Rob Bryn, sheriff’s voice, dies

March 1, 2012

A longtime law enforcement spokesman, Rob Bryn,  died today, according to friends. He was the public information officer for the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department.

No other information regarding Bryn’s death was made available. He commented to local media only yesterday about an outbreak of influenza at the county jail. CalCoastNews will provide additional data as it becomes available.

Rob Bryn – Photo by Daniel Blackburn

Kevin Rice

RE: the photo

To those trying to make an issue of out this:

What if it’s the only photo CalCoastNews has? Should CalCoast steal KSBY’s photo? Should CalCoast publish no photo? Maybe CalCoast took a dozen photos during a speech and this was the best one? Perhaps the rest had squinty eyes, goofy expressions or were blurred or looking away? I’ve taken photos during speeches and this is exactly what happens. It is difficult and the speaker isn’t likely to pose for a photographer.

Does the Sheriff’s office have a better photo that is offered? Not that I can find.

So, yes, the photo should be nicer, but what would you all suggest if there is no nicer photo available?

I suggest that if you have a nice photo, forward it to CalCoast and I bet it would be used. Otherwise, this is a non-issue.


Hmm, OT,,okay I get it.


Didn’t know him, except as mentioned at times in the news. Never met him.

But, it is sad that he went so suddenly. That would be the way I would choose; but I am sure that there are persons this man loved and cared for, and that felt the same way to him, that they would want time for last goodbyes.

Condolences to friends and family …and be good to each other.


Condolences for the loss to his family and friends. Blessings.


He’s now with his great Dad. I’m sure his job was full of stress.

Jack L

About 50% of people who suffer their first MI die straight away. I hope I do the same. I do not like the thought of lingering in medical purgatory. Rob believed in his work even if outnumbered at times………..RIP.


Thanks Jack for what you said ” Rob believed in his work ..” Thats what I thought as soon as I saw his picture he looks like serious hard boiled police detective to me. I appreciate an authentic photo of the guy on the job it is beautiful way to remember him for what he actually contributed, good work Dan!


Sorry to hear about this. I don’t think that CCN could have used a more unflattering picture.


Rob Bryn has never liked CCN. Take a look at that photo, he is looking straight at the camera knowing that Dan is attempting to snap his picture. What do you want CCN to do, photo shop the thing?


I don’t believe any one expects flattery from CCN this is exactly what journalism looks like


I loved his adhesion to his pedo bear theory, RIP Bryn you will be missed.


Oh no, you’re making me laugh…….

The Tribune is reporting that Parkinson sent the deputies to check on him after he failed to report to work or call in. The deputies found him in his bathroom apparently having dropped after he got out of the shower.

They are calling his passing due to natural causes. It sounds like a heart attack to me. This is sad and again, my condolences.


Let’s be thankful they didn’t dress his corpse in a softball uniform and claim that he was on the clock when he passed ala Chief Callahan…


Will there be a celebration of Mr. Bryn’s life at the PAC like they had for Chief Callahan? I suspect they could rustle-up some Cal Fire apparatus for the event.


Classless. Twice.

You have a life. Mr. Bryn no longer does. Please make better use of yours.

Thank you.


This is a shock as we all just heard from him yesterday. In fact yesterday seemed like a day not unlike other days, where Rob was reporting and CCN was questioning his accuracy! I’ll stop right there and say…..

My condolences to his family, close friends and all who loved him, this is indeed a very sad day for them and may he rest in peace.


RIP even though I didn’t like your style many times…