Ann and Roger, cartoon

February 24, 2012

CalCoastNews is now including work by San Luis Obispo cartoonist Joseph Rankin. Check out his work at the Kranky Cartoonist.


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While it remains true how terrible it is that Ann Coulter has made a career of coming into communities with the intent to irritate and infuriate people–something she brags about–and stridently divide communities and spread animosity among the people, the time has arrived when those who want to maintain a healthy, happy community, need not feel compelled to attend a Coulter event and shout her down, throw glitter bombs, or toss pies in faces in order to express the revulsion and patriotic opposition to her attacks on decency.

With forums like this one provided, thankfully, by CalCoastNews, and other internet resources, patriots and saints who wish to protect our communities from Ann Coulter poison and degradation can express themselves elsewhere, and needn’t ever attend a Coulter circus/freak show/snake oil spectacle. We can see her antics via the internet and challenge, or better yet, provide alternative, healing and building, and unifying programing via the internet.

The internet, in other words, is providing an antidote to the venomous, circus-tent, hate-revival fests Coulter is infamous for. Humanity is evolving beyond the need to confront itself with this dark-side image of our collective hell. We understand it now and as a society, by in large we are rejecting it. And that is the reason the Coulter enterprise is slowly but surely sinking to the point that the Coulter team will one day have to give away the majority of the tickets to her speaking engagements in order to forestall the revealing embarrassment that she may soon find that she cannot sell enough tickets to her hate-fests t fill an auditorium.

This Coulter situation at Cal Poly, has, ironically, given a lot of us patriots who deplore the Coulter agenda, much reason to be appreciate that more and more people are realizing the dead end that Coulter points her followers into and we have new reasons to be hopeful that increasing numbers of Coulter’s “fans” will soon realize the degree of evil and sin they have been helping support.

And one thing is for sure, to deal with all this in a healthy, productive manner, one needn ‘t ever attend a Coulter event. Attendance at one of these sick spectacles is now irrelevant for both fans and detractors.

Better to surround ourselves with positive, loving, compassionate people and find great things to support and build upon and let the evil collapse under its own weight and/or rot from within, both of which we are seeing happen at this very moment.