Paso Robles residents challenge chief’s rich deal

March 26, 2012

Lisa Solomon – Photo by Daniel Blackburn


When the Paso Robles City Council agreed last week to pay Police Chief Lisa Solomon $250,000 for the embattled 46-year-old’s early “retirement,” more questions were raised than answered.

Meanwhile, additional details of the city’s first female police chief’s checkered career are emerging, even as Paso Robles’ top appointed official heaps praise on the departing Solomon.

North County community members are attempting to digest the widely criticized decision, and residents and business owners have announced formation of a group called “Change Paso Robles Now” (CPRN2012).

“We need to know a lot more” about the council’s late-night unanimous endorsement of a bountiful agreement with Solomon, Paso Robles resident Sally Reynolds said.

That agreement also opened the door for Solomon to apply for disability pay, which will allow her to retire early and enjoy tax freedom for a large chunk of her lifelong income.

Reynolds emphasized the importance of citizens “keeping up the pressure” on city officials to reveal details now being hidden from public view.

Karen Daniels, a downtown business owner, said, “I have found nearly everyone in Paso is buzzing about the payout to Solomon. There is a deep-rooted mistrust of the entire city council, mayor, and city manager. This new group will voice the concerns of the citizens of Paso Robles, and demand action from our employees and representatives who make and enforce the laws for our town”.

Daniels and Reynolds will serve as interim co-chairpersons of CPRN2012 during its formative stage.

Solomon has been accused by a number of current and former police officers and other department personnel of sexually fondling them during social and official occasions, on and off-duty. She initiated an illegal ticket-quota scheme and has used firings, suspensions and other retaliatory measures against those who offended her, some officers have alleged.

Also, she and City Manager Jim App freely discussed in an exchange of emails their collaboration in arranging the planting of “moles” in police officers’ union negotiating meetings.

But despite the bevy of assertions from her own ranks of illegal and immoral behavior, Solomon was allowed to take what city officials term “early retirement” with the fat payout because of the “damage to her reputation” caused by resultant news coverage.

As long as two years ago, several department employees said Solomon had committed sexual battery on a couple of officers, but were reticent to go forward with their claims.

Then, in Oct. 2011, Sgt. Brennen Lux informed city officials that three years earlier, Solomon had stuck her hand in his swimsuit and grabbed his penis during a “team building workshop” her command staff was required to attend.

City Manager Jim App

App subsequently authorized a city-financed internal investigation by Debra Estrin, a private investigator from the Bay area.

A month after the start of that probe, during an interview with Estrin, officer T.J. McCall said that Solomon grabbed his penis while he was leaving a department holiday party and that Solomon’s husband was present when the alleged sexual assault occurred.

Former officer Dave Hernandez said he told the investigator that Solomon sexually harassed him while he was on the job in full uniform.

On an evening in 2008, Hernandez and another officer entered a saloon then called the Crooked Kilt, to do a bar check. Solomon, who had been out on the dance floor, approached Hernandez in a room full of people and allegedly pushed the officer’s face into her breasts, Hernandez said.

None of these allegations deterred City Manager App from lauding Solomon’s “outstanding” career with the Paso Robles Police Department.

“She is a fine leader and we will miss her,” App said minutes after the council awarded her the quarter-million dollars under an agreement which prevents either party from making negative comments about the other.

App has insisted in several subsequent interviews that Solomon was forced to step down because of news reports and not because of her actions and deportment as chief of police.

“Her separation agreement makes no reference to those (sexual assault) allegations,” App said. “It is based on her 24 years of service and a clear record of accomplishments. These allegations are recent, but they allege behavior of many years ago, and they do not pertain to this separation agreement. Her accomplishments do.”

App’s dedication notwithstanding, sex scandals and allegations of unethical behavior have plagued Solomon’s law enforcement career.

She started as a dispatcher for the Pismo Beach police department 26 years ago, and shortly thereafter entered the police academy. Her time there culminated with her lodging a claim of sex harassment against a trainer at the rifle range. The trainer, she claimed, said her poor shooting skills were because her large breasts hampered her aim, officers interviewed for this report told CalCoastNews.

Several local female officers, who followed Solomon into the academy, said their instructors informed them that changes had been implemented because of multiple issues with a female cadet who preceded them — Lisa Solomon

Upon graduating from the academy, Solomon headed to Paso Robles were she served as a street cop for about three years before becoming pregnant with another officer’s child. The relationship did not last long and shortly thereafter Solomon married another officer in her first of three marriages, all to Paso Robles police officers, department sources said.

Because of the pregnancy, Solomon was taken off the street and given a DARE officer position. She spent a short time as a detective, but soon was promoted to sergeant, then lieutenant.

She served as a police commander during the day, and a bar room entertainer at night. She regularly performed in a band at the Paso Robles Inn with a former boyfriend of Wendy McIntire.

“She would end her show by strutting across the bar top at the Paso Robles Inn singing ‘Let’s give them something to talk about,’ ” McIntire said. “At that time she was a police lieutenant.”

Several Paso Robles bar owners, bartenders, and a gaggle of long-time local saloon patrons happily recall numerous incidents of Solomon dancing on bar tops during her time on the force. Police sources tell of her giving lap dances to other officers at social events.

Solomon has denied allegations she danced for her troops, or on bar tops, but in 2009, asked by CalCoastNews about her reported conduct, Solomon said “Well, I am an entertainer.”

Solomon won her chief’s post without competition. In 2007, the city council agreed not to do a search for a new chief and instead took the recommendation of App and the former police chief Dennis Cassidy, to name her to the city’s top cop position. No others were invited to apply.

Lisa Solomon and her husband Christopher Chitty on her left — photo by Richard Bastain

Solomon’s current husband, Christopher Chitty, left the Paso Robles police force shortly after they married. The husband and wife team opened a sign company and T-shirt shop in 2004.

In 2008, Solomon and her husband filed a voluntary bankruptcy petition for their promotional printing company. Chitty subsequently filed for individual protection in Santa Barbara’s U.S. District Court. In court documents, Chitty and Solomon listed debt totaling $1,039,182; assets of $512,000; and $550 in available cash.

Chapter 7 is designed for debtors in financial trouble who do not have the ability to pay their existing debts, according to the bankruptcy code. Debtors whose financial difficulties are primarily due to consumer debt are subject to a “means test” — if income is greater than the median income for the state in which they reside, the court may deny the petition.

In California, the median income, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, was $61,021 in 2008 for a family of four. Chitty and his wife’s combined income was approximately $220,000 per year, according to their sworn statements on the bankruptcy petitions. Chitty and Solomon have stated in court documents that their “debts are primarily business debts” and that no inventory from the business remains.

Those court documents also suggested the pair had “50 to 100” creditors including Kohl’s, Mervyns, and Gottschalk’s. And while they owed Levitz Furniture $13,119, Chitty and Solomon claimed their household goods and furnishings were worth approximately $3,000 in 2008.

Even though the couple filed bankruptcy on their business, they continued to sell T-shirts, allegedly utilizing equipment they had moved to their garage in violation of bankruptcy laws, through a company they called Trick Tape. At that time, Chitty denied Trick Tape still existed.

However, in 2008, Chitty was contacted on his cell phone by a CalCoastNews reporter posing as a customer seeking information about volume T-shirt sales. Chitty, on duty in his patrol car at the time, said, “Yes, this is Trick Tape. I can help you with those.”

Later that same evening, Chitty telephoned the reporter to discuss further details of the sale, including pricing and specific T-shirt brands.

Throughout all Solomon’s troubles including leaving an unlicensed gun in an unlocked car that was later recovered during a police action in Atascadero, App has stood by his choice for chief.

At last Tuesday’s city council meeting, App said he could not confirm or deny that he had hired Estrin to perform an investigation into allegations of sexual assaults by the chief or if a report detailing the results of the investigation had been completed.

However, according to a report in The Tribune, several council members admitted the existence of the investigation, and claimed the report was never finished. Councilman John Hamon was reported to have said that if Solomon had not agreed to step down, the council would have voted to terminate her.

Reynolds of the new group CPRN2012 said unanswered questions abound: Why wasn’t the report completed? Why didn’t council members get to see the report, even if it was unfinished, and why the verbal briefing by App and City Attorney Iris Ping Yang?

“We hope everyone will get involved for change,” she added. “For more information we want people to contact us at or 805-400-5652.”

Daniels said the the group would maintain a “narrow focus.”

“Public safety is high on our priority list. We look to have a well staffed police department with a chief of police whose reputation is not tarnished by serious mistakes. We want to have a city manager who does not reward poor behavior by paying employees off with the citizens’ tax dollars. And we will work to replace those council members who have proven to be highly motivated only in serving themselves.”

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I don’t know anyone in the new group… but I do wish them well in transforming Paso Robles!


The new group (cprn2012) are just responsible citizens that realize things need to change.

We would love to meet you and hear what you have to say.

Please go to our web site and let us now how to include you in our efforts.

I’m surprised there hasn’t been a lawsuit filed to enjoin the City’s payout. This looks to be a case of Gift of Public Funds.

A law suit is what needs to happen to stop this.

Does anybody out there know how to do it?.

I will chip in.

I think the avenue citizens might be take is found under California State Constitution – Article 16, Section 6

Basically, this law prohibits a legislative body, such as a city council, from gifting public funds.

If a transaction does not provide the city entering into it with a direct and substantial benefit, the transaction would generally not serve the public purpose requirement needed to avoid being construed as a prohibited gift of public funds.

It also prohibits a government entity from gifting public money to individual employees.

Our council is operating like they are in Mayberry. First they did support Lisa, then they didn’t and now they do again. The statement that reinforced the fact that our police chief stepped down due to CCN on online reporting is very encouraging. Perhaps our council members will also be distracted by CCN and step down as well. We do not care how they go, we just want them gone.

I thin they are acting like they are in Corleone, but more tacky.

Here are some things to think about. She has been accused of many things with nothing againsnt her being proven in a court of law or other wise to prove she has done any wrong doing. She has been crucified by her subordinates and the public online and in the news papers. She has probably qualified herself for stress disability as a result of all of this. She is out thats what people wanted and sadly it comes with a price. I am not here to claim her guilt or innocents because I dont really know. Although I do know her character and reputation in the community is scarred regardless of her guilt or innocents. And she like any of you would be looking to reclaim your losses both present and future.Its just a fact of life in the world we live in.

Ok simple life … Lets wait to see what accusations are proven in the civil cases raised by multiple employees.

Stress retirement would be a travesty and just another abuse of taxpayer dollars.

You suggest “its just a fact of life”. Well here is another fact of life ….. When you see a ton of smoke it usuall means their is a fire.

You are defending the indefensible.

I am not defending anything! Its unfortunate these types of things are happening all around us and costing the tax payers millions. As I said I didnt say she was innocent or guilty that has yet to be seen. She is out and it came with a price. That happens all the time. They could have fired her and she would file a lawsuit and they would settle out. Bottom line is they pay for it to go away as happens in many other cases. I am not here to defend anyone. If she is found guilty shame on her she is a public embarassment. If she isnt found guilty she is already washed up. Thats all I am saying. I dont have the crystal ball with all the answers nor do I care what happens at this point. Time to move forward.

I agree with your comment regarding the stress retirement. Although OJ got away with murder to. A good lawyer can do wonders it seems. Sad that this is the case although you see it unfold everyday. Time will tell.

simplelife, the word is “too.”

easy to understand even with just the “to”

I’m getting a little tired of people saying that solomon should be paid for discussion of solomon’s inappropriate (and criminal, in some cases) actions because the discussion harmed her reputation.

Simplelife, you are actually blaming people who discuss the accusations against solomon (and the Paso city government) for causing solomon’s troubles that led to her “retirement” as police chief? And that’s why she should be paid $250,000 plus many $hundreds-of-thousands more in a workers comp settlement?

Solomon has been “crucified by her subordinates and the public online and in the news papers“? REALLY?

I cannot think of more patently absurd opinions….unless it is the opinion that only after accusations have been proven in a court of law should any news about the accusations be discussed by members of the public lest the taxpayers who employ the accused be saddled with $$$hundreds-of-thousands for unproven “harm to the reputation” of the accused.

Using that logic, because it was never proven in a court of law, we still would not be discussing the JFK assassination…and if we did, we would be responsible for any harm to the reputation of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Also, I note that you have no problem with Solomon being paid for alleged harm to her reputation, claiming it was the discussion of her inappropriate and criminal actions that caused the harm. Solomon has not been tried, and proven innocent, in a court of law, of the actions that resulted in the discussion, which she claims to have caused her harm. Absent that proof, it is Solomon herself who harmed her own reputation by acting in inappropriate and criminal ways.

Sometimes the only way you can get local government (city councils, for instance) to do what is best for the residents is by applying public pressure. That is what has been happening in the Solomon case, and it has been accomplished by people discussing the news articles about the behavior of Solomon and Paso’s city government officials.

And this public pressure is working to bring change. To stop discussion would stop one of the only ways the public can, without spending a lot of money, impact the actions of its elected officials and their staff.

Stopping the discussion of news about Solomon, by blaming those discussing Solomon’s actions for being responsible to the harm to her reputation, benefits Solomon, big time. It also benefits the Paso city government officials, who promoted her through the ranks to police chief , and who allowed her alleged unethical and criminal actions to happen for years.

Neither Solomon nor the Paso city officials have offered anything to refute the accusations against Solomon. Indeed, they have withheld an investigative report into the allegations against Solomon. They have also withheld public records, in defiance of the California Public Records Act.

Indeed, the paso city government concocted this ridiculous pay-off to Solomon in secret. The public had no input into it.

My mother had a saying: “Cowards do under the cover of darkness what they fear to do in the light of day.

What are the cowardly officials and Solomon afraid of, anyway?

I think that the news about Solomon and the Paso city government need to be discussed more, not less, and that discussing it is an important way to help bring justice to the Paso taxpayers who have had to pay for Paso’s incompetent officials and employees’ actions for far too long.

Ooops, should have been a reply to Simplelife’s 1:37 PM post.

I dont know who you are MaryMalone, but dang do I like the way you think.

If you were to run for office I would be right there to support you

Well, thank you.

Mary I am not blaming anyone. Lets get that staright. I dont like what is going on anymore then the next person. Although my point is it was going to cost and will continue to cost the tax payers hundreds of thousands and possibly millions. These civil cases will never see a court room. They will be settled out of court on the back of the tax payers. Regardless of how it plays out the tax payers are on the hook for the tab.

I know that a legal case involving Solomon would be expensive — probably more so than the payout she is being gifted. But this kind of thing has been happening too frequently in employment situations — particularly with government employees. It need to be stopped and the only realistic way to do that is to fight the battle in court, pay the costs now and hopefully save in the future by discouraging further use of legal blackmail to get undeserved benefits.

It would, of course, be better if the system were set up to be less generous about the “rights” of those who abuse it. It would also be nice if the cost of legal action were not prohibitive. But those corrections require fighting a well-endowed (financial, not physical) lawyers’ lobby both in Sacramento and in DC. Success would be limited at best and would take decades to enact.

Having worked for the government, worked in the private sector, and owned my own business, in my experience employees are far more likely to be treated like $hit, harassed, discriminated against, etc. while working for the government than while working in the private sector.

Why do you think they pay government employees so much, and give them such good benefits?

You would not believe the horror stories I’ve encountered about employees being physically, sexually and emotionally harassed and discriminated against. The degree of sexual harassment and sexual assault to which Lisa Solomon subjected her subordinates is, sadly, not so unusual.

Those who “abuse” the system are far more likely to be the employers than the employees. The government employers have all the power in the situation. Because the treatment of government employees is so bad, often the managers are horrible and incompetent, and are very much like Lisa Solomon–the only way they know how to “manage” or “lead” their subordinates is by harassment, intimidation, discrimination, and turning employee against employee.

Because the managers are so pathetic (as was Lisa Solomon), they don’t even realize how incompetent they are, and so will just mandate crap that is illegal, against company policies, that pi$$es off the city council or board of directors, or which undermine previously successful programs, or make the programs outright fail. Then, when the managers crew up really badly, they use one of the employees to scapegoat or shift the blame to.

That is why, in some government offices, to outsiders it seems like nothing gets done. That’s because the managers cause so many disasters that the employees spend their time cleaning up the managers’ messes, instead of working on programs or policies that will actually benefit the residents or customers.

In my experience, government employees WANT to serve the public, but they are crippled by being saddled with incompetent, “solomon-esque” managers, who cause so much upset and confusion that nothing can get done.

Prncipals and other admistrative positions.

You probably have a point about the management being worse than the low level employees but I have seen it happen there too. (Work. Comp. claims that were dubious at best.) It happens in private industry too but less frequently as the size of the institution decreases.

I don’t agree that the benefits received by government employees are related to lousy working conditions (although they can exist). I think that they exist because the people setting the pay scale are not held financially responsible to the same degree that a private manager would be. They know that the tax payer will have to pay and all they have to do is put up a show of opposition, before caving in, to keep their even-more-over-compensated jobs.

I do agree that the biggest government problems start with management — including elected officials — but they are also employees in the sense that they are paid by an organization supposedly owned by the general public. They are also eligible for and abusive of too generous “employee rights.”

Oh, come ON. You posted that Solomon is being “crucified” by comments online.

You’re trying to say that someone being ‘crucified’ does not indicate they are victims?

Certainly, saying someone was “crucified,” as a metaphor, invokes the victimization of Jesus Christ of Nazareth by crucifixion.

~~~~~~~~~~~~ go here and register NOW (please!)

***** ANNOUNCEMENT ************ is now online and READY to greet you. Please take a moment to go to the website, register, and give us opportunity to THANK You for doing so. We appreciate the enormous positive public response we have received and hope to keep it coming.

Congratulations! You guys are totally on it!

It would be interesting to see the original job announcement for the Chief’s position when Solomon applied. Wonder what qualities and experience they were looking for in a new Chief?

Probably, under requirements, had: “Must supply own knee-pads.”

Karen Daniels’ description of the focus of the new CPRN2012 group should be the goals of the candidates for Paso Robles City Council. Once elected, any deviation from this clear citizens’ mandate should immediately result in the application of very aggressive public pressure.

Quoting Karen:

“Public safety is high on our priority list. We look to have a well staffed police department with a chief of police whose reputation is not tarnished by serious mistakes. We want to have a city manager who does not reward poor behavior by paying employees off with the citizens’ tax dollars. And we will work to replace those council members who have proven to be highly motivated only in serving themselves.”

I think this “mission statement” is great! I believe it will be easily understood by the voters, and will inspire them to pitch in and get involved.

The only thing I’d add would be “city attorneys” to the “council members” who would be replaced. Yang and Seitz have provided legal cover to the corrupt operatives of Paso Robles’ city government, at great cost (far beyond dollars-and-cents) to the Paso Robles residents.

After the election, any council members still in office may try to keep the city council going down its historical self-serving, corrupt path. If Yang/Seitz is still city legal counsel, they would certainly continue their pattern of providing legal justification for any scam the city council, or any other city government member, wants to pull.

It would seem it would be better if the new city council members don’t have to deal with political jockeying between the Yang/Seitz legal team and any remaining city council members. There are only so many hours in one day, and I think the new majority city council members’ dance cards will be full with trying to straighten out the disaster the current city government has created.

Paso Robles citizens need to form a Tax Payers Association.

Oversee local government, no more secrecy and lies.

The recent water debacle as an example

My guess is that it is not just the police department that is

corruptly managed, it is city department wide.

The recent management appointees (library & Rec), wanting to add another

manager after the recent public workshop.

Why does the city have a lawyer from northern Ca?

Why not one from this county?

Council needs to go, as does the City manager, and any managers he has put in place

in the last 10 years. Doesnt seem as if the current city management cares about the local

taxpayer. Get rid of the excess management

And that “Taxpayers Association” needs to become a MAJOR PLAYER in city politics, an entity which none of the city council can afford to ignore.

Let them know that you will be watching the city government LIKE HAWKS and will not fail to challenge any move which smacks of corruption or cronyism!

Full disclosure of the dirty laundry will bring them into line. Or, if it does not, file lawsuits.

What a racket! Lisa and Chitty are common criminals. They lied to the bankruptcy court because they had inventory in their garage and they knew it (as do others who can prove it ha ha ). You should have paid all your debts idiots. Stop the payment now Jim App or go down with her. I hope you all go to jail you worthless Council!

Welcome to the bureaucrat feeding frenzy. The tip of the iceberg.

How will this mess be resolved? The more that gets uncovered – the more it is obvious that remains to be uncovered. It should be very apparent to any resonable person that reads this article – this is NO way to run a city.

I, as a citizen of Paso Robles, am shocked and even a little ashamed of what is coming to light. This city, long touted as a ‘destination city of California’, for its wineries and other tourism activities is now be dragged through the mud. Undoubtably, this will have a damaging impact on Paso Robles and even has the real potential to bring this city down to the level of Bell, CA.

So the question is quickly becoming – what will the citizens of this great city do about it? Shall we just accept the statements made by our current elected and appointed officals this this whold thing is no big deal and will just ‘blow over’ and all will be fine? Or shall enough of us take a cold, hard look in the mirror and to quote the phrase from the movie “Network” – say “I’M MAD AS HELL AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE”? I hope enough of us will choose the second option.

The organization “Change Paso Robles Now” is a good way to begin. We must let our city officals know that city government is by the people and for the people, not for a few to do as they wish and get the majority of us to blindly go along.

I have worked for and was involved in several medium to large companies, and I know for a fact, that

if things like this had happend – people would have been fired – on the spot – with no sweetheart

early retirement package or long term disability payments.

Why is it not public knowledge of exactly what was found out by Debra Estrin? It was our money that

paid for this investigation. Does not the Freedon of Information Act apply here? We have been told that nothing was found, nothing was out of ordinary, nothing was done wrong – Ms. Solomon was an excellant employee of the city and an outstanding police chief. REALLY!! and maybe so. If true, then

why the secrecy, why the behind closed doors dealings, why, why, and more why? And who, and what? Don’t the citizens of this city deserve better from our elected and appointed officals? If you believe the answer is yes, then come to every city council meeting and demand answers. Join the ‘CPRN’ and work for change. Work to get a city government that everyone can truly be proud of.

If, on the other hand, you feel that this should not be done, just accept the answers you are told to accept, just go-along in order to get-along, then don’t be surprised if this city contiues to go downhill.

Can’t you just picture having the next police chief of this city being ‘promoted’ from within – part of the ‘good old boy’ network, having our city council and mayor re-elected (maybe even for 4 year terms!) and things really don’t change. Is that the Paso Robles that you want for yourselves and your children? Yes, or no – the choice is yours.

I think the organization “Change Paso Robles Now!” has to be the driving force behind change. I think that would come principally through:

* Unrelentingly driving for James App’s dismissal by putting pressure on the Paso Robles City Council. Create a petition and get a couple of thousand voter names on it and see what happens especially during an election year.

* Strong oversight on App’s replacement (and Solomon’s too.)

* Identifying and then supporting replacement candidates for the upcoming Paso Robles City Council election.

* Recalling the remaining city council members. After what has transpired all five current council members need to be replaced if only for their apathy to what’s going on around them.

I think “Change Paso Robles Now!” also needs to study what happened in the City of Bell to understand what it took to finally get outside agencies involved. The more CCN digs, the more it seems Paso is rotten to the core and needs outside intervention.

In addition to Crusader’s excellent points, CPRN2012 needs another branch, which will look into the school board and the actual workings of our schools. Teachers are not the problem

There is an excellent activist who is with the PR teachers union, his name is Robert Skinner, he would be a good contact to co-ordinate with regarding a branch to deal with the school board issues.

Great action plan, crusader!

The replacement of solomon is something to worry about. I wonder if it would be possible to maneuver the current city council, app, etc. into not addressing the search for a new police chief until AFTER the election.

I don’t think the new city council should have to deal with whatever POS “wanna-see-some-boooobies!” police chief the current council/App are likely to dredge up from the Crooked Kilt’s Sunday-morning slop-jar leavings. There are quite enough of the croneyfied losers, who are now in positions of power in the PR city government, thanks to the poor excuses for “city leadership” provided by App/Solomon/current city council.

Visit us on Facebook:


We are up and running.

Please post the link?

Got to Facebook and search for “CPRN2012

I don’t think the current city government leadership should be allowed to participate in the search and selection of the next PR Police Chief.

They have MORE than proven they are incompetent to make appropriate decisions about the person who will become such an important role in the PR city leadership team, someone who will be responsible for the safety of Paso Robles’ residents, and who will be faced with basically rebuilding the police department from the ground up..

Karen Daniels’ experience with trying to get the PRPD to do anything to deal with the situation in the parking lot next to her Paso Robles insurance business should serve as a scary reminder of the degree to which the safety and general lifestyle has degraded under the “leadership” of city manager App, police chief Solomon, and the city council members. “CRIME STATS DON’T TELL THE COMPLETE STORY,”

I don’t think anyone in their right mind would want the same losers who chose Lisa Solomon as police chief to have ANYTHING to do with the selection process of Solomon’s replacement….or in App’s replacement, either.

I’m sure App and the city council will want to rush through the police-chief replacement process so as to shove into the police chief position one of their cronies. I am sure the last thing they want as police chief is someone who will refuse to continue the corruption-and-coverups house-of-cards so carefully built by decades of corrupt PR city government.

Notice the minimal number of “thumbs down” versus “thumbs up” in support of every comment here? Good job, community! With your help, CPRN2012 (Change Paso Robles Now) will be successful in our mission. Yay!