Attempted murder in Oceano

May 23, 2012

Police arrested a man on Tuesday for allegedly attempting to shoot a man in Oceano on Tuesday at about 5:15.

Brandon  Rietkerk, 28, was arrested for allegedly pulling a gun, and pulling the trigger in an attempt to shoot a  35-year-old Oceano man on the 300 block of McCarthy Avenue. After the gun did not fire, the victim grabbed the weapon and pistol whipped Rietkerk.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrived to find Rietkerk attempting to flee the scene.

Emergency personnel transported Rietkerk to a local hospital where he was treated for his injuries before being arrested and booked into the San Luis Obispo County Jail. He’s being held in lieu of $500,000 bail.

The victim was treated at the scene for injuries he sustained in the altercation.

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Someone wasn’t smart enough to do a chamber check.

For you wheelgunners: June 1-3 the International Revolver Championship is in town will be there and will be trying for one or several more world records.

Just another reason I prefer the old fashioned revolver.

Very few people can accurately shoot a 44mag under stress. I’ve been shooting my S&W 357mag model 686 for 28 years. I still love it as much as the first day I shot it.


Thank you! Yes, I am one of those very few people that can fire a Colt 44mag REVOLVER with pinpoint accuracy. The “wheel gun” is more dependable in any situation.

It’s a gun that Jesus would use if He had to give another one of His parables concerning His Second Coming. He would have His creation brought before Him so He could slay the unbelivers! (Luke 19:27) This is our peaceful Jesus, remember?

I’ve always wanted the S&W 500. No reason too, other than to out gun you 44 guys.

Well, if you just want to ‘out gun’ , then you would go with S&W 460XVR. A bit unwieldy and long.

The Colt 45-70 Peacemaker was definitely a hand cannon, but you had to use an overhand grip on the barrel with your free hand, or the kickback could knock you out! Course, then you had no aim.

The Desert Eagle .50 cal has more punch and versatility, but it’s a two hand hold for accuracy or a wrist breaker if you’re not a 400 pound Guido.

I shot the DE50, in Hawaii of all places. Great bell ringer.

I’ve heard the 45-70 was in reality used more often as a club!

Oh, for heaven’s sake. Why don’t you just get a howitzer and be done with it.

Sister Mary,

We’re having a male anatomy contest, so as a sister of Eve, butt out!

Thank you.

Brother Ted, while I have not been witness to your accuracy in marksmanship, I can testify how effective you are during services at your flock meetings. Very impressive, when it comes time for the collection plate when you spread your priestly robes and the entire congregation can plainly see that piece of hardware welded on you hip ! ( BTW, do you use a special polish to give it that lustre ? )

Man, do the dollars flow then !

Hosahh Alachem !

Brother SF,

Yes brother Slowerfaster, God has given me the talent in the collection plate scenario for sure. I tell my followers that I don’t want to hear any “tinkling” of change when I pass the plate two or three times during my sermon, but only the silence of paper money. That’s why I place an ATM machine at the entrance of the current facility that i am using for my traveling Gospel show. Of course, the ATM only houses crisp one-hundred dollar bills, praise!

Regarding my hardware, I don’t use any polish, but leave it in it’s original and natural godly state.

Let us not forget, that as TRUE Christians, we’re to forgive Brandon Rietkerk for his attempt to harm, or kill, his victim. Jesus placed no limits on the extent to which Christians are to forgive their fellowmen (Matt 18:22,35; Luke 17:4). A forgiving spirit shows that one is a true follower of Christ (Matt 5:43-48; Mark 11:25). At the same time, we’re to love Mr. Rietkerk as well, praise Jesus! (1 Peter 4:8)


I guess Mr. Rietlerk only allegedly attempted to shoot his victim because his gun didn’t fire? If there were rounds in this gun, then it shouldn’t be considered “allegedly” shooting his victim, but in fact, trying to shoot him!

I hope it was a huge 6 inch barreled Colt 44 magnum that this victim used to whip him in to submission. No wussy 9’s or girly 22’s! A 44 mag with or without rounds is a weapon in and of itself, praise Jesus!

It’s “allegedly” because he has not been convicted in court. That whole “innocent until proven guilty” part that many zealots hate…

Still, alleged or not, it WAS an attempt to shoot someone…