Solomon out as Paso Robles chief

March 20, 2012

Lisa Solomon


Lisa Solomon has stepped down as chief of police of Paso Robles following a tumultuous two months of relentless accusations by her own officers of sexual misconduct.

An agreement between her and the city calls for payment “within five days” of a lump sum to her in the amount of $250,000.

City Attorney Iris Ping Yang read a brief statement following a 40-minute closed session that was held after the city council’s regular meeting, acknowledging the separation. Council members left without comment.

Solomon termed her action “early retirement” and in a letter to the council blasted what she called “recent attacks on my character by unscrupulous media sources and self-serving individuals.”

CalCoastNews reported in late January that Solomon was being accused of sexually touching at least four of her officers in social situations, often in front of other sworn police personnel. Since then, other allegations from current and former officers have surfaced.

Solomon said public comment “has reached a level of indecency so great, I will no longer subject myself, my family, or my colleagues, to such invasions of privacy.”

City Manager Jim App praised Solomon after the meeting, calling her “a great asset” to the city and “a dedicated public servant.” He said he was personally distressed by Solomon’s departure.

“She has been a big part of this city for 24 years,” he said. His comments were the first regarding Solomon since the scandal broke.

Several officers told CalCoastNews Solomon emailed her former staff and said she had elected to take an early retirement. However, the officers said she is not able to collect her retirement for seven years and this is not early retirement.

Solomon’s last official day will be April 2, but she has effectively left her post and will not return. Her city-paid health benefits will cease on that day.

Capt. Robert Burton will act as interim chief until a search for a new chief can be completed.

The agreement with the city reads in part, “(Solomon) desires to leave employment, due to recent events which she believes, through no fault of either party, have caused damage to her reputation and other adverse effects.”

As part of her release, Solomon has agreed not to sue the city for any reason.


Mayor Duane Picanco and City Manager James App have a chat after canning Police Chief Lisa Solomon:



Right-wing cowboy morons get exactly the incompetent, corrupt NON governance they deserve.

Small town bullies reaping what they sowed !


Thank you … Ms. Velie and Mr. Blackburn you deserve an award for good journalism against a hard wave of history stopping any investigative journalism in this town!!! I feel good that other changes will now continue…and more dominoes will fall…Jim app MUST BE NEXT…AND TO REALLY DO THE TOWN GOOD WIPE OUT THE COUNSEL AND START OVER…I think her character needs to be brought down little more and not give her any firggin’ quarter of a million dollars!!!!!!!!!!!! How do we stop that? could fix a few pot holes with that kind of money and hire a few teachers back, and on and on…


App will be next….. Of course with a severance exceeding $1,000,000 and full retirement with benefits for life! The current city council will hire another city manager from out of the area with questionable background that will not be questioned at a higher salary and benefits than App!

jeffs thoughts

So does the $250,000 mean severance pay with no lifetime benefits? What will her retirement pay be? Is she old enough to collect retirement?


Lets pay her $250K then call her a “great asset?”Doesn’t make sense to me P.B.G. Also, not too smart to call your Council “Fucking Morons” Even though she does have a point. ” and I mean that”


a quarter million in hush money ??? WTF? Throw da Bums off the council and then FIRE App !!!


Lisa is upset they attacked her character????? What character??


Every last penny of that $250,000 should come out of the personal pockets of the city council and the city manager!


Lynch Mobs, Pitch forks, and Swamp gas? I think not. Thank you Ms. Velie and Mr. Blackburn. Your work is of great service. This is just the beginning I am thinking.


The Shredder had a few things right but unforturantly you guys just don’t get it. Lynch mobs, pitch forks and swamp gas,,yes, all true. As I’ve stated on numerous occasions, I appreciate that CCN does investigative reporting. The issue is the tabloidish one sided way in which these things get reported (I found it ironic that the National Enquirer wanted in on this) and the way that the posters here react to these stories. All of this ‘we need to get App out and we need to do this and we need to do that’ is all swell but is anyone besides danika going to actually do something,,, it’s all worthless words ie swamp gas, talk talk. But I don’t want to get my posts kicked off so I’ll refrain from trying to explain any further.

We still don’t know the other side of this story but that’s all moot now.


I think the NATIONAL ENQUIRER inquiry is what pushed the council and city manager over the edge. I bet every council member and the city manager was contacted by the NE and that spooked the heck out of them. Paso would be a NATIONAL laughing stock as opposed to the LOCAL charade that it is.

Can you imagine their dirty laundry aired in a NATIONAL forum!


“and the way that the posters here react to these stories”

Have you read the Trib comments on their coverage of this story? No different than here.

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