Capps’ seat may be endangered

February 19, 2012

Lois Capps

Congresswoman Lois Capps is one of four California Democrats whose congressional seat is considered competitive, according to the Cook Political Report. [Sacramento Bee]

Configuration of Capps’ 23rd Congressional District changed during the recent reapportionment, it having been a relatively safe district for Democrats. Other California minority party incumbents faced with a dogfight are Jim Costa, John Garamendi and Jerry McNerney. Republicans facing serious threats include Dan Lundgren, Gary Miller, Brian Bilbay, Jeff Dunham and Mary Bono.

Many of the 13 California districts are currently held by incumbents.

The Cook report is considered to be an objective analysis of national political trends, according to The Bee.

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Political consultants continue to get rich collecting money from all the Republican candidates they trick into running against her each term, suckering them with the ridiculous notion that they have a chance to beat her. And so they shell out hundreds of thousands of wasted dollars for their ill-fated campaigns that enrich the campaign managers and political consultants and advertising sales people.

Even the perennial loser Matt Kokkonen continues to tell people he has a chance to beat Lois Capps.

The delusion lives on! And Lois keeps getting re-elected because the majority of voters in her district feel she is the best candidate for the job.

the man who speaks the truth is chased from nine villages.

My support goes to an independent, problem solving candidate for our district.

Matt Boutte for the new 24th Congressonal district.

Tell us more. Where does he stand on some specific issues?

slodocman is just a spam purveyor. There are many shady people who get paid to go to blogs and promote and/or attack any number of people or causes. This looks to be a good example.

Like you? That’s what you sound like. Down with the NWO!

Giving ones opinion or attempting to educate you isn’t spam. Slodocman’s post was pure spam, most people don’t defend spammers. Geez Gim, I’m starting wonder if you’re you’re only capable of being wrong all the time. You must have an accurate understanding on at least one topic.

So who are you going to support for prez? Or is that too difficult for you to answer as well?

Lois Capps will be handily re-elected because there is no viable Republican candidate.

Heck, the Republican party is not viable anymore . It’s like some mastermind criminal genius invented a time machine and brought back all of the craziest and most ridiculous politicians from world history and made them Republicans today !

Sarah Palin ? Rick Perry ? Newt Gingrich ? Steve King ? John BOehNER ? Eric Cantor ? Paul Ryan ? Michele Bachmann ? Mitch McConnell ? Jim DeMint ? Kevin McCarthy ? Rick Santorum ?

These are ALL CRAZY PEOPLE ! . And their agenda is a HATE AMERICA FIRST aganda. Absoluetly BAD for America !

Most of them are racists that can’t admit it. Some are PROUD bigots that relish putting others down…because they are BULLIES at heart.

Lois Capps will be re-elected, because there is NO other reasonable choice !

Once you start calling everyone racists and haters, you lose any semblance of intelligence.

I’m not calling everyone racists and haters …just Republicans.

They have fulfilled this toxic agenda since Nixon instituted the “Southern Strategy” and I stand by my comments.

Most Republicans today are the WORST PEOPLE imaginable ! RACISTS ! HOMOPHOBES ! ANTI-WOMEN Sexist FREAKS ! Bullies ! Protectors of CHILD MOLESTERS !

And here’s the thing …. Most Americans KNOW IT NOW !

We KNOW that YOU are the ENEMY ! …And we won’t go back !

Hell, We CAN’T go back !

The Republican Party is in the MIDDLE of committing suicide, and I could not be happier !

So, half the voters in the US are racists and haters because they are Republicans. It makes you sound ignorant to label a whole group of people because of a few. Isn’t that what racists do?

You might want to examine the history of the Republican Party in the US. The Republican Party was the anti-kkk, and the anti-slavery party. So, what in your tiny mind do you have to say about that?

Did the entire time from 1950 to the present escape you ?

WHAT, are you a modern day Rip Van Winkle that has no knowledge of the changing demographics of the last 70 or so years ? Or just want to conveniently IGNORE the facts ?

Todays Republicans are HOLES, plain and simple !

Everyone knows it !

The biggest hole of them all is the black one (no pun intended) in the White House than keeps sucking in every dollar from space. He is a lying, blabbering, preaching, terrorist. I mean terrorist because of the terror he is inflicting on us all when we have to pay back the debt he is putting us in. And just a reminder, he is a blood sucking, bleeding heart liberal.

LOL, your rude comment just proved slowerfaster’s point. What is it you think the name of the show American Muslim should be called again? You are typical of what slowerfasters is talking about.

Democrats and Republicans are the same now. Bought and paid for by Wall Street.

nationalize the banks

I ALMOST agree. They are controlled by the power elite via the FED and the control of money. Wall Street is also a factor, but not the controlling factor.

40 HOLES here.

Holes in the soul. Holes in the brain. Holes in intelligence.


THAT is the Republican ideology. THAT and worship of self that transcends egotism.

These are people SO aloof, so remote, so removed from ordinary experience, that they consider themselves as demi-gods …separate, superior and invulnerable to any societal norms.

In effect, above and beyond the law.

THAT is what these objectivist ‘Superman’ bad science experiments are.

Republicans are the political equivalent of the Ebola virus: they KILL everything they touch !

That’s OK. We all make mistakes.

See, I have known many Republicans that were ‘fair’ people. John Anderson, Everett Dirksen, Lee Dreyfus, Margaret Chase-Smith. So many others that would never be allowed anywhere near th NUTHOUSE that is what the Republican party has disintegrated into.

Racists, Jerks, Religious Oddballs, Warmongers. and Plutocratic Overlords is not the most promising mix of political affiliation , in my moxt humble opinion.

But go for it.

Kill each other with glee. I’ll be clapping on the sidelines.


I’ll take all those “racists”, “bigots”, etc., you listed above over your 1 Maxine Waters.

And with that, the more you go on and on really proves you’re quite the fool.

’nuff said.

Pinker says violence is going out of style.

Citizen, you may not be one, but you sure are sounding like a racist and a hater.

By the way, How’s my “semblance of intelligence” now? You being such an expert on “semblance” and all that…

Your simple-minded rhetoric reminds me of comments from a certain SLO Supervisor. It’s sad that you try to stir up hatred when what this country really needs is an awakening of working together. That won’t happen as long as people like you spout their hatred.


Though I disagree with your main premise, i.e., that D’s are good, R’s are bad, there is actually much truth in what you say. The R’s no longer are viable. Those R’s that you mentioned are indeed bad, warfare state types.

But the D’s are just as bad. Any “difference” between them is just for show. They are really on the same team now, with very few exceptions. When the debates are done, they go out for drinks together or sleep together.

It is the power elite which really runs the show.

One noteworthy exception is Ron Paul. There are a few others, but way too few.

That’s why I’m a Libertarian. I believe in Austrian Economics. So does Ron Paul, big time. That’s why I’m voting for him.

Who would be the local equivalent of Ron Paul? I haven’t a clue. When I find him, I’ll let you know.

Once Lois Capps got elected, the money was just too good to quit.

$180 grand so sit in a plush office to start out the window and dream of sugar plums? Who could resist it?

Does it matter to you are anyone else that what you wrote is absolutely false? That you make up lies in order to attack people? Is that the type of nation you are arguing for?

She promised to serve for one term. She lied, end of story!!!

Lois Capps changed her mind, because the majority of constituents in her district wanted her to remain in Congress. She simply responded to her constituents.

Besides, are you trying to imply that YOU voted for Lois Capps based on your belief she would only serve one term? Perhaps if you voted for her and feel deceived you might have a legitimate gripe. But I tend to doubt you voted for her. The patriots who did vote for her wanted her to stay. The MAJORITY of voters in her district wanted her to stay. So she stayed. She listened and she stayed because a democratic majority voted her into office.

So, in effect, you don’t have a gripe with Capps, you have a gripe with the voters who continue to elect her to office because they believe she continues to be the best candidate for the job. Thank goodness for democracy!

Is there any way to get Lois to grow a backbone and think for herself. Most democrats consider the issues and sometimes even vote against their party. She’s an intelligent person, but the most timid congressperson I have ever encountered. She can’t debate, and can hardly answer questions unless she gets them ahead of time. Is she uninformed on the issues or just not a public speaker?

Wrong AGAIN, Mr. “Citizen”. Lois Capps was one of the few members of Congress, of either party, who voted AGAINST going to war in Iraq.

Lois Capps is certainly WELL informed on the issues that are most relevant to her constituents.

Lois Capps may not be an excellent debater, but that is a skill that is not very pertinent to her job. When I vote for a representative, I’m looking for honesty and hard work and ethics, not debating skills. We have enough debaters around, but not enough honest, hardworking representatives who are responsive to the needs of their constituents. That is why I, and tens of thousands of others will be voting for Lois Capps.

she turned me into a newt!

It doesn’t matter who is in there. Nothing will change.

Regardless of who will be in charge, wall street barons will make more money through government bailouts. Anyone who does not realize there is no difference between the two parties either cannot read or wants to ignore the facts.

You have spoken truly. The power elite is the controlling fact in America, not the puppet Congressmen. If we could find someone who would stand up to them, it just might turn the tide. Usually, however, the power elite has mavericks “liquidated.”

She’s held the office long enough. We need term limits.

We have term limits, they are called elections, unfortunately voters don’t really know much more about our representatives that their party affiliation. Term limits certainly haven’t improved California’s government. Maybe if we required voters to take an IQ test before allowing them to vote, we could improve things.

I was going to give you a “thumbs up” until the IQ test thing. Intelligence tests are a part of historical fact of Jim Crow racism that have been banned for what should be obvious reasons.

It takes work, but I prefer to guide stupid people to vote for fringe candidates…which is comparable to being a ‘throwaway vote’.

No harm, no foul.

Remember the saying: When you point a finger at people, three fingers point back at you.

Smart, stupid, the legalized plunder which is going on is the result of the power elite’s domination of government and money. Congressmen are like little chess pieces on a gigantic chess board. 99% of them are bought off.

Yes, they are bought by the 1% that YOU support!

You and your tea bag buds allowed this to happen. Lets not forget Mitt’s words,, ‘corporations are people’, they can buy who ever they want. They own the politicians and they own you and me. Is that part of your ‘Austrian economics’?

Mitt stated what the Supreme Court recognized. Let’s not forget THAT.

“In determining the meaning of any Act of Congress, unless the context indicates otherwise– the words “person” and “whoever” include corporations, companies, associations, firms, partnerships, societies, and joint stock companies, as well as individuals;” ~Wikipedia

You’re talking about apples and oranges. That wasn’t the context that Mitt had made this statement about. He was talking about not raising taxes on the 1% big corps, in other words, himself. He wasn’t referring to the SCOTUS decision that made it so the politicians can receive millions in political PAC money. But SCOTUS made it even more true that the big corps own us. Do you feel that we need to get the money out of politics as opposed to the Court ruling? The SCOTUS never said that corps weren’t people, that would be too stupid, of course corporations aren’t people. Corps are set up and organized by people, but so was my poker game the other night and like a corp, poker isn’t a person.

Does somebody have a learning disability here?

What can you be thinking of? You are making gross, unfounded assumptions all over the place! Are you feeling all right? Do always lecture others on things about which you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?

You have your guns aimed at the wrong perpetrators. It is the power elite which is the enemy of freedom. They have formed a criminal cabal with private corporations in order to rule the world.

Libertarians, i.e., those who subscribe to Austrian Economics, want to break up this cabal so that we can all determine our own poltical and economic fates as far as possible within the parameters of organized society.

If you don’t believe what we say, fine. Why don’t you just say that, I don’t believe you?

Your not trusting the thinking of some stranger makes sense enough. There are, however, other participants in this forum besides you.

Pretending to have any grasp whatever of Austrian Economics when you don’t; that makes me question your judgment, and that is putting it politely. My missive to you ends here.

As for the rest of you, seen any of the videos on “marginal utility” lately? I’m watching one right now by Joseph T. Salerno. It’s pretty good. We’re learning about the “scale of values,” stuff like that. At the center is always MAN and his wants and needs. They start out subjective, then become objective, and so on.


Awwwww geeeeee, you don’t know what “marginal utility”? I’m sorry. Here the some info:

William Jevons was one of three men to simultaneously advance the so-called marginal revolution. Working in complete independence of one another—Jevons in Manchester, England; leon walras in Lausanne, Switzerland; and carl menger in Vienna—each scholar developed the theory of marginal utility to understand and explain consumer behavior.

The theory held that the utility (value) of each additional unit of a commodity—the marginal utility—is less and less to the consumer. When you are thirsty, for example, you get great utility from a glass of water.

Once your thirst is quenched, the second and third glasses are less and less appealing. Feeling waterlogged, you will eventually refuse water altogether. “Value,” said Jevons, “depends entirely upon utility.”

The problem with VonMises theories is that they don’t take into account that criminals are manipulating the economic system.

You’re just jumping on the Austrian economics bandwagon, Gimlet. You act as if that is the great answer to all the problems in the world. You think you understand what you are talking about, but you don’t. The propagandists threw you a bone, you bit on it and won’t let go. Don’t be a sucker.

Congratulations, BS from you AGAIN. Admint it; you know NOTHING of these things. You are not worth debating.

If that is true, then please stop debating.

The fact is I do absolutely know something about these things. If you don’t want to debate, I will understand.

But in the meantime, if you quit making all these ludicrous accusations and insults aimed at me and others, then there will be little reason for me to address you any further. Deal?

The only sucker in this forum is you. Talk about jumping on a bandwagon! You are on Lois Capps’ for sure!

How’s that “hope and change” workin’ for ya?

How’s that fiat money workin’ for ya? Inflation beginning to worry you?

When money dies, you’ll die, too, and so will Lois Capp’s brand of politics.

You and your kind suck! You will be one of the first among the zombi looters when the déluge hits. Then you can break the windows at Lois’ office and ask for “help.”

Making your decisions and attacking others based on primal fear will get you nowhere good, Gimlet.

You, I am afraid, like many others, have succumbed to the fear mongering promoted by the very same forces you imagine you are somehow effectively fighting against.

But the problem is this is not an economic problem at the root of it. Nor is it a political problem. It’s a problem of the spirit and soul and the heart, and believe me, you will be far better off working on that for yourself, rather than offering up all these attacks and insults and ungrounded accusations. You end up looking like you are flailing, and that is not flattering to you or effective.

I hope you can wise up a bit.

Lois Capps, and every other member of Congress, needs to go. She votes party line, and there’s no room for that on either side of the aisle. Vote to represent your constituency, not the party line.

Lois Capps is an independent thinker and when she votes the “party line” it is because she believes it is best for her district. She stood out as one of the wisest and most courageous members of Congress when she was one of the few from either party who voted AGAINST going to war with Iraq.

Does she support “free markets”? Not likely!

And without free markets, YOU ARE NOT FREE!

You mean to say, Gimlet, that you have been attacking Lois Capps without even knowing her positions on the issues you care about? Shame on you!

You are so full of BS you don’t know up from down. I know all about this crook and all other crooks like her. The tragedy is that YOU don’t. Follow the crook right into the ditch for all I care. I don’t care what you do.

I care about what other people do.

Lois Capps is on board with all that the NWO wants. That’s why she must go, and that’s why better people must take her place. There may not BE other, better people who can take her place. That doesn’t mean that her agenda is good! Her agenda is evil!

Please give us the details, Gimlet. And if they are of substance, criminal proceedings can be initiated. But without proof, and with so much evidence to the contrary, short of that, I think you should apologize to Lois Capps.

This would not be an issue is she had kept her promise to serve only one term then leave. Just the first of many reasons that it is time to find a new representative.

If changing a position after election got every politician voted out, there would never need to be a discussion on term limits

An elected official changing their mind is okay after being elected, in that they looked into an issue, got feedback from the people the represent and came to a different conculsion. Making a statement prior to being elected as to what they would do then changing their mind after being elected is wrong. Part of the reasons people are elected is based on what they say when trying to be elected, if the voters can’t take people at their word then why even have elections, those elected will vote not for the people the represent but for their own personal gain.

Kayak, I doubt very much YOU elected Lois Capps. Are you saying YOU voted for her? If not, you have no complaint. You didn’t base your vote on her not running again. But the people who did vote for her wanted her to run again, so she responded and so did the voters. Lois Capps remains in office because a MAJORITY of voters keep electing her to office. She remains in office because she is responding to the will of the people. Thank goodness for democracy!

What is the other reason?

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