Birth Control, cartoon

March 12, 2012

CalCoastNews is now including work by San Luis Obispo cartoonist Joseph Rankin. Check out his work at the Kranky Cartoonist.


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Meh. Seems like this one was phoned in. I like better wit in my political cartoons. Something more… clever. This is just a cop-out, throwing red meat to the lefties. Oh well, here’s hoping for better next time around.

Maybe he could do a cartoon featuring Bobby Kennedy’s heroin bust and his subsequent babbling about global warming.

Why? What would be the point?


You present a false dichotomy. For every monster fascist that society appropriately does away with, we kill an equal number of innocent people ?

I don’t think so.

I say we kill as many fascist, reactionary goons as we can…and eliminate them from civilization and mucking up things.

screw balance, I want the truth,,,,. not dead people and what they did and said before they

died not very funny and who cares , but watching rush rot has been a spectacle like Joe McCarthy or Mary Kay Latourneau’s father John Schmitz they each excelled in demagoguery and dontopedalogy

“Balance” There isn’t always a “yin” to a “yang”, especially when talking about a very rich, very well distributed white, allegedly conservative entertainer/pundit/blowhard/drug abuser who cannot but help himself in denigrating anyone and everyone who doesn’t think like him. I am highly amused that you feel that Rush needs defending; especially from a “cartoon” (even if it isn’t a particularly good cartoon)(sorry Joseph, your drawing ability isn’t fine art by any stretch)(and no, I certainly cannot draw any better). What you are attempting in your comment about “Balance” is a false equivalency; no one, anywhere, has the ability to address so many as Rush does due to his some 600 outlets, no one I have ever listened to on the radio is as good as Rush is at lambasting those less fortunate, those who find themselves addicted to prescription pain pills and then send their maid out to “score” some black market oxy, none who can muster up the ability day after day to demean any woman who happens to be able to think for herself and stick up for herself as a “FemaNazi” or accuse someone like Michael J. Fox of exaggerating his Parkinson’s disease. No, Rush is in a class by himself, even if he doesn’t really have any class.

How dare does this Kranky illustrator embarrass our leader of the Republican Party! At least they didn’t do a cartoon on Rushbo’s alleged sex tour to the Dominican Republic with a bottle of Viagra that wasn’t prescribed in his name, and that was found at U.S. customs. Whew!

Wait, we godly Republicans should really feel eased that this Kranky person didn’t do a cartoon on his drug addiction where he had his housekeeper, Wilma Cline, buy over 30,000 hydrocodone, oxycontin, and some other drugs for him.

Unfortunately, since Rush is an alleged Christian, our God took action against his prescription drug problem and gave him some hearing loss. The irony of which, is that he railed against others on his radio show that did the same thing! But, Rush Limbaugh is God to us, so he wasn’t a hypocrite, okay?

I stand with Rush in the fact of calling that little B#%*! law student what he did! She was a PROSTITUTE and a SLUT, and like Rush proposed, it would have been great to look at the videos of her while she was in heat! Like Rush alluded to, at least we would have watched where our money goes! Rush is always right!

Yes, for us TRUE Christians and Republicans, Rush certainly sets a prime example for us to look up to and to admire, praise Jesus!

Brother Ted, …HOLD ON …take OFF your partisan robes , and put on your priestly, purple robes !

You may be confused. THAT is the realm of SATAN, that sows dissent and confusion.

I reference I Peter 5:8 and I Corinthians 14:33.

It is the Republican SATANISTS that use these methods !

You KNOW THIS ! PRAISE GOD and Jesus his Baby GOD/SON !

WHY , Oh WHY do I draw you back into the fold ?

It is because your ‘praiseings’ are facilitous to proper remonstrations.


Dear Jeeheebus! this is one of the funniest posts ever. I will never be able to mock believers in superstition with such aplomb. My hats off Ted. Bravo

“But mocking his hearing loss isn’t humorous or cool.” You do [know] HOW he lost his hearing, right? If it wasn’t for his abuse of the prescription drugs, his hearing most likely wouldn’t have been damaged. If his hearing loss was from an accident or natural causes, I would agree with you that it would not be okay to include it in the cartoon, but his hearing loss is his fault alone.

Prescription drug abuse damaged his hearing? I’ve never heard of a drug damaging someones hearing!! Anyone know anything more about this?

Understand how Your Oxycontin Drug Abuse can Result in Hearing Loss

Also from Salon

Lorcet — which, like Vicodin, is a mixture of hydrocodone and acetaminophen — has been linked to sudden and profound hearing loss in patients who misuse or abuse the drug. First in 1999 and then more forcefully in the summer of 2001, physicians at the House Ear Clinic in Los Angeles warned doctors and consumers of a “possible correlation between permanent hearing loss” and hydrocodone-acetaminophen combinations such as Lorcet and Vicodin.

Thanks JonnyB – Very interesting and a lot of people are addicted to Vicodin. In fact, I was amazed to discover that ordinary people or rather people who I thought were ordinary have come up with a reason to ask me for some of my pain killers whenever I have been prescribed them in the past. Most of us never end up using all of our Vicodin or Hydrocodone and keep what is left over in case we ever have need for it in the future. I have never been able to keep a prescription after people like my good friend or even the President of the company I used to work for would find out that I had some left over! Really, they would always make up a reason why they needed it !!

I’m curious if other people have had the same experience with a friend or two who seem to make up reasons why they need some of your painkillers when they know you have some?

Cindy, Prescription drug adiction is huge and ignored by the media. Way too much Pharma money in advertising. In the top three. Notice who sponsers the evening network newzzzz almost exclusively. Phizer, Lilly, etc.They pay big money to Dr’s to peddle Oxys and other drugs as “Program researchers” who monitor & report use results. It’s really incentive money to push product out the door. I wonder how the Dr.’s results read on Oxys & Zannex? “Patients report extraordinary relief from pain, depression and anxiety, so much so they seen to adhere to therapy without prompting or recommendation. Please triple our weekly order.”

I’ve been told addicted house guests regularly will ask to use your bathroom, therefore don’t keep your prescriptions in the medicine cabinet.

Sure, make fun of the guy for his cigars, prescription drugs, and weight problem. But mocking his hearing loss isn’t humorous or cool.

Can we mock him for getting a draft deferral because he had a boil on his a$$? Or, for his hypocrisy concerning drug addicts? Thank you, Mr. Hillbilly Heroin!