Teacher-student sex bill sidelined

April 18, 2012

James Hooker

Democrats in the Assembly Public Safety Committee killed a proposal Tuesday that would have made sexual relationships and communications between teachers and students a felony — even when the participants are adults. [Sacramento Bee]

Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen (R-Modesto) introduced her bill in response to a recent incident in which teacher James Hooker, 41, and an 18-year-old student moved in together following her graduation. Both claim the relationship was not sexual before she turned 18.

Expressing concern about the constitutionality of the proposal, committee chairman Tom Ammiano said he was bothered by the Modesto incident but said he thought there were too many other problems with the bill.

“I feel it’s not fully baked,” he said. The plan also would have deprived teachers found in violation of pension benefits, as well as criminal sanctions.

The bill would not have affected cases retroactively. Hooker and the girl are no longer living together, as he has been arrested for a sexual relationship with another student years ago.

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Is this really a major problem? What about excessive admin bloat and salaries? When are the real issues in education going to be dealt with? Right after we solve this problem, I suppose. Why aren’t we applying ethics and morality issues to all govenment employees?


I am sure that you meant to say; “all of our Christian God’s morals and ethics”. Conversly, if we did follow them, we would have to build a plethroa of jails! Can’t win either way, oh well.

Leaving Teachers to feel more free corrupt children, i’d say it is one of various fundamental problems in our society. I am not saying i agreed with the bill, but that wasn’t your question.

BTW, i don’t really expect the problem will be adequately addressed anyway. I feel sorry for children in today’s public school system.

The guy left his wife and THREE kids to shack up with this confused teenager. It’s wrong, disgusting and immoral…but no, passing a new law isn’t going to help. You can’t “legislate morality”, especially with sickos like this teacher.

Oh, I am very disappointed in the legislature for not having the cajones to do the right thing.

Some folks may subscribe to the attitude that ‘after eight is too late’… but I think predatory men ( and some female (teachers) feeding off minors is every parent’s nightmare. Most of us believe that this behavior warrants much more extreme sanctions than are presently enforced. I think one local teacher got 6 months in county jail… what a joke!

Yeah, I think they should also lose their benefits as well.

I thought the GOP (Gods Own Party) was for limited government? Besides, WHEN ARE THE REPUBLICANS GOING TO GET OUT OF OUR BEDROOMS and start creating jobs as Boner stated in the 2010 elections?! SHOW ME THE JOBS!!!

Doesn’t Republican Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen have better things to do, uh, like CREATE JOBS?

If the woman is 18, who gives a F*&K? So what if the inhabitant gets better grades because she is living with the teacher, we have more important things to worry about for our Christ’s sake!