Paso Robles claims the computer did it

February 28, 2012
Photograph by Daniel Blackburn

Iris Yang – Photograph by Daniel Blackburn


Paso Robles city officials have repeatedly provided conflicting crime statistics and falsified documents in an apparent attempt to bolster claims the city’s crime rate is down.

While Police Chief Lisa Solomon continues her claim that crime has been reduced under her leadership, she now admits that crime statistics she provided CalCoastNews three weeks ago were inaccurate.

And the city’s contract attorney, Iris Ping Yang, is alternately blaming a city computer, the state Department of Justice (DOJ) and unintentional human error for the string of factual discrepancies.

Solomon, faced with questions about the accuracy of data she has been providing CalCoastNews and other local media, provided a new set of numbers this week.

Crime statistics provided earlier this month by her department appeared to demonstrate that overall crime rates were relatively high before she became chief —  and significantly lower after she became the city’s top cop. That information spanned the period from 2002 to 2011 and created the appearance that crime is down 11.7 percent under her watch.

A CalCoastNews story reported that Uniform Crime Report (UCR) numbers Solomon said she delivered to the Department of Justice and the FBI did not match data reported by city officials to the DOJ. Yang blamed a new computer system for some of the problems, and indicted the DOJ for not properly inputting audited information sent them years ago by Paso Robles police.

In an email, Yang said police department staff had located the “original hard copies” of the UCRs the police department had sent the DOJ, and included those in an attachment.

“In order to obtain the most accurate information, Chief Solomon had records personnel retrieve the original hard copies from 2002 to 2011, which are enclosed pursuant to your request,” Yang wrote in the email.

However, those “hard copy” forms contain numerous discrepancies, both in crime data and in standard reporting information. On several, one being a 2002 crime report, Solomon is listed as chief even though she was not made chief until 2007. In addition, the individual whose name appears as author of several of the reports did not even work for the department during the year the report was sent to the DOJ.

Yang explained the errors by reversing her original claim that the documents were “hard copies,” now asserting that a computer scrambled data when forms were retrieved.

Terry Francke, the director of CalAware and an authority on the freedom of information laws, said that it is a crime to falsify public records and for public officials to knowingly lie in emails.

“Government code Section 6200 makes it a crime to falsify public records,” Francke said. “If it is the official charged with custody of that record falsifies it, it is a felony, if it is done by someone else, it is a misdemeanor. It is also a misdemeanor for a public official to make a statement in writing that he or she knows is false.”

If Solomon used data she knew to be inaccurate to apply for federal or state monies, the procurement could also result in criminal prosecution.

Some errors CalCoastNews reported originally, such as large discrepancies in the number of burglaries reported, have now been corrected by city officials. The numbers now mirror those reported to the DOJ. Still, in other years, crime totals have veered even further from what the DOJ said the city reported.

For example, Solomon claimed three weeks ago that in 2006, one year before she became chief, there were a total of 1,092 crimes in Paso Robles,  just two more than the DOJ’s report of 1,090. Today she insists that number is actually 1,127.


Let me count the ways, and this is just the stuff we know of:

1. Rubs Breasts in PRPD Offficers face while he is on-duty in a bar open to the public

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7. Fails to report violations of City Policy and CA Law to Admin. while on City Paid Retreat and asks

her command staff to do the same (certainly an ethical decision)

8. Accused of furthering a Traffic Citation Quota even after notification from a concerned officer

9. Accused of retaliation against the officer reporting to her the Unlawful Traffic Quota

10. Lawsuit filed against PR City from officer that tried to report Unlawful Traffic Quota to the Chief

11. Lawsuit filed against PR City from sgt. accusing Chief of sexual assault

12. Chief accused of padding stats in her favor during her tenure as Chief

13. City attorney says the stat errors were a computer problem (but FBI and DOJ received correct

stats from same computer). WTF Iris????

14. Jim App appears on KPRL wearing cheerleaders outfit and holding pompoms and yelling, “Go

Lisa go, go Lisa go”! When female caller asks why Solomon is not on Admin Leave, App

replies, “That’s my girl!”

15. When App gets back to city hall after KPRL visit, he calls for a mandatory “All Admin Staff

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becomes really boring and App calls for Solomon to attend!!!!!!!!!

OK people you just can’t make all of this shit up! For example who do you believe? The Sgt. or the Lt. that got his package checked by Solomon while in the spa, or the command staff that failed to report such an incident? HUMMM!

This is not a conspiracy against Chief Solomon because you just can’t bring all these people together on such short notice and concoct such events as we have seen unfold here recently.

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16. Leaves *loaded* gun in *unlocked* car & gun gets stolen. Does not report incident until Atasc PD notifies her that they have her gun. This *alone* should’ve gotten the singing chief fired years ago.

17. Has out-of-wedlock child with subordinate. Also an ethical no-no in LEO profession.


#18 Bankrupts a business and lies to the Federal Bankruptcy court about inventory on hand when they still had it.

#19 Did not disclose all creditors to the bankruptcy court as required by law when you have assets.

#20 For being the worst police chief in Paso Robles’ history


You forgot one. She also gave Jim App a lap dance for his birthday during a manager’s meeting at city hall.


Oh, puke. The people in PR city hall are SICK.


Are you sure about #11?,”Lawsuit filed against PR City from sgt. accusing Chief of sexual assault”

If true, then this will be the only way the truth about sexual misconduct will be revealed to the publc.


Yes, a claim for damages has been filed! Once the city denies claim the lawsuit will immediately be filed. This will never go to trial and will be settled out of court because of the embarrassment it will cause to App, Solomon and the Council!

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I honestly hope the plaintive does the honorable/right thing and refuses to settle. If something like this went to trial, Solomon and App and others would be gone…


You said it , and yet SHE IS STILL THERE WTF


0. Fails to register her handgun and fails to report it stolen. Keeps job because Atascadero PD fails to arrest her and App fails to can her.

Mr. Holly

This is like blaming the deceased. The computer can’t talk back or let alone be subpoened to go to court and tell us all the truth.

Cooking the books seems to be the norm anymore. Look what it has done to the economy and how many people it has financially wiped out. Solomon probably cooked the books on her t-shirt business also.

Solomon has to be the only one in the County who thinks crime has gone done in Paso Robles. That alone should wave the flag in front of the City Council to get rid of Solomon for providing false information to the public and for App he should go also for letting it happen.

I think the stink hole has been fixed and now it’s time to clean-up the inside of city hall.


and we thought the stink near City Hall was from the sulphur hole!


Aside from the Hillary Clinton meltdown photo, this is the most frightening photo i’ve ever seen. I searched for eyeball tourniquets online, but the technology isn’t there. The seconds I spent viewing it are lost forever, and that image will haunt me to my grave.


That’s not the face of someone with a clear conscience. I am troubled by her appearance…


It is amazing that this still is going on , WHY have they not all been put on unpaid leave till this BS is sorted out , just goes to show its not who you know its who you BL–


Does anybody else out there see the complete and total disconnect citizens have in the process of our government. Our public servants are free to subvert government anyway to suit their personal interest or some special interest.

City hall is infested with all these so called public servants with paper clubs (volumes and volumes of overbearing rules and regulations) they beat us over the heads with on a daily basis.

But, they are free interpret the rules any way to suit their personal agendas or subvert the laws with impunity.

The they get away with this lawlessness because there is no repercussions to their behavior.

The system of government has been subverted to the point where citizens have no say (in real time) in the business of our government.

We have all watched this lawlessness over the years. Citizens speak up about the injustices, and before you know it all just get swept under the rug and disappears, relegated to the trash bins of history. Allowing our public servants to move on to the next soap opera.

While this CCN web site is providing an invaluable resource for reporting the truth, WE really need to figure out someway to take the truth to the next level of involvement.

I have recently read of stories about:

Citizens in LA have put rules in place that forces local school boards to finally act in the best interest of the parents and students not for special interests. (The regulators have 30 days to respond to citizens demands)

A town in florida where citizens have set up a board to hear of complaints of unlawful activities by public servants and can be fined or fired by the citizen board if found guilty.

Recently the citizens of San Jose put a law on the books that would allow the citizens actually vote to remove the city manager.

Some of you may be more familiar with some of these subjects than I am, But this is the direction our discussions need to go.

Do any of you regulars to these discussions have any Ideas on how to do this?

I have started to develop a list of Email addresses of like minded citizens that want to make change in our city government. (

The next elections are coming, WE need to get to work.


Iris Yang–a picture of pure evil. Quick, someone tell me that the picture shown is just an unflattering pose, please.

How much are we paying her to deceive us? I bet we could get a local attorney to deceive us at a lower price, and possibly, just think about it, get an honest local attorney to represent our interests at a lower price.


Although I would never do it, every time I see that photo I just want to slap its face.


“Iris Yang–a picture of pure evil. Quick, someone tell me that the picture shown is just an unflattering pose, please.” <— I felt the EXACT same way! That photo is not merely a product of genetics. It gives me the willies…


Wait … one of the BEST LAWYERS IN AMERICA:


Pffft. If the likes of lisa solomon can make Yang look like a nincompoop, Yang cannot be the “best” attorney.


I get a distinct feeling the trials and tribulations of Lisa Solomon are gonna get worse. Her support base is gonna cry mutiny out of self preservation.


Wow, Iris. That is some serious cross talk. You make the City of Bell proud. I seriously doubt the computer made any errors. the only error at this point is the city manager is still employed. Step up to the plate city council. Three of you will not be there come next election for your sheepish attitude with all this. I too listed to App on the radio. What a putz. There is no doubt who wears the pants in his family.


Her photo clearly communicates two things: smug, hostile.