Find out the truth; ask questions of your elected officials

May 7, 2012

Gary Nemeth


Some council leadership in this election is counting on your apathy to keep them on the Paso Robles Council.  When you don’t vote, the minority who does vote — wins. The silent majority needs to stand up, discuss issues, be counted, and be listened to start a new beginning.

By voting, you are going to be heard.  Smaller government has integrity, trust, efficiency and understanding as it deals with people honestly — and has the courage to do what is right for “We The People.”

I believe in smaller government, that’s fiscally sound, responsive leadership not reactive bureaucracy.  City government that listens to voters, works together solving problems, actually works with the city’s business community to help — rather than hindering the free market flow of economic success which causes business to fail, rather than flourish.

It is time to stop the trend of residents not voting out of apathy, indifference and allowing the minority to control the City of Paso Robles.  It is time that “We the People” of Paso Robles take control of our city and listen to each other, with the majority of residents voting for true quality leadership.  I ask for your support/endorsement — Gary Nemeth 4 Mayor, 451 Morgan Lane.

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If we only get Gary Nemeth, and the same ole good-ole-boys, and who cares who Mecham endorses, he is/was one of the good-ole-boys and left Paso with many of the problems he was part of starting…no one talks of any issues, as many have already stated here. No one talks about the 180 degree turn that needs to be taken to bring back a education system in this town. No one talks about how to attract new business to town, and change the reputation so that people that are movers and shakers would want to move to a broke town. The corruption and lack of any innovative young people or women on the city council has left it caught in the past. These folks run off events, don’t even have a theater for plays, what theater people are in town have to do their events in Tempelton. Town is void of the arts, except for the couple of galleries in town. Except for the Fair each year 0 National acts come here to perform, except out at Pozo. The town is totally VOID of any venues for events, except the Event Center, and they run that like the DMV…if you are not a member of the special club, that make it totally restrictive to use the venue!!!

Austin, Texas, and Santa Fe, New Mexico did economic studies to help their city growth, and lure in top notch industries, and learned that you must support and create a place for the “arts” to thrive. Affluent people want to live around and have access to the arts. Plays, art galleries, concerts, speaker events, music and film festivals, all of which this group of OLD MEN fight and shun!

Seems everybody is angry at the wineries, which is the ONLY thing that we can hang our economic hat on. They all seem to be fighting each other to sell their wine, and the city fights them with trying to control their events, which is like throwing out the baby with the bath water…Speaking of water, it is obvious that they are doing what they can to cover up the hot springs…but they got their Fair, seems that once a year is what they consider the “arts.”

If only Gary Nemeth (or someone like him) is the best this city can offer – then we deserve exactly what we will get – much the exact same as has been for past several years. And can we please stop believing Frank Mecham ‘walked on water’ – he didn’t. He was part of the mess, as well as part of the solution. As long as the citizens of this city are accepting of 5 ‘old’ get-along geezers being on the city council with Jimmy running the show – the show will be just a rerun – ‘Groundhog Day’ over and over and over and over.

Great question – Why aren’t there any 35 – 45 year olds showing interest in serving on city council?