Court cancels gay marriage ban

February 8, 2012

A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled California’s ban on same-sex marriages unconstitutional Tuesday, saying the ban “lessens the status and human dignity” of gays.

The court allowed time for proponents of the ban to file an appeal before the decision takes the force of law. Spokesmen for one such group, the Alliance Defense Fund, said an appeal would be forthcoming to the 9th Circuit’s full complement.

The justices said the ban singles out one group of people for different treatment with no particular reason.  California is the only state in the Union to grant gays the right to marry, only to rescind that decision. Voters passed the initiative in 2008, and court battles have occurred since.

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Who cares…

There are much bigger problems facing this nation and state. I don’t care if Bob wants to live with Bill or Mary loves Sue, that is their own damn business… There is far too much time, money and resources being spent on this issue.

I’m alright with or without the ban (and I do understand the differences between the church and state’s concerns) but heard what was probably a joke, and that was: If gay marriage is based on sexual preference, why not include bi-sexual, a threesome preference, its already happening but not legal.

Could this possibly happen in the future?

It’s 2012 and the name of the game is litigation………….costly, time consuming, yet the now accepted practice as noted by TV commercials and full page ads.

Remember the 9th circuit is the worst court in the country for being overturned.

This is headed to the Supreme Court, along with the litigation from Utah about having multiple wives, same principal.

Personally I wish the Supreme Court would rule in favor of both as I do not care either way and we can get back to worrying about more important items.

Though I don’t agree with the ban, I do wonder what is happening to our voting voice. The voters spoke when they passed Prop 8, and now judges not elected by the voters have overturned that vote. The ban’s constitutionality should have been questioned and answered before it was put to the voters. The question to pose here: does your vote really count anymore?

There is a problem when the majority votes to take away the rights of the minority. The fact that the courts stepped in indicates the system works some of the time.

I agree, it should have never went to a vote. It’s a constitutional issue and should have been seen as a right a long time ago. It’s not a question of votes counting though. Votes count, it’s just this was a constitutional issue, it just took time for people to understand that and I’m not sure that they even get that now. I will admit though that there have been times when it seems like votes didn’t matter such as when Gore had the votes to beat Bush. But usually they do count IMO and I can’t think of a better way of doing things,,other me telling everyone how things should be :)

Another loss for the President in the courts.

Next up Obamacare.

Huh? How was this a loss for Obama in the courts?

The President has always been against same sex marriage, that has always been his official position, it is also the official position of the Sec. State Mrs. Clinton

strange but true “….now I’m about to agree with Dick Cheney. But I think Vice President Cheney’s position on gay marriage is the right one.”HRC.

While I applaud the decision, I am saddened that not all three judges agreed; Prop 8 was a clear violation of the Constitution in that no one has the ability to take away an already granted right.