Wine, weed, and a new buzz

April 17, 2012

Marijuana-laced wine may be coming to the Central Coast. In fact, it may already be here. [DailyBeast]

While wine fermented with cannabis is nothing new — it gained a level of popularity in the 1980s — it appears to be making its way into the vats of respectable vintners in some of the best wine-grape regions in the state.

No one is talking about it too openly, but The Daily Beast reports that “quite a few California winemakers are surreptitiously producing cannabis aperitifs.”

According to an unnamed vintner interviewed by the website, the recipe is simple — one pound of quality pot dropped into a cask of fermenting wine. This yields about 1.5 grams per bottle. The fermentation process converts sugar in grapes into alcohol, and the alcohol, in turn, extracts the THC from marijuana.

Pot wine is usually blended from robust reds such as cabernet sauvignon and syrah, and according to aficionados, there isn’t much of a commercial market for the product because of California’s generally tolerant attitude toward the bud. But it is gaining traction in regions where lots of wine is consumed.

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And I bet it tastes just wonderful!

I always wondered about “Chronic Cellars” in Paso Robles…. Keep it on the DL Bro!

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Wow, sounds great. I’ll see you in the ER after you stoned users crash into my motorcycle and kill my kid on the back. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

So should we outlaw everything which MIGHT create a dangerous situation IF used improperly? Let’s take all the glue off the shelves, because someone MIGHT sniff it and get in a wreck. Better yet, let’s get rid of cars altogether, because IF (AND ONLY IF) someone uses one irresponsibly, they MIGHT crash into your motorcycle and kill your kid on the back.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is right!

Hey now….you two should get a room don’t ya think?

Uh, I don’t think we should outlaw everything. Nice straw man.

It’s not a straw man argument because I was not asserting an argument that you did not make. Your argument implied that the problem with this product was that it could result in a bad outcome. There was no difference between that and the other examples I gave based on the same logic.

Your kidding right? Why not a little cidney in the local swill then? Nuthin like a trip without the luggage aint that right bra?. Couldn’t hurt, just cause their both controlled or illegal illegal substances only responsible users like U indulge in them “properly” aint that right?. Must be why there’s thousands of booze related deaths every year.

Or how about that hot urine test on Monday morning after a weekend of wine tasting? Such a stupid notion to add more trouble to peoples lives!

When it’s legal I could care less but, until then…..SAY NO TO DRUGS!

I’m going to guess that you are a conservative leaning person, but please correct me if I’m wrong. How do you feel about nationalized healthcare? How do you feel about the welfare system?

I ask these questions because they are really the same issue. Should the laws be based on the assumption that people cannot take care of themselves, or should we expect personal responsibility? If you do like the government controlling healthcare, giving up the benefits of competition gained from freedom, why should you require others to give up the benefits of ingesting something that other people simply can’t handle in a responsible manner?

We should not outlaw alcohol we should heavily tax it and the companies that produce it to pay for all the ills it causes. The drinkers and producers need to pay for every alcohol related cost. Alcohol is not necessary it is a luxury and it is out of control.

Bottles and cans should have pictures of diseased livers and dead people from drunk driving. Short stories of the social conseqences too. Plenty of room on those big bottles of wine.

The day that water becomes to precious to be used to make alcohol cannot come soon enough.