Woman raped in Paso Robles’ park

March 8, 2012

A Paso Robles’ woman said she was snatched from the street and dragged into a park where she was raped on Friday.

On Tuesday evening, the woman called police to report a man had grabbed her while she walked home from a restaurant on Creston Road near Cedarwood Drive, forced her into Cedarwood Park where he sexually assaulted her before he fled on foot.

She described her assailant as an Hispanic man, in his 20s, with tattoos on his arms and torso, police said.

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I sincerely hope this victim is able to get the counseling she needs and can work to recover from this horrendous attack. The ugliness of our society can be very shaming.

WOW! A rape in good old Paso Robles. I thought crime was on the decline according to Chief Solomon. Maybe all the recent press has motivated the PD and City to come clean and actually start reporting the going on’s of this fine town, which it is. There have been rapes, gang activities, suicides and the like that have gone unreported for years. I love Paso but the folks in charge have to wakwe up and start dealing with the crap that goes on instead of sweeping it under the rug. The tea kettle is going to blow and it is very unfortunate because the folks who really care about the community will be the ones hurt the most.

Read more here: http://www.sanluisobispo.com/2012/03/08/1980699/paso-robles-police-investigating.html#storylink=cpy

I am telling you, everyone should be “packing” because it’s the godly thing to do!

If only this woman could have only done what Tony Montana did in Scarface, albeit, that the rapist would still be running North though Chular right about now!


I love this movie. Have seen many a time. I love the scene you posted and the grenade launcher below the main gun. That is an equalizer my friends.

This rape got reported. How many others didn’t make it into Solomon’s log?

Harry Malone’s comment goes straight to the heart of what’s at issue!

Our dysfunctional police department has become so wrapped up in their internal, city enabled, grab-ass game that they have lost credibility and earned the contempt of those they are sworn to serve.

How many crimes get classified as lessor crimes or simply as “incidents” because of lack of investigative effort, or because diminished classification serves institutional interest and who becomes the victims in this situation?

Those least likely to report are the initial victims, probably Hispanic with a cultural fear and no trust in the authorities. Maybe the fear is of reprisal, our PD doesn’t appear to be in any shape, and doesn’t appear to be inclined to offer protection to a victim. With their initial crimes unpunished the perpetrators then escalate and graduate to create victims outside of their sphere creating more collateral damage.

I saw in an earlier comment on Cal Coast News that troubled me:


The comment says

” I agree that some of the wanna-be gang bangers in Paso (Sherwood Park/Dry Creek apts/Oak Park) are more bark than bite…many are merely Flamson kids or high schoolers who may tag mailboxes but that’s about it in terms of crime. PR13 boys carve their signs into utility poles but so far, they’re not out stabbing anyone…yet.”

I bet this lady who found herself drug off the street with the tattooed animal assaulting her felt the threat of that wanna-be gang banger!

From the Paso Press:


These folks didn’t get stabbed but it sounds like they felt the threat……review the story in light of how our PD failed to quickly gather the required bus video that might have resulted in justice, and then blamed the victims with intoxication.

Older but still frightening:


This is pretty long-winded response, the point is, this has been going on for a while. We don’t appear to be handling the situation well. Until we do, we are going to create more victims.

Who’s next????

The area where this attack took place is surrounded by low income apartments and houses. (There are some nice neighborhoods nearby but not right there. I suspect that unless some law enforcement agency makes a point of hanging around whenever the lowlifes are out, there will continue to be problems there. There are at least a couple of other similar areas in Paso that need the same attention.

What are the odds of the PRPD being that agency? Right now, I wouldn’t bet on it. I think that they will stick to protecting the local bigwigs and their supporters in nice neighborhoods unless the city undergoes a massive political change. And that won’t happen unless the lowlifes start to move out into neighborhoods where such people live, work and play.

I just want to say before signing off for the night that, although some of us are making darkly pointed comments, most of us take this very, very seriously.

I think this is a result of the “leadership” of chief solomon and her hot-tub squad of police officers, and her unwillingness to allow her officers to do the job they were trained for: protecting the public.

Again, I’ll bring this up: Danika discussed her problem for MONTHS, about a parking lot next to her place of business where there was constant trafficking of some sort going on, and how her calls to the PRPD went unanswered or, if they were answered, in ended up in basically a no-response.

She finally went public and was part of the article we are responding to here. STILL, no action by PRPD.

Then, finally, a vehicle from the volunteer PD squad swung through the lot. Whoopee. It is a wonder they were not mugged themselves.

FINALLY, after the PRPD had completely ignored the situation (after it was made public by the media), a CHP cruiser checked out the parking lot. That’s right…the PRPD would not do their job and so a CHP cruiser had to do it for them.

It seems that Danika’s parking lot problem of criminals being allowed to operate without PRPD intervention, is not unique to Paso Robles, as we see by this reported rape occurring in a PR park.

It is just so frustrating to have to watch a dangerous situation–crime being ignored by a police department–continue over months (maybe years), knowing that it is only going to get worse, and that the situation is not unique to Paso Robles.

Perhaps, those who want to go to the BS workshop the city council is having, might want to bring up Danika’s parking lot and the rape that occurred in the park. Be prepared, however, to arrive at the council chambers to find the first four rows roped off so that city employees and other city sycophants can occupy the seats that have the most access to the city council members and the proceedings. This is the tactic the city of PR used when they learned that there was a protest planned for a city council meeting.

What I’m saying is that this is a tragic situation, that could have been perhaps prevented by the city council responding to months and months (perhaps years) of complaints about the situation with chief “hot-tub” solomon and the city council’s refusal to hold her accountable for the degradation of the Paso Robles community safety under her “leadership” with something other than BS “we care” platitudes, and no action.

The leaders of the city are responsible for the safety of the community. They have failed, and on their watch a business owner has suffered months of having to conduct business next to a crime-filled parking lot, and a woman was raped in a Paso Robles Park.

WAIT!!! While I’m not happy with a lot of going on’s in Paso, talk about an Apples and Orange comparison. Danika has reported a problem and the cops ignored. Fair enough and true.

The rape happened, no report for four days and the cops are to blame??? And as of today it has only been a day and a half to look into. I mean comon Mary come down out of your high almighty tower and be a little fair. Oh that’s right, there is no other side other than yours.

Part of the problem is the city and code enforcement. You have apartments that are rented to numerous unrelated adults. You have people blocking off driveways for parties; loud music playing; and groups of men just hanging around.

I’ll bet that these apartments haven’t been checked for smoke alarms or for the number of occupants in each unit. Our fire department has the time to make checks, but the city hasn’t directed them to do anything.

Going by info published, and Danika’s own reports of the parking lot next to her place of business, the PRPD does not patrol areas where there are crimes. Indeed, the police are sometimes not allowed to respond to things like drug sales, DUIs, and other crimes.

Despite months of Dankia’s attempts to get the police to pay attention to the parking lot next to her business, they have ignored the situation, allowing the problem to fester and grow as the perps wished.

What has happened at the parking lot next to Danika’s place of business is indicative of the kind of neglect the rest of the city gets from its own police department. Yet they can use PD funding for cheap publicity stunts, where the officers can respond to be publicity props to chief solomon’s desperate zeal about getting her face in the paper.

If the officers had been allowed to do what they were trained for, and would have had a hire presence on the street and in areas where there are crimes, the overall criminal activity of Paso Robles would have been suppressed.

You know the old saying, “While the cat’s away, the mice will play” saying? Like that. Because the police have been forced to ignore crime and gang activity in PR, it festered and grew in PR, it has worsened the problem.

chief solomon could get the FBI to send agents to go on a massage parlor sweep looking for prostitutes, which largely failed, because the incentive was there to get her face in the newspaper.

The safety of Danika, her workers and Danika’s customers, and the safety of this raped woman, however, are simply not a priority.

You make wild accusations with ZERO to back it up. You berated me for “not doing your homework” for something that you knew nothing about. “The police does not patrol area where there are crimes”: WRONG. Ignored Danika;s parking lot: WRONG. Not allowed to respond to drug sales, DUI’s, etc: WRONG again. You have no idea what the police do on a daily basis and you rely on CCN for information. Guess what? CCN is one sided and does not give the full story. I did my homeowrk on this and spent some time looking into things. I know I will get blasted for this post by you and many others, and I do not care. The police officers so NOT ignore crime, respond to ALL calls of drugs, DUI’s, and the like. You paint a picture with a broad brush and think the officers are just as much of the problem as the Chief. Guess what? The Officers do their jobs and the other issues are not even their concern. They go out day after day and deal with everything that gets thrown at them. Get out from your computer and go out there and actually look to see what the police really do. You will be surprised at how hard they work.

Where’s the CHP when you need them?

Maybe the Paso Police will start clearing out the parking lot around the restaurant . We have guys hanging out there in groups for no reason. I stopped going to that restaurant because of that–who wants to possibly fight their way back to their car?

I think there would be a better chance if the Paso residents just cut to the chase and called the CHP. After all, it might be “safety-mode” (which I believe may be a code name for “hot-tub duties” night), and the officers may be fulfilling other needs of their chief.

We need to get back to Bible principles!

“If within the city a man comes upon a maiden who is betrothed, and has relations with her, you shall bring them both out of the gate of the city and there STONE THEM TO DEATH: the girl because she did not cry out for help though she was in the city, and the man because he violated his neighbors wife.” (Deuteronomy 22:23-24 NAB)

Obviously, it is clear that our Judeo-Christian God’s biblical word doesn’t give a damn about the rape victim. He is only concerned about the violation of another mans “property”. Nonetheless, we need to actually follow bible edicts like this one, and then the rapists will start to disappear, praise!

Who are we to argue against our God’s inspired word in this respect?

Are you kidding me?

Yes. Ted has a very, very, VERY dry sense of humor. The Kalahari Dessert has humor that is less dry than Ted’s.


Uh, propose your statement of “are you kidding me” to our Christian God, and not to me. The passage in question is from HIS bible, get it?

If you don’t like the way our God roles, and you’re a pseudo-christian, then I suggest that you stay out of our belief system because TRUE Christianity doesn’t accept any candy @sses! Get it?

You are talking about the old testament not the new. I live as closely as possible within the confines of the new. Much more pertinent to today and our loving God. God Bless, always interesting to read your “stuff”. Keep it up, nice to have a person such as yourself looking after my soul. You are a fine god filled man of today.



What you are proposing is the FACT that what this same God stated in the Old Testament isn’t to be followed relative to this article’s rape victim? Jesus NEVER revoked the Old Testament laws (Matthew 5:17). Jesus also said that nothing He said could be deemed to trump the Father, which includes the words within the Old Testament commands and laws, for God rules over Jesus (1 Corinthians 11:3).

Besides, if you’re not going to follow the OT, are you willing to remove the 10 Commandments from the Supreme Court, the House, etc.? Furthermore, if you remove the OT, then there is NO Adam and Eve narrative, therefore, no fall of man, therefore, no need for Jesus to redeem us! Shame on you! You cannot separate the two books without being obligagated to the whole of the bible!

I will pray for you tonight. :(

Thank you very much I appreciate being prayed for at any time. Please ask all your friends and neighbors to join in. And especially all your church buddies. Join my wife she prays for me every day also. Thanks and God Bless you. By the way, Jesus is the Father.

Doesn’t sound like you are talking through your heart. Or with the love of God in your words. Quoting the bible all the time just shows me you are either brilliant at finding proof in the readings or you are trying to down grade my belief in God. Either way you lose.

I love God first and don’t have to prove to you how much by quoting a passage from the good book. He loves me like I am the last person on earth. I feel His love every minute of every day. Just like hopefully you do. You are special in His eyes. You don’t have to beat people over the head with the bible. Open the pages and show people the picture of God through your loving attitude.. People listen better. It’s like teaching your children how to behave in life by beating them with a stick. Doesn’t work. Only while you are bigger than them. Or they might at 12 years old or so take out a shotgun and carefully shoot your head off. Kids learn by your good example. Not by being brow beaten.

God Bless you my brother . And the same blessings to your friends even if they are not praying for me.

Article doesn’t say she was betrothed and who says she didn’t cry out?

The article certainly didn’t say she was a “maiden,” either.

Thank goodness we are not yet living in a Christian theocracy.

Spirit Filled,

One does not need to parse their words so tightly to try and disprove God’s intentions, because the bottom line is the biblical FACTOID of what to do with the woman that was raped, and the man that did the ungodly act, period.

Not doubting her story but why wait four days? The sooner reported the better odds of getting the perp.

Come on, I can think of a dozen reasons she would wait. It’s not like her car was stolen, she’s been violated. I can’t imagine, as a male, the depth of her despair. She’s been emotionally savaged.

Some women are so tramatized they wait and never report it. God Bless this lady . She is a brave person. Thank you, hope it helps catch this sick person.