Woman sexually assaulted at Pismo Beach hotel

February 11, 2012

A woman was allegedly sexually assaulted at the Pismo Beach Motel 6 early Friday morning, police said.

A local hospital examined the woman who was allegedly assaulted by an acquaintance, however no one is in custody.

This recent sexual assault is the second violent crime reported during the past few months at the Pismo Beach Motel 6. In late January, police arrested a Grover Beach man and charged him with attempted murder after he allegedly shot at a victim in a December drug deal gone bad.

Pismo Beach police are continuing to investigate yesterday’s sexual assault.

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By the way, what’s the definition du jour of “sexual assault”.

what’s the definition du jour of “sexual assault”.

Most are, simply because of gender difference, there are a few I’m sure want it or some wish it to be.

When I was a child Motel 6 was a great bargain and very clean. Same goes for the Greyhound Bus service……………it’s been a downhill bumpy road and what were once respectable middle class businesses have turned into a service many middle class families dread to use. Regardless, a crime is a crime no matter where it takes place.

“woman was allegedly sexually assaulted “

“woman who was allegedly assaulted by an acquaintance”


I need a photo of the victim before I can have closure it was sexual!

25 years ago, my co-worker heard a woman scream, he ran out to rescue, she was the ugliest looking guerrilla I have ever seen (I swear), it for sure was not a sexual assult!

Youwould NOT want to hear what my state co-worker and the female state manager (who also went to the rescue) had to say in private.

” she was the ugliest looking guerrilla I have ever seen (I swear), it for sure was not a sexual assault!”

Willie, that was a horrible thing to say and frankly not that smart. Sexual assault isn’t always about being pretty or ugly. Besides that, what might be attractive you might be ugly to someone else. That being said, even though it’s called ‘sexual assault’ it’s not so much of a sexual thing as it is just an act of violence against women, it has nothing to do with sex even when they’re raped. It’s done out of hatred, it’s an act of violence against women in general, usually not even about the victim or how she looks (of course there are exceptions). Sex isn’t about hate, sex is good, perhaps there should be another name for sexual assault. But in this case I really don’t know what it was. I just wanted to say something about your mean statement.


My co-worker at the time said “If she ever came back again, I am just calling the police and tell them to wear hazmat before they get here.

One of our neighbor state investigator heard that the local police received a call of a nude woman in public (partical description same as that dansel in distress) he said several police units quickly responded to the scene, and immediately fled the scene.

I am relatively certain, it was originally a bad street drug case gone bad and not a sexual assult.

For crying out loud – it’s obviously the woman’s fault for being at that motel? If she had been assaulted at the Cliffs by the same aquaintance, then it would be a different story? C’mon.

It’s a pretty seedy motel. That place and the other one,,think it’s called the Rose Inn or something like that off of 5 Cities Dr. look like a junkie hang outs.

The other one? I think the other one is just called Pismo beach.