Man arrested for child pornography umpired girls’ softball

February 9, 2012

An Atascadero man arrested Tuesday for possessing child pornography worked as an umpire for Atascadero Girls’ Softball, board members confirmed today.

Girls from 6-years-old to 18-years-old play softball as part of the Atascadero league. While several board members confirmed Andrew Guy Pratt, 47, umpired girls’ softball, they are awaiting their commissioner’s permission before answering further questions.

FBI agents arrested Pratt on Tuesday for receipt and possession of child pornography.

Pratt is accused of receiving and downloading child pornography films that portray men engaging in sexual activities with girls as young as 6-years-old.

Videos allegedly include titles such as “Six-year-old girl best Vicki blowjob and hand job with sound,” and “Man gets in bed with hot 7-year-old.”

On Tuesday, Pratt was released on a $70,000 bond, said Laura Eimiller, a public relations official with the FBI.

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You ARE wandering willie….let it go my friend!

” really makes you wander – “


I was just doing a Sherlock Holms speculation, no intent to offend.

The producers / industy of these child pron vedios and potential child predators are clever and I don’t think anyone should under estimated them. I’m glad the Feds and INTERPOL are on it!

The whole concept of child porn escapes me. It surely must be some malfunction of the brain. It’s just to disturbing to be a desire on the whim. I read it cannot be cured just like child molesting. Humans have a certain number of malfunctioning brains in the population that’s for sure. This is only one example of many. How much control do these types really have? Can they control their urge to be attracted to this behavior? We get upset and want instant justice no doubt but I wonder how much of this is beyond these peoples control? Their fate is to sit inside a cage with their malfunctioning brain. I’m glad I was not dealt that hand of cards.