Sunny Acres under receivership

March 8, 2012

Dan De Vaul

A court ordered receiver took over the reins at Dan De Vaul’s 72-acre ranch and sober living facility in San Luis Obispo County on Wednesday. [KSBY]

In August, Superior Court Judge Charles Crandall ordered De Vaul to remove people he was allowing to stay in non-code compliant structures until several county health and building code violations are corrected. De Vaul was then forced to evict 15 people from the property, many of whom began living in their cars or tents.

Court ordered receiver David Pasternak along with supporters of the Sunny Areas toured the grounds Wednesday.  Pasternak is now in charge of bringing the ranch facility to code and for handling financial issues.

De Vaul has voiced concerns that the cost of a receiver will result in the loss of his property.

“He could come in here and say basically that all the work is done, there are very few charges, and on the other hand he could run up a $2 million bill,” De Vaul told KSBY.

De Vaul is scheduled to be back in court on March 14.

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This issue really bugs me. A lot. I know I am a “small government” guy, and the “violations” were existing for some time, true. However, maybe we have too many rules and regulations, and the helping of the homeless is not going to be perfect or pretty (or cheap).

This man (Du Vaul) did something. He didn’t wait for the government to give their blessing, Lord knows they don’t know what goes on anywhere – just examine any of their operations closely. He acted. We should ALL be called upon to take it upon ourselves to help each other, even if it mean “government be damned”

Get out of the way and let Americans do what Americans do best: help one another. Quit trying to get us all to hate each other, making up news to divide, etc.

The other victims in this are the SLO Police Department. I’m not big on huge, over-blown pay-packages and unionization of public sector workers, etc., but I am no anti-police, nor do I envy them for the predicament that Mullhulland and the City Council have put them in. We are SWAMPED with homeless, just head down any dead-end, non-residential street! It’s not just Prado Road anymore… People constantly call the cops to “take care of this” situation, but what can they really do? It is not Law Enforcement’s job to handle homeless, but this is quickly becoming their daily job!

We need some serious change in leadership (i.e. we actually need leaders) in SLO. The “fix” is likely not going to be easy, nor make everyone happy, but just throwing up and hiding behind “regulations” is weak at best, cowardly and evil at worst.

SHAME ON YOU, SAN LUIS OBISPO. Shame on you LIBERALS who believe in helping the “common man” and turning your backs. Shame on you CONSERVATIVES who believe in giving a helping hand up, not hand outs. Shame on you RELIGIOUS types who have a God-directed duty to help your brothers and sisters.

WHAT HAVE WE BECOME here? What example are we setting for the youths to aspire to when it’s their time to manage things?

There is a CANCER in this town, likely in this county. It is shameful, and no one wants to call it for what it is: apathy. Apathy that begets corruption and bitterness.

Homelessness is not an easy fix and will likely double in the next couple of years, so we as a people need to prepare for it. Always keep in mind: that this could be YOU in a year, a week, or even tomorrow. If it requires bending some rules, throwing out frivolous lawsuits – whatever, we need to seriously start doing it, before the squalor hits everywhere.

To the CITY COUNCIL: There is more to San Luis Obispo than the DOWNTOWN core. Best you all learn that FAST.