Clean up Paso Robles

March 23, 2012


Dear Residents of Paso Robles, My name is Sally Reynolds and I want to help to clean up the city of Paso Robles.

I am tired of our town being made a laughing stock to other cities in the county. Paso Robles needs change. We need to unite the residents and form an alliance to impact the upcoming

November elections. In numbers there is strength. We as residents vote and we have been very complacent in our involvement in city elections.

In light of all the wrong doings, lies, alleged and pending lawsuits, as well as investigations that have been publicized by the media, the time has come where we all need to stop complaining to each other and do something about it.

I am in the very early stages of forming “We The Residents.” If you are tired or mad at what is happening to our city, you need to join me. You can email me at:

I know it is early, we have to wait to see who is running for the three seats in city council in the November elections, however, we need to get organized now. The goal of this group will be to decide on the candidates that will help fix the City Paso Robles, then vote for them in November.

We live in a great city. We are a tourist attraction and a vacation destination. We have a Main Street Organization that is second to none. When Main Street has an event, the entire city shows up. It is a wonderful and beautiful place to live with all the wineries, vineyards and hotels, not to mention all the hard working people that reside here.

I have never been more passionate about an issue like this. I want more than anything to have a city government that serves the residents of Paso Robles well and runs even better with nothing to hide. I want change.

If you are happy with the way things are running, do not e-mail me. If you want change, this is the best bet you have to make change.

If you would prefer to call me, my number is 805-237-8524. I have nothing to hide and I am not doing anything illegal. I just want the residents  of Paso Robles to stand up and make a difference.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ted Slanders


What is needed visually, and to make a presence that will give you media attraction and speech on the nightly news, is the good ol’ tactic of picketing City Hall! If you could only get the multitudes that showed up at the capital of Madison, Wisconsin relative to governor Walker’s misdeeds, that would help send a sign to the City Fathers that enough is enough!

I can see Mary Malone’s printer working over time with the correct placard phrases for the brightly colored picket signs, and local restaurants taking their turn in handing out sandwiches to the Picketers that are standing up for their community in behalf of all of it’s citizens.

Hell, I can even see Brother Ted standing upon a soap box spewing forth the correct TRUE Christian biblical passages relative to this travesty that Paso Robles is going through. Uh, that is, time permitting from my obligations to my other ministries.

Okay, I expect to see this movement on CCN, KSBY, and other media sources, and even maybe the Tribune and New Times as well, if they have the wherewithal to cover such an event.


Rest comfortably, It’s a comming. Website, Media, and the Whole Works. The Paso Robles residents have had enough They WANT CHANGE..

Ted Slanders


Praise Jesus! Thank you for letting me know that what I proposed is already in the works for an eventful outcome.

I am running on a tight schedule, and you have saved me a few prayers tonight that were on your behalf. Now I have more time to play since it’s Friday night, praise!

Oh, if you need any prayers thrown skyward to supplicate to the Christian God relative to this situation, let me know, because being a TRUE Christian, I am on a real good footing with Him. You’re welcome.


Walker’s misdeeds?

Looks like Slanders is looking for an “Occupy Paso”. Is that a good characterization Ted?


What say you, Sally?

Ted Slanders


Yep, that’s a good enough comparison, for sure!

I can see Ed Shultz, of MSNBC fame, interviewing the Paso residents in the same vein as he did in Madison, Wisconsin! There is nothing like media pressure, praise!


I am not a resident of Paso but wish you good luck in your endeavors and admire your willingness to effect change in your community.


Amen……. I’d say “Ditto” but that’s not well received these days lol


The two council members not up for re-election need to be RECALLED now!

Hiram Schlicklgruber

Don’t forget to investigate the school board while we’re at it.


Sally, you can count me in, my email is Please put me on your mailing list to keep informed of the happenings.



A reader poll perhaps: Which it the worst local government body … include a choice, “All of the above.”


Good luck Sally! I do not live in Paso Robles but if any of us in the South County can help your cause, just say the word.

As a Pismo Beach resident, it sounded exactly like our city government. Your charge towards citizen involvement in order to change current city leaders is inspiring!


Mary Malone, getting great support here. We need you too. Getting organized. Please call me.

This is already working very well.


Good luck, Sally! Keep us informed how the movement progresses. If you need help with graphics for flyers, post cards, brochures, ads, whatever, let me know. I’ll be glad to do them at no charge.