Pit Bulls attack dog in Nipomo

April 3, 2012

On March 22, Mary O’Hara was walking her boxer Cassius in Nipomo when two unleashed pit bulls attacked her dog. [KSBY]

One of the unleashed dogs grabbed the boxer’s back and the other his neck. A neighbor of O’Hara beat the dogs off with a shovel. Cassius survived with injuries.

The owner of the pit bulls, told KSBY he did not intentionally let his dogs roam loose. He claims the pit bulls broke through a window the night before the attack after seeing another dog outside.

San Luis Obispo County Supervisors are slated to vote on an aggressive animal ordinance on April 10. If passed, the ordinance would require pet owners to confine their pets if the animals are deemed aggressive.

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The breed is bad; most (read the word, ‘most’, not all) people who have one are either mean, stupid or ignorant. There are a few good folks with these loaded guns, but I don’t know why.

I know one family who had a small female and she almost cost them their home (lawsuit), but I was nearby and saved the young mother and child from damage during the attack, then I beat that dog half to death. I’d do it again, in a minute. 30 years later the owner of that pit bull was walking her lab and he was attacked by a pit bull, she was astounded another dog could be such a jerk-HELLO!!!!! Little memory problem? I had to remind her of the disaster she had going those years ago, she ‘couldn’t remember’……

Last summer a young pregnant gal was killed by her ‘sweet and pampered’ pit bull in Half Moon Bay. Children and pets are attacked all the time by these (often cowardly and cruel) beasts, even ones raised and cared for by relatively OK people. One writer here said, her sweet little thing is a doll, but she would never let it around other animals. Sort of an asinine comment. I have had around 15 dogs over the years, mixed breeds-all rescues. I could throw any of them in a crib with babies and all would be fine.

It always amazes me when this issue comes up, when a pit bull is terrorizing the neighborhood or has attacked another creature. The animal rights folks (of which I am a fervent member) all come out in defense of this vicious and worthless breed, proclaiming it is ‘the training’. Bull, all bull. Pits and darling little rotties are just bad, to the bone. Look at the (again, mostly) cretins who have them, pretty much creating a zone of danger for all who are near. Bull, get rid of them.

I hope the Supes will put the blame where it belongs, dangerous dogs and the damage they do will be lain at the doorstep of the idiots, mind dead and jerks who have them. First attack: $1000 fine and damages. 2nd attack, the owner and dog are put down. That is the only way to deal with people who do not, and will not, get the message. These breeds should be banned; they are of only negative value. There are so many fine animals out there, with the mixes being the greatest.

Do not ever buy a dog, adopt from the pound or Woods. Do not support breeders; forget ‘purebreds’ (except, of course, Goldens -what love bugs).

Pit Bulls are gang banger meth slut dogs, and that’s why the pound is full of them.

Drug wracked imbeciles think it would be cool to have an edgy dog, then find that they cannot take care of themselves, much less their pets. So the pound gets full of aggressive, mistreated dogs with whopper jaws that crunch bones.

Take down the drug scum, and the pit bull problem will solve itself.

“I’ve lived with a sweetheart of a Pit Bull before, but I was terrified to allow him around any other male dog, he would have killed them if he could have got to them.”


Exactly. You just made my argument for me. Part of living in a community is the ability to get along with others. You just admitted your pit bull cannot. Too dangerous for the community. Did you get rid of it? Did you put it down? Of course not, because it was a sweetheart to you. You just let your neighbors live in terror right? Every day they had to live with the fear that one day your sweetheart was going to get out kill their pet or worse their small children.

You quoted my posts and yet, you didn’t notice that I was speaking in the past tense with reference to the dog? No I didn’t keep the dog because it wasn’t safe to walk him and there was always the chance that he would get out of the yard and while he would not have attacked a child, yes he would have killed my neighbors male dogs.

The dog went packing with my renter who was his owner.

There are no bad dogs only bad owners.

Bullspit!! My nephew and wife had to put down their dog, which they both loved very much, because it was uncontrollable. They did everything they could to train and control this dog. Behavior classes, professional training etc. This dog was just an unpredictable and violent animal. I am an animal lover but, I realize that dogs are animals and they are ALL unpredictable. The owner needs to understand that any animal can display behavior that the owner has never witnessed before. Many dog owners are “bad”, but some dogs are inherently “bad” also.

On March 1st, my daughter was walking her two little dogs on leash when one dog was attacked by an unrestrained Pit Bull in Shell Beach. My daughter kicked the Pit Bull as hard as she could in the jaw and luckily he released and did not go after her. The poor little pup had to be rushed to the ER and sustained major injuries. The Vet was amazed that she survived.

Unbelievably, the owner attempted to just walk away and offered no assistance in getting the Pit Bull to release the little pooch.

Authorities were called and responded but ther really isn’t that much they can do. Maybe it would have been different if a child was killed.

We ABSOLUTELY need stronger laws.

Icing on the cake– Now my daughter is afraid to walk her dogs, even though she was responsible and did nothing wrong.

Even more amazing: The dog was out with it’s owner the next day OFF LEASH !!!!

I assume, based on the verbiage used in your post, that you were not actually at the scene of the attack.

Are you 100% sure it was actually a real Pit Bull and not another breed or cross-breed? I ask only because it seems like any dog that attacks another dog, cat, or person and is not easily identified as a major breed, such as a Doberman, German Sheppard, or Poodle etc., is automatically labeled a Pit Bull.

I own a dog which has been mistaken numerous times by friends and law enforcement as a Pit Bull. She is in fact a cross between a Boxer and Terrier and was a rescue dog. What confuses people and causes them to inaccurately label her a Pit Bull is her brindle coloring. If she attacked another dog, I am quite confident that the other dog’s owner would scream “Pit Bull” and they would be wrong.

I am in no way condoning a dog being allowed to run off-leash or not being adequately fenced, only trying to point out that for many years the Pit Bull breed as a whole has taken a bad rap from the victims and press who don’t know the difference between a real Pit Bull and a mongrel.

I would hope that someday your daughter will once again feel safe to walk her dogs and that the owner of whatever type of dog it was that attacked will get his act together and control his dog.

“She is in fact a cross between a Boxer and Terrier “.

What kind of Terrier? Pit Bulls are rarely distinguished by color but rather by the bone structure of their face and jaw. I ask what kind of Terrier because you do know that a Pit Bull is actually a “Staffordshire Terrier” or know as “Bull Terrier’s” ?

It was ABSOLUTELY a Pit Bull

“I own a dog which has been mistaken numerous times by friends and law enforcement as a Pit Bull. She is in fact a cross between a Boxer and Terrier and was a rescue dog.”

Hummm… a RESCUE dog, so your asolutely positive of its lineage!

Your daughter can take the Pit Bull owner to small claims court and make the owner pay for all the veterinary costs plus filing fees. I know this is little consolation but for the time being, its better than nothing. When the new law is passed, that owner will not be allowed to walk her dog in public any longer, hopefully.

Story after story you hear of these dogs killing children, adults (the lady in S.F. years ago who entered her apartment complex and was brutality attacked), killing and harming other dogs. These dogs need to be band. Obviously, they have no place in our society. How many people need to die because of this breed? I know it is not every one, I know it is not all the time, I know they can be loving, but that one incident, one time, another death, it is worth it really?

The SF lady was not killed by Pit Bulls. Those dogs were entirely a different breed known as Presa Canario, highly aggressive and raised to be pure killers by the pscho attorney’s Noel & Knowler.

It’s not the breed, it is the breeding.

I would rather walk up on a Pit than a Chow or a Rottweiler any day of the week.

The problem is the people who are often attracted to the breed raise mean dogs on purpose.

You have a better chance of getting bit by a Dalmatian than a Pit. Look it up.

“You have a better chance of getting bit by a Dalmatian than a Pit.”

I can’t believe you said that. I love animals and used to volunteer at my local shelter years back when I had the time. I have been around lots of dogs including Pits. The only dog that has ever bit me was my neighbors Dalmatian ! To make it worse, the dog bit me after it beckoned me to pet it ! The damn dog set me up to bite me !!

Bull, see http://dogbitelaw.com/dog-bite-statistics/the-breeds-most-likely-to-kill.html

Pits and Rotties make up for 67% of kills. I’ve been around dogs all my life, from tiny ones to large Shepherds. I touch them, play with them, stick my face in theirs. No bites- the pits and rotties I’ve met scare me with their nasty aggression. Sluffing this issue off onto other dogs is just a smoke screen. There will always be random bites from misc breeds-but how many are near fatal, and/or intended to be? Pretty much only from three or four breed, with the preponderance from two breeds- pit bulls and Rotties. Done. Outlaw them, and the creepos who like them.

“If passed, the ordinance would require pet owners to confine their pets if the animals are deemed aggressive.”


We need an ordinance for that? What’s the law now, if you have an aggressive pet let them loose?

How about an ordinance that bans pit bulls period. 9 out of 10 of these stories involve pit bulls. And even if it’s 50% the owners’ fault, it still stops the problem.

By confine, they mean that certain dogs will be required to be held behind fences that can’t be breached etc. If you have an aggressive animal that is held behind a 4 foot chain link fence, you will be required to construct a 6 foot stockade fence etc. At least, that is what my understanding is. Pit Bulls are often wonderful, gentle, loving family dogs and good with the family children as well, many would not ever attack a human unless they were defending a family member, BUT; they are often “naturally” highly aggressive towards other animals. I’ve lived with a sweetheart of a Pit Bull before, but I was terrified to allow him around any other male dog, he would have killed them if he could have got to them.