Homeless homes, cartoon

March 23, 2012

CalCoastNews is now including work by San Luis Obispo cartoonist Joseph Rankin. Check out his work at the Kranky Cartoonist.



  1. rogerfreberg says:

    Oh please….

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  2. r0y says:

    Much wittier, Kranky!

    It could just have easily been a guy with a sign saying he’s broke and needs money getting fined/ticketed.

    I spoke with some LEO’s in SLO and it seems the PD is not at all happy about their new roles as harassers, but are caught in the middle.

    And yes, we’ve had “less than desirable” parkers near a friends’ business. They took dumps in his landscaping. Very nice.

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  3. WiseGuy says:

    Don’t we have enough laws already?

    Why not let people sleep in their vehicles and park in any legal parking space as long as they don’t break any laws such as public urination, littering, thievery, etc?

    Why should we not allow people to sleep in their vehicles is they don’t cause trouble?

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    • TypoKing says:

      Excellent point!

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    • Cindy says:

      “long as they don’t break any laws such as public urination, littering, thievery, etc? ”

      Agreed and without bathroom facilities available, there is one law that they very well may not have the ability to adhere to. It seems to me overnight parking areas will have to be designated in areas where bathroom facilities are available. Of course, RV’s with functioning holding tanks should not be a concern, but the homeless have to sleep someplace and if they can’t afford a Motel 6, they surely can’t afford a “sleeping in your vehicle ticket”. Dumb gubmint.

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      • WiseGuy says:

        In fact, it is possible to live sanitarily in a vehicle without bathroom facilities in the immediate vicinity. There are MANY ways to deposit and store waste temporarily and decently while living in a vehicle. There are inexpensive products and devices to facilitate this, as well as improvised methods. it shouldn’t be a deal breaker, if laws are obeyed.

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    • Ted Slanders says:


      “Why not let people sleep in their vehicles and park in any legal parking space as long as they don’t break any laws such as public urination, littering, thievery, etc?”

      Are you a NIMBY? Or would you allow this action to take place in front, or close to where you live?

      Subjectively, and for the peace of mind for all, it should be a designated area, like across from CAPSLO on Prado Road for example. In this way, everything is centered just like the Dust Bowl migration housing areas of the 1930’s.

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      • WiseGuy says:

        If they want to park next to me, I won’t try to stop them.

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        • Ted Slanders says:


          GREAT! That is very Christian of you and praise Jesus for your soon to be sacrifice!

          I’ve talked to 3 guys on Short Street, two of which said they were ex-felons. One of them said he swore she was over 18, but not to worry if you have children while he awaits his trial. The other man is up for felony charges, but not convicted as of yet. The other concern is a family of 6 living in their camper shell on Prado Road that are tired of the police beating on their RV at night and waking up their 4 barking dogs teathered outside.

          Subjectively, it’s better if the City built a Dust Bowl migration camp like they had back in the 1930’s for the homeless that came out here to work in agriculture. These camps had their stipulations to be able to stay that was accepted by the individuals involved.

          But, until SLO figures it out like they’re trying to do with their $80,000.00 for five vehicles for a six month trial period, and like you said, let them park near you.

          So, post your address and other info so I can give it to the homeless mentioned above, thanks!

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  4. wolfhound says:

    That’s a great cartoon that sez it all at a glance, love it.

    Perhaps our compassionate Charlie Crandall will find room for these most unfortunate fellow humans at Du Vaul’s sunny acres in the near future.

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    • kayaknut says:

      How about if each person on the city council allows one person to camp at their house. With five members it would double the number of spaces they currently have planned to set up. After that then you can ask taxpayers to pay more.

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