Police raid massage parlors

February 18, 2012

A sweep of nine massage parlors located in San Luis Obispo County failed to produce any arrests for prostitution amidst numerous complaints from concerned residents. [Tribune]

Paso Robles police and federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents checked the immigration status of the employees at five massage shops in Paso Robles. At one shop, officers discovered lacey negligees, hand sanitizer, baby oil and mouth wash, but no evidence of prostitution.

In other shops, it appeared some of the employees were illegally living on the premises. Owners were warned of the violation, but not cited.

In an unusual move, Paso Robles police allowed Tribune photographers and reporters to cover a post-enforcement briefing other members of the media were not informed of.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies and ICE agents preformed similar sweeps at two massage businesses in Atascadero, one in Nipomo and one in Los Osos.


Huh!? I’m really just… baffled. See in most businesses, if you did your job this poorly, no one would take you seriously. How about some kind of investigation prior to the raids, maybe get some GENUINE probable cause first. So now we’re just doing raids solely based on the suspicions of uptight neighbors? Let’s not just raid one or two either, let’s raid as many as we can. And this kind of behavior is basically ok to the vast majority of people?

It’s interesting how the Tribune entitled this story “Raids of massage businesses in SLO County are mostly a warning.” Right there in black and white is says that now law enforcement is doing raids just to shake things up a bit and keep people in check. And yet if asked whether we live in a free or a totalitarian country most people would insist it was free (or “freer” than anywhere else). That’s some pretty amazing cognitive dissonance (and/or brain washing). Well goodbye Weimar II and hello Fourth Reich.


Mkaney makes a very interesting point when he says “… if asked whether we live in a free or a totalitarian country most people would insist it was free (or ‘freer’ than anywhere else).”

That harkens me back to the book “They Thought They Were Free” by Milton Mayer, in which he reports his interviews of ten citizens of the former Third Reich. The title says it all: “They Thought They Were Free.”

Mkaney’s well-placed concern about the apparent state of anomie hereabouts concludes with his cautionary observation “Well goodbye Weimar II and hello Fourth Reich.” That’s a very pertinent warning- maybe, folks, it’s time to take another look at Mayer’s book. In case you’re not familiar with it, here’s an excerpt that can give you a good idea of Mayer’s findings:


Far too much to try to address in a simple blog reply, it’s not an easy read, and it’s got nothing to do with massage parlors. But it has everything to do with paying attention to what your government is doing and why and how they’re doing it- both on a micro- and a macro- scale.


This is just a ploy to take the HEAT off the chief , the trib is GOOD bird cage liner


Trouble in River City



Finally, the mystery unfolds. To you posters who savaged Chief Lisa; hang your head it shame. Don’t you get it? The hot tub incident was deep cover training for this dangerous mission into the nefarious world of shiatsu massage. By groping at the apex of those officer’s mobility Lisa was able to better understand the steamy underbelly of this rapacious industry. For the first time in months I’ll sleep better knowing Lisa has a firm grasp on this problem.


GAWD, so well put!

Ted Slanders

Relating to the Tribune link, it was stated; “Several local business people said the rumors about massage businesses are hurting the downtown’s image.”

Huh? Isn’t the Paso Police Department located at 900 Park Street and considered downtown, and where the infamous Lisa Solomon resides? Within the same context, then both the massage parlors and Lisa’s shenanigans, that are both “alleged”, are giving the downtown section a bad name! Are the local business people upset about Lisa too in this respect?

Also within the Tribune link, it was said that the PRPD are working on a new city ordinance, or should it be the City Council, nonetheless, they’re working towards the massage parlor therapists being licensed by California for the specific work that they do. Really? Does this hold true to the alleged illegal workers that are mentioned within the Tribunes thread at Home Depot as well?

You know, making sure that these workers are licensed for the work that they specifically could do, i.e., plumbing repair, electrical, masonry work, etc. Furthermore, shouldn’t the police be checking their immigration status in the same vein as the massage therapists in question? Or, does the cheap labor they provide for the Paso population trump this type of action, and is only to be given to the massage parlor therapists instead?

Oh, lest we forget, these questionable illegal workers around Home Depot should also be subject to “certain clothing requirements” as the police want the massage therapists to follow in the Tribune article. I am sure that this would include no cut off jeans and no bare chests exposed in the summer time. In this way, Mrs. Robinson won’t be perusing them in an ungodly manner as they perform their work!

Of course the PRPD is going to give the Tribune Carte Blanche subsequent to these “soft raids” on these parlors and not let the “other news sources” know about them., duh. Especially since CCN has been raking Lisa Solomon over the proverbial hot coals of late. Furthermore, the Tribune needs a foot up in their reporting to try and save face and act like a REAL news source!

PRPD, don’t be hypocritical, what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander! Investigate your own nest FIRST and FOREMOST before you spend the time and money on these raids that you admit are not top priority.


Jeeheebus Ted, That’s the most righteous post I’ve ever read by you. Bless you!


“Also within the Tribune link, it was said that the PRPD are working on a new city ordinance, or should it be the City Council, nonetheless, they’re working towards the massage parlor therapists being licensed by California for the specific work that they do. Really? Does this hold true to the alleged illegal workers that are mentioned within the Tribunes thread at Home Depot as well? ”


Doubtful. The FBI agents sat in a room with a woman who many have accused of illegal sexual acts upon males, and were unwilling to take her into custody.

I think prostitution is going to continue to flourish in Paso Robles. The city, and now FEDERAL, government isn’t ethically or morally equipped to handle it.


Not surprising that the only peter pulling allowed in PR is done under police supervision!


Yeah, and the FBI agents couldn’t find the accused perp, even when they were sitting in the same danged room with her, and after weeks of media and message-board discussion of it.


I’m overjoyed to see our local LE doing some real police work for a change. Wow, in the face of massive white collar crime and low level drugs and violent crime that are just silly constructs of a misinformed ‘press’ now we see our best and brightest doing some necessary clean up of the scourge of our county.

I feel safe in my little bed at night knowing that along with jailing innocent medical ganga gangsters our cop people are ‘doing the right thing’ in discovering hand cleaner and baby oil at massage parlors. Did ICE and the FBI help in exposing these local atrocities?


Chief Lisa & Jim App obviously have an “understanding” w/the Tribune. The New Times & Cal Coast News pi$$ed them off by doing some REAL reporting so of course they’ll get shut out of any police briefings

Look for more Trib fluff pieces in the future: Breaking News– “Chief Lisa Sings At Senior Bingo Game” and Biz Buzz–“Chief Lisa Models Lingerie for Local Plus-Size Shop”. These kind of idiotic articles will be about the only things the Trib will publish about their golden girl Lisa Solomon Chitty.


Yes, it seems like there are a lot of hand-jobs going around in the City of Paso Robles, including the one delivered to the Tribune by the PRPD and PR City Council.


Now if the PRPD could just use the same effort on cracking down on the drug deals in the city.


sad isn’t it? Frankly, I don’t care if an adult male wants to get a massage. As long as no minors are involved, it’s a non-issue to me. But the increase in drug and gang activity in Paso—THAT is what Chief Lisa should be focusing on. This latest massage parlor bust was an obvious publicity stunt to try to show people that Chief Lisa’s in control; She’s tough on crime. what a joke!


I don’t think she likes the competition.


By “drug deals” I assume you mean those dangerous revolutionaries selling medical marijuana — not the harmless meth crowd. If you didn’t, you should make yourself more clear because many cops in this county would assume your approval for their preferred targets of SWAT team training sessions.


By drug deals I mean drug deals. Meth is a classified a drug so therefore, it would be included in my statement. Furthermore, I believe my previous posts on the subject of drug deals pretty much speak to your comment.


Stupid is as stupid does !!!!!!!!!

The Police allowed the Tribune into a briefing prior to the raids? What if the raid got compromised accidently or otherwise due to the info getting leaked? Maybe thats why they didn’t catch anyone in the act. This is outright stupid on law enforcements part.

The Tribune was the only one invited to the briefing? Gee I wonder why …. Could it be because they have been glossing over Lisa Solomon’s antics. I guess the Trib is every bit as unethical and unprofessional as Solomon.

I have been getting several unsolicited calls to subscribe to the Tribune. I tell the caller that I wont subscribe unless they clean up their business model and begin acting in the interest of the public.


The name for this FBI failure should have been “OPERATION: EGO PROP FOR CHIEF SOLOMON.

The irony—the only evidence of a woman, while on the job, groping a man’s hoo-hoo is by the Chief of Police, yet the FBI agents were so clueless they couldn’t even identify her when they were in the same room with her.