Atascadero man arrested for child pornography

February 9, 2012

FBI agents arrested an Atascadero man on Tuesday for receipt and possession of child pornography.

Andrew Guy Pratt, 47, allegedly received and downloaded child pornography videos from September through November. The Films were of men having sexual activities with girls as young as 6-years-old.

Videos allegedly include titles such as “Six-year-old girl best Vicki blowjob and hand job with sound,” and “Man gets in bed with hot 7-year-old.”

After his indictment, Pratt was released on a $70,000 bond, said Laura Eimiller, public relations official with the FBI.

“The investigation was initiated and developed by the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s department,” Eimiller said.” The lion’s share of the case was handled by the sheriff’s department.”

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Yes, this person, if indeed guilty, should receive justice under the law to protect the innocent.

However, is it really crucial that CCN to specifically list each highly descriptive video title in the interest of “news?” It’s perverse, lewd and downright unnecessary.

Specifying the nature of the crime (child pornography / sexual relations with minors) and age depicted (as young as 6) is sufficient. WE GET IT. What’s next, Web streaming?

Yep. When CCN does investigative reporting, its detractors claim they won’t believe the story (i.e. Lisa Solomon situation) because they call CCN “tabloid trash journalism.” So publishing such illicit & gross descriptions harm CCN’s reputation. When new readers log onto the site & find stories like this, they may think the detractors are right.

“The lion’s share of the case was handled by the sheriff’s department.” Big surprise that the local North County department didn’t break the case. Both departments in North County are pretty lame.

Not necessarily disputing the lameness of the North County agencies, but does this guy live in the city of Atascadero or the unincorporated county area next to Atascadero? It makes a difference… if he lives in, say Garden Farms (outside the city limits, but still considered to be part of Atascadero), then the city police department would have no involvement.

There are no words to describe this individual. Nor are there any for those that harm children.

Now. I must tame the rage within.

Sick Bastard