the country was out celebrating New Year’s Eve, perhaps we’ll never ever hear from these 15 hippies again! They could have been executed by now and there is nothing anyone could do about it.

Are you thumbs-downing the NDAA Law? You should be! Did you even know about it? Or are the hippies thumbs-downing that their friends are captive?