Woman attacked, gang connection alleged

September 10, 2008


A Paso Robles woman was sexually assaulted shortly after midnight Tuesday in her own front yard by three Hispanic men who shouted racially-charged slurs.

The woman, in her mid-20s, was attacked from behind as she parked in her driveway on Trigo Lane. She told authorities she was raped with an object, probably a sprinkler head. She said the men called her vile names and referred derogatorily to her race during the violent assault.

Investigators at the crime scene said “initiations” for membership in a local gang are currently underway, according to friends of the victim’s family.

But Paso Robles Police Lt. Tim Murphy declined comment, saying, “We are not releasing any information about the investigation due to the sensitive nature.”

Sometime before dawn Wednesday, street signs and structures were spray-painted with black-paint graffiti “NCU.” Murphy said he did not know whether the letters had any gang implications.

A report on KSBY-TV quoted Paso Robles police as saying two of the assailants were thin, the third heavy. Two wore dark hooded sweatshirts. They escaped in a dark Honda.

While a reporter waited to talk to Paso Robles police Wednesday evening, a resident entered the Public Safety Building’s lobby to complain to officers about gangs and the threat they pose.

“With regards to graffiti, they’re [the police] pretty good at cleaning it up,“ said Sarah Bradshaw, a Paso Robles resident who walked into the Paso Robles Police Department’s lobby to discuss the escalating gang violence with an officer.

“But in regards to preventing crime,” she added, “I don’t see a change. We are law-abiding citizens, and we feel threatened by these people. Basically, we feel like prisoners in our own town.”

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Member Opinions:

By: footefoote on 10/9/08

Sounds a bit fascist to "inventory" anyone who is here legally, doesn't it?

By: Cacahuate on 9/29/08

Perhaps the PRPD, as a whole is just ineffective and needs new leadership to steer them in the right direction?

By: NorthCountyGuy on 9/22/08

It seems suspicious that the PRPD might be trying to cover up something. Several years ago a citizen attending a Paso Robles High School Reunion asked a Paso cop if there there was anything to a rumor alleging that Paso Chief Plummer was involved with drugs. Instead of saying that there was nothing to the rumor, the Paso cop threatened the citizen with the words "I have a lot of power. You are not to mention this again. If you mention this again, I can make your life very miserable." Is that a threat or what?

By: NorthCountyGuy on 9/19/08

The Paso Drug Cartel is a gang of protected-class elites? Is the Paso Chief getting a commission from their drug sales?

By: whitefeather on 9/15/08

Paso may fall the way Santa Maria has and become a place where gang activity earns a regular spot on the local news! I hope the PD can do something about it? More patrols with harsher tactics. I wonder how many C & C applicants have been turned in since this event happened.

By: YourDunes on 9/14/08

Buy a gun. Or two.

By: Joe on 9/10/08

Quantitatively, the BS is down.

Qualitatively, if you can call more hate and more idiotic quality, it is worse.

Sad to say that progress has not passed the main stream.

Call in some techie-ringers. There are PLENTY of underground anti-establishment techies in SLO. If you find people with a low (closed door)opinion of the self proclaimed "733T" of SLO, you will find plenty of help that is far from 'cost-prohibitive'

By: Paso_Guy on 9/10/08

Yeah, this new site and format is certainly a huge inprovment from the former. Either the sponsers and/or editors agree with the rants of the likes of Booty Juice or are just too lazy to police the posts.

Which is it?

By: kenfield on 9/10/08

I almost moved to Paso two months ago. Sure glad I didn't.

By: Joe on 9/10/08

Change the story up to be white men attacking a minority woman, or black men attacking a white woman then there may be something done. BUT only if it happened in one of the suburban sprawl areas, not the urban blight areas. There isn't any good wine and kareaoke bars in the area?

Maybe the graffiti WAS the new downtown mural?

By: whoisjohngalt on 9/10/08

Hey, Jarler805, hardly anyone's posting here since filtering started. I kinda miss the free-wheeling way things used to be.

By: whoisjohngalt on 9/10/08

Had this poor lady been able to exercise her right to keep and bear arms, this need never have happened.

Oh, but I forgot. When someone threatens you, you're just supposed to call the cops. We can see just how effective THAT strategy is.

Time to lock n' load….

By: CarolAnnRiley on 9/10/08

Gee this is getting serious. I wonder what ever happened with the people Robert, Leshia and their friend who got attacked by the PR13 group. The PRPD didn't even think it was important enough to secure the video from the bus that could have identified what members were involved. Has anyone heard if Robert was ever shown a line up? This stuff has to come out into the open. We need to start a no tolerance campaign. People take back our beautiful city from these thugs.

By: Cindy on 9/10/08

This story is alarming. It used to be that a gang initiation was limited to wana be members getting "jumped in". These gangs in Paso and perhaps elsewhere are apparently including sexual assault on the innocent and unsuspecting as part of a members initiation requirement. If this is true then the public should be warned and the PRPD should issue a press release. This young woman was attacked in her own yard! Its time to crack down and crack some heads.