Capps’ seat may be endangered

February 19, 2012

Lois Capps

Congresswoman Lois Capps is one of four California Democrats whose congressional seat is considered competitive, according to the Cook Political Report. [Sacramento Bee]

Configuration of Capps’ 23rd Congressional District changed during the recent reapportionment, it having been a relatively safe district for Democrats. Other California minority party incumbents faced with a dogfight are Jim Costa, John Garamendi and Jerry McNerney. Republicans facing serious threats include Dan Lundgren, Gary Miller, Brian Bilbay, Jeff Dunham and Mary Bono.

Many of the 13 California districts are currently held by incumbents.

The Cook report is considered to be an objective analysis of national political trends, according to The Bee.

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The truth is Lois Capps is virtually completely ineffective as a U.S. Congressional member as her vote usually follows Nancy Pelosi and the extreme lefts’ vote (Same is true for Kevin McCarthy on the extreme right). This means no compromise. So when the Democrats controlled the house her vote was in the majority and now that the Republicans control the house her vote is in the minority (I haven’t checked lately to see if she has moderated her vote in order for her to appear more in the center since the new Congressional election district was formed that is not very favorable to an extreme left candidate). In fairness most Congressional members vote down the party line and this makes doing the business of the people of the U.S. almost impossible.

I will vote for the candidate that has the best record of ignoring party affiliation and voting to move their city, county, Country forward in some form of compromise. There are over 300 million people in the U.S. and the idea that either the extreme left or extreme rights’ ideas are correct for all of the U.S. is absurd. We need compromise between these two extremes to move the Country forward and right now it is just not happening. The current U.S. Congress acts like spoiled brats.

Complete Pickle Pudding !

Compromise ? MOST OF representative Capps’ initiatives have BEGUN as watered down half-measures ! Compromises in the first place. !

The ANTI-COMPROMISE party is on ONE side. It is the REPUBLICANS that are intransigent, stubborn bullies. It is the REPUBLICANS that use the anti-democratic FILIBUSTER to obstruct !

It is the ANTI-CIVILIZATION GOP that must be UTTERLY defeated …not merely embarrassed.

These are ANTI-AMERICAN enemies that MUST be totally DESTROYED .

The Republicans of today are the remnants of Confederate TRAITORS .

They were no good 150 years ago, and they are no good today !

The republicans were no good 150 years ago, are you a racist, that was when Lincoln was president.

When Martin L. King was working against racism were you against him, he was a life long Republican.

Down with the haters.

I really hate to do this but what you claim about Dr King is a fabrication a lie not true

Zaphod. See the Washington Post article that explains MLK’s Republican background, his fight against Southern Democrats, and his later voting for Democratic candidates.

Heavy Weight MLK scholar Email

Pulitzer-winning factchecking operation Politifact

this is another elaboration upon the lie you are promoting

This is what the reich-wingers do …lie and pretend they were not on the wrong side of history.

A few of us have to be the ‘Bear Jews’ that correct the record, and make masterpieces in the foreheads of monsters.

The truth has come out and you were busted. So attack the truth

.You can’t read. I made no reference to the LIBERAL Republicans of 150 years ago: Lincoln, Hamlin, Fremont, et al ; but of their ENEMIES ..the Confederate TRAITORS that should have all been tried and hung for TREASON.

If those Confederate traitors HAD been justifiably executed, I would wager that you would not now be making these moronic statements.

it is THEIR great-grandchildren that are the poisonous legacies of slavery and racism that live today in the Republican party.

The demon seeds of Strom Thurmond, Lester Maddox. Jesse Helms.

Martin Luther King jr. was NEVER a Republican …just another FOX lie that stupid people repeat .

MLK’s father, Martin Luther King Sr. was a lifelong Republican …in a different time with a different philosophy. Martin Luther King Jr. was NEITHER a Republican OR Democrat …so STOP LYING, though I doubt you can.

Lying is what you do.

Lois Capps is in no way “extreme left.” Whatisup, you are misleading readers with your false notions being paraded as fact. Don’t we have enough misleading propaganda?

Oh, no, just the fascist NWO, that’s all. Why doesn’t she come out against the criminal FED which is robbing us all? Oh, no! That would challenge the dictates of the NWO, wouldn’t it? Can’t do that!

How about sound money, the gold standard, and end to fiat money? Oh, no, can’t do that! That would challenge the dictates of the NWO, wouldn’t it?

Ron Paul supports decriminalizing marijuana and ending the War on Drugs. Why can’t Lois Capps! Because she and her gd NWO gubmint are in on it, that’s why!

And you base those accusations on what FACTS that we can all agree upon?

And, just for the record, how do you expect Lois Capps, all by herself, with people like you throwing groundless attacks upon her day in and day out. to single-handedly return our nation’s economy back to the gold standard.

Don’t you think you might be expecting sort of a lot? Perhaps a bit unrealistic, don’t you think, Gimlet?

Frankly, I really don’t think you know Lois Capps very well, if you don’t mind me saying so.

Dear Loyal Republicans:

If you want to defeat Lois Capps, please donate generously to Abel Maldonado, Matt Kokkonnen, Don Regan, Jerry Lenthal, and Ronald McDonald. The struggle must continue! Keep those wallets open. Climate change is a myth! War is good for the economy! Taxes must be lowered! The rich must keep getting richer and the poor poorer!

Good idea !

Even better, send out the word that they should go ahead and vote for Elton Gallegly, the current 24th CD rep.

I have found that short attention spans collect in this demographic, and well to be taken advantage of.

The “anti-capitalist mentality” on display, once again.

How so, Gimlet? Please explain. As for myself, I make my living from capitalist pursuits. I’m not against capitalism. I’m against crime. Unfortunately the two are often intertwined. Wouldn’t you agree?

Oh, why do you think a seat is endangered?

Sometimes a member of Congress loses their job because of the restructuring of a district that incorporates new constituencies . Sometimes, they lose their job because of their past voting record that doesn’t sit too well with their constituents. And sometimes , it’s because of a scandal or two.

Lois Capps has represented the extreme left end of her district consistently, vigorously and without prejudice. However, the old district of hippy wagons, occupiers and puff the magic dragon is no more. The new district is forged by folks who want to work and work hard, and support their families and build their communities. They are asking, “who is looking after my economic future and that of my family?”

Oh, complain all you will about Abel… but he is the only one who can get the job done in Washington… that is to say… the job of putting jobs in our communities.

Get over it, dude, it’s all about the economy, stupid.

Roger, it’s NOT “all about the economy” and all your tired, senseless madison avenue political cliche’s that you lard this forum with will not change that. Nor will you insisting we all should depend on the our politiians to be “looking after my economic future an that of my family.”

Roger, its time to stop playing the victim and expecting the government to cure all your personal woes.

It’s also time to stop insisting that we all “work harder” for less money and less access to health care. It’s also time for you to quit with your vicious, bigoted, stereo-typing campaign against those who you so meanly wish to stereo-type as “hippys” , let alone people who happen to use marijuana or drive VW vans.

It’s basically time for you to stop being a selfish, mean hater who sports a phony “have a nice day” smile smeared across your face.

There are these things called human values, honesty and integrity and they trump your “its the economy, stupid” any day of the week.

With good values, honesty and integrity triumphant, the economy will do fine. On the other hand, insisting that the world is all about money, is one of our society’s biggest problems and obstacles and leads to widespread, unnecessary suffering.

Yes, and a free market and the rule of law is what fosters those values. So why don’t we have a free market and the rule of law? I’d say that somebody’s values are twisted.

So…..we live in a warfare/welfare state in which legalized plunder is the norm. Lois Capps is playing ball with these gangsters every day and you believe her memes about goodness, light, beauty, and the ethereal wonders of tatoo removal.

She is the perfect embodiment of the “anti-capitalist mentality.” At the same time, though she is an unabashed supporter of “crony capitalism.”

You offer a lot of worn out, empty cliches, Gimlet, but there is no substance to anything you write. In fact, your response is based on untenable contradictions and misleading statements. For those of us who believe in logic and rational arguments, your statement makes no sense.

You tell us, Gimlet, that Capps supports “crony capitalism” and is simultaneously “anti-capitalist.” Do you honestly not realize the obvious and blatant contradiction in your statement?

You haven’t the feintest idea what I am talking about.

The “anti-capitalist mentality” consists of a bias against laissez-faire capitalism. Lois Capps pushes this bias 24/7 on the people by passing on the propaganda of the power elite which runs this country.

“Crony capitalism” refers to the criminally interlocking relationships between government and private corporations, a vast monopoly which HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LAISSEZ-FAIRE CAPITALISM AND EVERYTHING TO DO WITH CRIME!


Lois Capps is in league with these criminals.

Your conspiracy theory doesn’t hold up in regards to Lois Capps. Gimlet, you’re just making shit up, throwing around buzz words and phrases you copied out of a VonMises tract.

You’re energetic about ranting and attacking the innocent, but you offer nothing worthwhile to improve things, being content to prattle about economic concepts you barely understand. You’re just a dude at a computer screen, pretending that you are the wisest guy in the room. But its all an illusion.

YOU are the one with the perverted imagination. Stop playing with the big boys, sonny, you might get hurt.

Since you brought it up, exactly how old ARE you, Gimlet? And what is it, exactly, that you feel is so “perverted”?

And now you are using this forum to threaten people. Is that supposed to make us believe you more? Is that supposed to raise the level of respect you get on this forum? Is that supposed to help assure us you do not have violent tendencies and morbid fascinations as you contemplate this great conspiracy that leaves you feeling helpless?

Is that supposed to make us more comfortable when we see you continually attacking Lois Capps with ludicrous accusations and insults?

May God bless you, Gimlet.

Fuller of BS than a cow patch. Always ad hominem, aren’t you? Well let me tell you something sonny, the truth about Lois Capps is gonna come out the same way the truth comes out about every corrupt politician under the sun.

Who the hell made you the master of this forum? You are the one who threatens people? I don’t give a good gd whether you agree with what I say or not! Your single opinion doesn’t matter. It’s public opinion overall which matters.

I’ll keep expressing my opinions here whether you like it or not. I’m as sick and tired of the politicians’ lies as the next person. It’s time that they got exposed, and I don’t give a damn whether you or anybody else out there likes it or not!

Lovers of liberty are going to win this information war one way or another. Gd you and your feel good, happy talk politics from Lois Capps!

Gimlet, in reference to your response just of 2/23/2012, 2:32 pm: You just stated in an earlier posting that you weren’t going to debate me anymore because I never say or write anything worth debating. Did you actually mean that and changed your mind, or was it just hyperbole? If its the latter, then I think you owe me an apology, because as your response proves, I do write things worth debating.

I’m not saying you should exit this forum. But I am politely asking your to get real AND apologize to Lois Capps for your unfounded, misleading and insulting accusations you continually spew at her. She most certainly does not deserve that kind of disrespect.

Oh Humbug ! Hackneyed hogwash ! [ in response to rogerfreberg ^^^^ , NOT WiseGuy ].

“Hippy wagons” …what a hilarious stereotype of Babbitry and bigotry !

C’mon Roger …you can come up with a polemic not so contrived , and dare I say ‘modern’ ? You date yourself ( and by that I mean, you REALLY date yourself ) . ..But I digress …

Next thing you know, someone will be Howling at the moon about those darnfangled horseless carriages, those Satanic flying machines, and the dangers of birth control !

Oh, wait !

Be careful what you write, Roger. It could one of your children you find living it up in one of those “hippy wagons.”

BTW, Whoever the original author of the article was would have more credibility if they had cited the correct district.

Lois Capps is running in the newly configured 24th Congressional District in California. NOT the 23rd CD.

Also new this year is the so-called “jungle primary”, orchestrated by none other than Abel Maldonado …one of two Republicans running against Capps; the other being Tea Leaves gadfly Tom Watson.

Maldonado may end up hoisted by his own petard, as only the top two primary candidates proceed to the general election in November.

“Maldonado may end up hoisted by his own petard”

Now that would be funny!

Like I said I’ll wait to see which republicans run before I commit my vote. I wonder if Sam Blakeslee is thinking about running.

For all those who are considering donating money to candidates running against Lois Capps:

You might as well just be throwing your money into the county trash dump, the same place where all those Republican campaign signs will end up as soon as Lois Capps once again secures her re-election.

Honestly, any candidate who runs against Capps is doing it only for their own publicity and parties for themselves, paid for by suckers who actually think they are contributing to someone who will beat Capps.

This happens over and over again. Hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted by foolish Republican pawn voters who enrich failing candidates and their political consultants. What a complete scam! If you are a Republican you would be better off DIRECTLY contributing to campaigns to destroy the environment, get the U.S. involved in more wars, and put more guns on the streets. Eliminate the middle man.

Another interesting thing about Abel was that he had to turn down a position in the Bush administration because he wouldn’t survive being vetted by the FBI. He said he was turning the job down because he didn’t want to be separated from his wife and children. This was shortly before he got caught with his girlfriend, which is the reason his marriage ended. Mr

Family values!

Hit and run much?

No I just know things about Abel that make me believe it would be a terrible thing to see him in congress, or any other position of trust or honor.

No, I just know things about Abel that make me believe it would be a terrible thing to see him in congress, or any other position of trust or honor.

My vote depends on who the republican is. If its Maldonado I will be voting for Lois, because at least I know what I’m getting.

Abel is the spoiled child of an immigrant who made his money running marijuana into the central coast in the 1970’s. The family farm is still involved with this type of activity. In 2010 the cops busted an illegal grow in their farm

Of course the illegals who were tending the grow ran off and were never found. Abel and his family are too shady even for congress.

and with posts like this, ^, this place has turned into a shit-hole

Crude language and nonsensical comments turn this into a dump, not the thoughtful comments starting two above mine.

Truth hurts sometimes.. And when it does we often respond with rude behavior..

When the truth hurts people often lash out.

There was nothing reported in the Santa Maria Times about an illegal grow on their farm. They were cited for some minor offense. Is there any proof of your accusation?

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s crime reports. The raid was in early October of 2010. The Maldonado for Lt. Gov. campaign reached out to the Santa Maria Times not to run a story.

I will vote for just about anyone who runs against her, she is a very ineffective politician. (Of course my real reason is because she’s a woman).

Oh, yeah? Would you care to spell out specifically in what areas you claim Lois Capps has been “ineffective” in? (Other than her efforts to prevent the U.S. from going to war in Iraq.)

jobs… and then there is jobs… oh yeah, the economy … and then there is business… did I say jobs?

Roger, you can’t expect the government to provide all the jobs. Playing the victim won’t get you anywhere. It’s time you took responsibility rather than blaming all your ills on government, let alone a single, honest female politician named Lois Capps.

Wiseguy, we all know that you are a long time supporter of Capps. What are her accomplishments in Congress?

See my comments above.

What more do YOU want Lois Capps to do? If you, like other right wingers here, expect her to single-handedly turn the economy around, I think you are being unrealistic. And I happen to think the Tattoo removal program was a good one, as it saved tax payer money, lessened the number of criminals on the street, and helped people get their lives in better order. Not surprised the rightwingers find fault with that. Sad.

By the way Roger, no offense, but my question was to “shelworth”. (I already pretty much know what you are going to say, and based on your past postings, I can do fine without them, as I find them mostly senseless, illogical, selfish, ego-centric, narcissistic, misleading, poorly thought-out and valueless.)

Does rogerfreberg repeat himself redundantly ?

“Rainman” much, roger ?

Any specifics Roger? For those (maybe you) who whine incessantly about ‘regulation’ I wonder how much you value the health of your family (in case you are so crude as to only care about them). Clean air, clean water, safe business practices, safe tires on our cars and on and on are what all these ‘senseless’ regulations attempt to bring us. Would you cancel all that for a few jobs, or a few more bucks in your pocket?

Supporting the NWO (New World Order). That says it all.

No, actually, that says next to nothing. Watch: NWO. (It don’t mean crap, except in your mind where it apparently “says it all”.

Get real, please.

Who the hell gave YOU the keys to this forum?

They were there for the taking, Gimlet. I thought you understood that. Much appreciation to Cal Coast News and its sponsors! Thank you all! Welcome to the New World Order.

Spoken like a true fascist. You and Lois Capps deserve each other. You are the one living in a dream world and you are on a fool’s errand.

Down with the FED! Down with Lois Capps! Down with the NWO!

No, wrong again Gimlet. I am adamantly opposed to fascism. Let’s make that clear, OK. I in no way wish to promote fascism. I, in fact, publicly denounce fascism. Is that clear enough for you?

You needn’t apologize, but please, in the future I would appreciate it if you stick to the truth. Thanks!

It s time for change. That means a fresh perspective in office. Lois Capps has enjoyed the ride long enough. Time to get out that new broom and elect a new vision. Clearly our old one isn’t working.

Danika, it’s easy to spout all those cliche’s about a “fresh perspective”, but why don’t you tell us who, exactly, should we vote for who would have a more fresh and honest perspective than the Honorable Lois Capps?

As far as I can tell, Lois Capps has done an excellent job as our representative in Congress. The fact that she is a rarity in Congress by the fact that she has not been embroiled in scandal, is icing on the cake.

Frankly, I don’t see anyone campaigning for Capps seat who looks like they would do a better job or bring any kind of healthy “fresh perspective” to the job. Do you?

Somebody more like Ron Paul.

Anyone who isn’t Lois is a good bet.

Like who, Danika? All you are telling us is that you don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about and can’t even offer up a viable alternative candidate. That says a lot! I don’t even think you know Lois Capps well or the nature of her job enough to have a handle on what you are trying to discuss. You’ve just gotten into this sheepish, hostile right wing mindset where you feel like you are doing something worthwhile by attacking people for no good reason.

Maybe there ISN’T anybody who can approach things in this race like a Ron Paul. Too bad.

Sometimes you need to face reality, Gimlet. There is only one Ron Paul, and I don’t think he will be saving the world any time soon.