Support for chief swells

February 8, 2012

Photo by Richard Bastian

A majority of speakers at last night’s Paso Robles City Council meeting voiced  support for Police Chief Lisa Solomon amidst allegations of retaliation and sexual misconduct leveled by a half dozen current and former employees.

Prior to opening the council chamber meeting room doors, city staffers placed reserved signs on the first four rows of public seats which were then primarily occupied by city employees and Solomon supporters. A half an hour before the meeting was slated to begin, the council room was filled to capacity and city staffers began telling people attempting to attend that they needed to listen to the meeting in a hallway or reception area.

While more than 200 people chose to stay, many others left before or shortly after the meeting began. Of those who remained, nine spoke in favor of the chief while only three questioned her service to the community. No one mentioned the allegation of sexual misconduct or retaliation.

Several of the speakers seemed ill prepared with one man saying, “I do not know what I am supposed to say,” while looking at an audience member behind him. Shortly afterwards, he left the podium, but first stopped to tell the audience member, “I am sorry.”

While most of the speakers praised the chief as a good friend and neighbor, several attendees  standing outside the meeting room questioned her ethics. One former friend of Solomon’s, who said she dated a member of a band Solomon sang with, voiced concerns about Solomon’s behavior while entertaining in the evenings and serving as a police commander during the day.

“She would end her show by strutting across the bar top at the Paso Robles Inn singing “Let’s give them something to talk about,” Wendy McIntire said. “At that time she was a police lieutenant.”

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If an official like Solomon is fired for cause, does that person suffer any pension loss?

80% of the “community” salivate.

No. Time is accrued by years in service. That is not taken away if termination occurrs. Time on the job is time on the job.

The answer is …it depends.

If a case involves serious, i.e. criminal charges, a forfeiture of pension is sometimes a part of sentencing. Often, a pension forfeit is part of a plea agreement to avoid incarceration.

If there is a financial interest involved in allegations and/or violations ( bribery, extortion, embezzlement … ) ; then it is practically prerequisite.

BUT, we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

What I have learned so far from all this:

Allegations are Allegations not proof

If you take a risk and write something in this forum, you can be called names, feel intimated, and other things.

That everyone has an opinion just like certain body parts, myself included

That you can incite, write alot of stuff in a forum demanding for change, so on and so forth and not show up, which in turn means there will be no change

Most importantly I have learned that no matter what side you were on, it brought a lot of people together at a City Council meeting and hopefully that in itself shows people want change.

That I can still remain neutral. Waiting for facts before I make a judgement. Again, I am grateful for the Articles that have been written, it raised awareness and has brought people together, from all sides, those for, those against, and those like me still undecided. Thank you CCN for that I hope that we do get to hear all sides of the story, and again Peace to all the one name that I was called that I really like is LoveChild…If I want change, I need to be accountable

So did anyone see the Tribs FRONT page article about this, this morning title Special Report? The thing I think was interesting was the first few paragraghs on the front page. They outlne her loaded gun issue, the rise in gang activity last Sept. and the lawsuit filed last week over ticket quotes.

Now here is where I about fell out of my chair. The next paragraph quote

“Sush issues raise the question: Can Soloman effectively lead the Department”.

Yes boys and girls there it is. To Paso Native and all the others (sewer gas at Trib are you listening) bashing those of us here voiceing an OPINION of WHY isn’t she on paid admin. leave while this is going on, here your beloved central coast Journal the Trib you hold so dear, is posting the question that I and I assume others feel. So what do you say now Native? Do we have the right to ask for anything? Do we have the write to ask for quality? I DO live in Paso. Have for 32 years. I think I have earned an OPINION on our Chief, if there looks like improprities. Again I’m not saying she is guilty BUT with the points the Trib brought up, MOST administrators in this kind of position would have been put on leave. To not do otherwise leaves the impression to the masses that the law, is above the law.

True dirt folks. Lisa and Chris filed bankruptcy in April 2008 where they claimed they had no inventory left. They had 1 mil in liabilities and 500k in assets. They are required by law to list ALL their creditors when they still have assets but they did not. This is illegal. It was also illegal to still have inventory in their possession in spring of 2009 that should have been turned over to the courts a year prior. They lied and they know it. They broke the law and they know it. And we should trust her now?

Standup, you have recourse.

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