Boat loaded with marijuana found near San Simeon

May 25, 2012

California Park Rangers discovered a 35-foot boat loaded with 2,000 pounds of marijuana on the coast two miles north of Piedras Blancas on Thursday, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff officials said.

Sheriff narcotics investigators arrived to find the abandoned panga boat outfitted with two high-power outboard motors beached on a remote stretch of coastline. Panga boats are modest-sized, open, fast moving fishing boats common throughout Central America.

Deputies removed 18 to 22 packaged bales of marijuana, each believed to weigh about 100 pounds, using all terrain vehicles. Fuel from the vessel was air lifted out of the area.

Numerous footprints provided sheriff investigators evidence that the boats occupant or occupants left on foot.

Piedras Blancas, also home to an elephant seal rookery, was under gale warnings yesterday with wind gusts of up to 44 mph. Investigators have not yet determined if weather conditions or engine trouble led the occupants of the vessel to abandon it.

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Crooks have been smuggling contraband into the Central Coast via boats since Prohibition and have never stopped. They come into Moro Bay harbor, San Simeon or Port San Luis under the cover of darkness, when the whole town has gone to sleep and all the businesses have closed for the night.

If they found this one boat they probably missed 100.

Prohibition? Are you kidding? This stuff has been going on for a lot longer than that! You want to try back to the 1840’s? You would not have wanted to live here back then. California was full of thieves and brigands, bushwackers, desperados, deserters, killers……

Somebody, was not doing their job ? as most of the so called Central Coast Police, Narcotic agents etc were all at the show and tell lunch. The trafficking was as usual making its was up our coast as it does every other week. When on earth are you in the Police agencies going to open your eyes, and see who and what is behind this. Felix’s cartel and the numerous gang members we have living here.

Go to any High School or college and drugs are easy to buy on the spot, in class on the lawns or at the weekend parties. This haul is nothing compared to what has been going on. The heavy stuff is still coming down the pipe line all while you think your church gang meeting with food and show and tell was impressive to the public it was a joke. As is posted this boat was on its way days before it had to beach it self read the CCN post under Teen Murder in Oceano it was in clear black and white what was happening before it even happened. The so called security teams that follow the loads up the coast while in radio contact the armed thugs are in cars on hwy 1 in contact if trouble comes and they beached it took the guys and cash and went on there merry way .

Had you been monitoring your C3I traffic you would have known of the fishing trawler 18 Nautical miles out from Morro Rock in the late evening hours unloading tons of drugs, some people and taking on plenty of cash to swift boats and zodiacs. Then to know the security details were traveling along our lovely hwy 1 watching, listening and waiting. Not one officer or USCG in the area ?

The police are in on it.

Correct they have, and tonight is a massive ” Birthday Party” with some of the drugs from this load being used, this party will have Ecstasy , (X) Pot, Hash, Cocaine, PCP, Acid, Magic mushrooms, purple haze, Oxycontin , and so much more. I know one of the students going and she said this is going to be like a ” Rave” party free drugs, sex, and booze. If you in Law Enforcement want to seize the moment, watch for these three vehicles, from Los Osos to Morro Bay areas, Red VW bug newer model, Nissan pick up truck with a bed cover tan in color, a newer 4 door dark tinted windows Toyota Tacoma truck.

These are the three vehicles that are involved in this massive rave birthday party, with the dope and booze. So Be on the lookout for these tonight around Los Osos, Morro Bay and some in Caycous. They have local and Socal Gang connections and mostly from San Diego. I hope no one gets hurt by weekends ending but knowing my kid will not be going from what she said this is a big bash.

Toyota she said is gray or silver 2 with 4 doors usually seen in Morro Bay and Los Osos areas

Mexican Troops Commit Crimes with US Support. The DEA Hears No Evil

The State Department report on human rights says that U.S.-trained security forces in Mexico have “engaged in unlawful killings, forced disappearances, and instances of physical abuse and torture” in the U.S.-led war on drugs. Mike Riggs at Reason contacted the DEA looking for some sort of statement.

It’s important to point out that Mexican security forces have been committing crimes with U.S. backing for some time now. And it is well known. Human Rights Watch back in November of last year released a report providing evidence that Mexico’s security forces participated in “more than 170 cases of torture, 39 ‘disappearances,’ and 24 extrajudicial killings since Calderón took office in December 2006.” And these are just what they could confirm.

“Instead of reducing violence, Mexico’s ‘war on drugs’ has resulted in a dramatic increase in killings, torture, and other appalling abuses by security forces, which only make the climate of lawlessness and fear worse in many parts of the country,” said José Miguel Vivanco of Human Rights Watch. What’s more, claimed the report, is that most of these crimes are committed with impunity. Security forces are by and large immune from any accountability for these actions.

President Calderon’s policy to deploy 50,000 Mexican troops and thousands more federal police officers – forces that are trained by the United States – has only increased the violence, which has left more than 50,000 dead since about 2006. The Mexican drug cartels – which the Washington Post reported yesterday are at war with each other – have dug in their heels and terrorized Mexico with progressive cruelty following every increase in hardened drug war policy (directed by Washington, of course).

So true. But the denial continues. Just look at your dislikes. Probably cops or prison guards that live off of the drug war.

Yep. They know which side their bread is buttered on. Still, the “myth” is breaking down, and the truth will out, is coming out as we type here. I love it.

The people who deny will never be allowed to join the “Choom” gang. It cracks me up that we have a total pothead for a president who continues putting people in jail. Hypocrite.

Like i said this is just the start, of new things to happen on the coast, with associates of Norteno Gang now here with there associates ” N Familia” Carlos Moreno and his pals in, FSN, AC14,ESS,LBL, 38th st. Norte, ESS, and his BPN boys and girls the sheriff and COP’s should have listened to the DEA when in Sept-1991 they issued a stern advisory and warning to all Central Coast LEO’s to put together a major Task Force since King Pins have penetrated the area back then, Ron Soble of the LA times wrote about it 9-5-1991 and you all failed to listen to the DEA and BNE.

Now your going to see how much worse it gets, Felix familia boys are doing business here up and down the coast without much enforcement, with CMC housing leaders and there families and members living outside locally the trouble is here and growing.

Our social problems do not stem from the market, but from the state.

Seems like an awful waste of pot. There’s a lot of good people out there that would put it to good use. It should be a project for helping the seniors of our county. I will bet my brother in law and I could empty that boat in record time. Bad backs or not. We may need the grandma’s in the area to help. When it’s time to ask for help with the heavy lifting I will let you know.


Maybe that is why they were inexact in declaring the number of bales that were removed from the boat – 18 to 22. Really? Just not sure how many bales made it into custody?

I noticed that too. I know they aren’t overly educated but 18 – 22 ? Come on……..

Wow, man! What a threat to public safety! We’ve got to get them drug smugglers! We’ve got to get them “Panga Boats”!

Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

I think the Sheriff’s office must have saw the posting on CCN under Teen Murder suspect arrested 5-18-2012, the posting says boats have been smuggling drugs off the central coast especially in the area in this story ? coincidence ? I do not think so, from what i learned after the ” Show and Tell” luncheon last Friday at the ” Gang Conference” at Mountain Brook Church” members of local gangs even attended and listened to gather their own Intelligence and photo cars in the parking lots, license plates etc. reading the posting on both CCN and Tribune apparently someone decided to check the coast and actually set of 24 hour surveillance team.

The Police are not telling you that just saying it was found by rangers , doubt that since the CCN posting the Narcotics team and others finally started to look at the area that was posted as boats smuggling. My thought is the mother load did this on purpose and the big fishing boast delivered its loads of drugs, guns and people to continue the Central Coast Cartel’s . As was posted last week on CCN and the Tribune many gangs or better yet organized crime is here and our locals have no idea how bad it really is or what to do. Kudo’s to CCN for having the posting of this and then it happened. Your the best in investigating reporting.


The CIA and the “cartels” are one in the same entity, jaso!

There seemed to be little difference between the good guys and the bad guys when it came to the Fast and Furious operation. Just sayin…

Yes, that curious theme keeps coming up. Is there a pattern here?

My husband and several of his associates are not surprised at this, what is missing is, someone knew of this in advance as has been posted on this and other sites. I learned what is missing is, as these operations have increased since the press made public the state pulling funds out of the narcotics enforcement teams and all the problems with ethical challenges on the several coastal police agencies. The crime groups have increased their operations.

The increase in this sort of smuggling is not just drugs, it is people, cash etc. he said that they know some of these organized criminal enterprises are not your typical looking stereotypes of long hair, dirty, gang tattoos, etc. The have very sophisticated electronic equipment and radio jamming devices and as the groups move up and down the coast weekly with loads of drugs ( Cocaine, Marijuana, PCP and Meth.) they also move massive amounts of cash and weapons. They are all in constant radio communication with there pick up teams and protectors.

He said when a load is being delivered mostly along SLO coastal regions they have two or more armed vehicles following along the highway for rescue and protection. If a deal goes wrong they can radio for help and either the Van loaded with armed associates and another vehicle a 4 door SUV will be there to pick up the smugglers and cash, dump the guns in the ocean. I can only assume if one checked the coastal area they will find tossed weapons, communications equipment etc.

one thing said was they do not trust the local prison gang officers, parole or probation and several police agencies so they do not notify them until the last minute if a raid or a team is tracking the smugglers. So this is more dangerous than we all realize and very sophisticated . Our Men and Woman in undercover operations risk their lives daily and have to now be careful of other enforcement agencies since trust is at issue. The other thing mentioned is tremendous cash is flowing north and south weekly. These are not all as some have said Mexican gangs or illegals many are right in your backyards and neighbors. Those who had to leave this partial load and escape were apparently picked up back the back up teams on the the highway following the loads to there drops.