Find out the truth; ask questions of your elected officials

May 7, 2012

Gary Nemeth


Some council leadership in this election is counting on your apathy to keep them on the Paso Robles Council.  When you don’t vote, the minority who does vote — wins. The silent majority needs to stand up, discuss issues, be counted, and be listened to start a new beginning.

By voting, you are going to be heard.  Smaller government has integrity, trust, efficiency and understanding as it deals with people honestly — and has the courage to do what is right for “We The People.”

I believe in smaller government, that’s fiscally sound, responsive leadership not reactive bureaucracy.  City government that listens to voters, works together solving problems, actually works with the city’s business community to help — rather than hindering the free market flow of economic success which causes business to fail, rather than flourish.

It is time to stop the trend of residents not voting out of apathy, indifference and allowing the minority to control the City of Paso Robles.  It is time that “We the People” of Paso Robles take control of our city and listen to each other, with the majority of residents voting for true quality leadership.  I ask for your support/endorsement — Gary Nemeth 4 Mayor, 451 Morgan Lane.

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I think we all need to be careful of buying into specifics from people that want our votes. Every election time we get all kind of specifics in the form of colorful propaganda either in the mail, interviews on the radio or articles in newspapers from the candidates wanting our votes.

This current crop of people convinced us they are all fiscally responsible and have all the best intentions about the direction our city needed to go. And look where they have taken us.

The only thing I want to know from a candidate is are you for representing this mindless, bloated, over-bearing cesspool of corruption and lawlessness that exists on Spring street, or do you want to actually represent the citizens, the people that call Paso their home.

The two Paso cities that exist today are 180 degrees apart from each other.

The first question I want answered is where did your allegiance originate from, the cesspool on spring street or is your allegiance with the citizens.

The two sides are very clear and definable. It shouldn’t be hard to see which candidate has the best interest of the citizen in mind.

I’d still like to see some specific answers to hard questions. Are you with us or against us isn’t really a hard question, in my opinion.

I agree it isn’t really that hard of a question.

But If many of the decisions that have been made concerning our city were looked at from this standpoint, the city wouldn’t be as screwed up as it is.

Lets see:

paying off the police cheif

moles in the meetings

lying crime stats

The computer ate the emails

fabricating crime stats

bloated bureaucrat wage and benefit packages , dwindling city services

ETC, ETC…………………The list goes on and on

it seems pretty clear to me the standpoint our city representation is using.

It shouldn’t be that hard to change it.

Who cares what happens in Paso de Nobles ?

it’s a sulphur lake sinkhole of methamphetamine induduced DEPRAVITY !

I agree with the vast majority of commentors. Gary, or any other candidate, must get more specific on why they should be considered for mayor or city council. Not neccessary to go ‘hog-wild’ and state firm positions on everything, but just pick 3 or 4 of the major issues facing this city and say very clearly and very strongly EXACTLY what they will do about them. Examples may be:

1. The whole issue of Naciemento water – What exactly will be done to fix this fiasco? Why will we be paying for this water until at least 2016, but not using one, single drop.

2. Paso’s police chief mess – which candidate(s) will state specifically what he (or she) will do to reverse the ‘go away and be quite’ payoff that was made. Be specific on how a new chief will be hired.

3. State speciifically your position on added taxes (property or sales).

4. Exactly what would you do to run this city differently? And, exactly what you would do if you were unable to do so in a timely fashion – say within 6 months after taking office.

5. What is your cxrystal clear position on the huge benefits given to city officials and personnel?

It can no longer be accepted to just say beautiful words – it is to spell out absolutely clear actions. If you want my support – there are three things you MUST do –

1. Be specific

2. Be specific, and

3. Be specific.

Mr. Nemeth, there are many reasons people don’t vote.

One of them is they have no reason to believe that the vote count is accurate, and that the person our government vote-counters say won the election is actually the person who had the most votes.

If that is a person’s belief, it is better not to vote because, as long as people continue to participate in the system, the government believes they have the people fooled.

I believe citizen activism which forces elected officials to serve the best interests is more effective than casting votes when there is no way to ensure that the vote count will be accurate.


This is avideo that shows how it is done, including how the program can be spread from voting machine to voting machine. It is REALLY interesting.


“I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.”

–Josef Stalin

Were you aware that SB County uses a Diebold system for voting?

If Gary and our current pathetic excuse of a mayor are the only 2 candidates, I won’t vote. Hey, there’s a thought…what happens in an eletction of no one casts a vote??


Have you sought an endoesement from Frank Mecham?

Oh, he declined?

I don’t think an endorsement from Frank Mecham is going to matter in the next election. He’s with the old school and he’ll support all the old candidates automatically, except perhaps for Fred Strong.

Don’t be surprised if Frank remains neutral and doesn’t support anyone. That’s what he did 2 years ago.

You may be correct, but consder this:

Much has changed in Paso since Frank ran successfully and if wants to continue that success, he may want to back off from those that have fallen from grace

Gary ~

My husband & I are new to Paso Robles so we have yet to understand the the positions of each of the local politicians, i.e. who is who & what they stand for, etc. With the elections coming down the pike very soon, it will be imperative for us to make our way through the jargon.

From your short letter here, I was unable to see what you stand for. Please be more specific about the changes you would like to see implemented should you be voted in as Mayor. Thank you.

I agree. I am against apathy, I am for “We the People”, I like Mom and Apple Pie, but would like to hear what you are going to do to solve problems. What are the issues and what are the answers? What are you going to do differently than you did before? We want solutions, not platitudes. Tell us what you are going to do. Otherwise you are no different than the others.

He definitely has the basics down and he has to start someplace. His letter is as good a place to start as anywhere in my opinion. From what I’m reading, Gary is saying that :

Listening to, respecting, and voicing a willingness to be held accountable to the people that you serve, while always remembering that you’re in service rather than an entitled official is a significant improvement in relation to the Lords who now the city of PR as if it is their fiefdom. Respecting the value of the tax dollar and downsizing gov where it is redundant, superfluous or incompetent is all a very good thing too ;)

Yes, I know these proclamations should just go without saying but it doesn’t seem to be the case in Paso Robles. The citizens need to go back to ground zero and remember that it is THE CITIZENS FIEFDOM and the servants will do the will of the people or its off with their heads.

Mr Nemeth seems to be saying that for starters, he is on board and ready to get the people’s job done. I’m sure we will hear more about what Mr Nemeth plans to accomplish, re-visit, improve, dismantle, enforce, develop, implement and CORRECT. The cup “runnith over”.

This piece is completely lacking in substance and style. Gary, when will you start providing specific proposals instead of meaningless statements about “small government” and “quality leadership?” When you do have specific ideas to convey, you may want to hire an editor to help you convey them. Consider this: “…and be listened to start a new beginning.” What does that mean? A word seems to be missing. Start a new beginning? Seriously? I’m willing to be convinced but pieces like this aren’t doing it.

My post has proven unpopular. It would be nice to read some opposing viewpoints to accompany the dislikes.

The alternative is “business as usual”. Bring on the wine events and use the short staffed Paso police for traffic control, not at the parking lots to catch drunk drivers, but in the middle of the festival. Why aren’t the county wineries providing their own security? Are the police still being told (by App) to go easy on drinking drivers from the festival, in complete disregard of public safety?

We have an event center. Why is the city park fenced off for wine events? Are county wineries paying for the use of the park that becomes off limits to the Paso residents?

We have a weak council, a city administration that is top heavy with big salary administrators, and a dictator city manager that keeps all the information to himself and allows no dissent. The city gives our tax money away to the likes of a failed city police chief for “damage to her reputation”, and you criticize any opposition to the oligarchy in place as not good enough?

We need all the opposition we can get. We have no idea of the secret deals that have been made by the city involving our taxpayer money, but the money is flying out of the city to the likes of City Attorney, Iris Yang, failed police chief Lisa Solomon, and contracted work that the city should do in-house, but somehow is incapable of doing (employee searches, writing up bid contracts, studies, etc.)

You make some good points, but it would be nice to know Mr. Nemeth’s views on specific issues the city faces.

One reason hard to use the event center is that they are so closed door to working with anybody from the outside of their cowboy club. And hard to put on an event where it smell like cow shit all the time. Going after the wineries is throwing the baby out with the bathwater…without them this town goes not only down the drain but in the shit hole! The wineries and SOME NEW city officials need to come to the table and work together for the common cause to get this town out of the dark red hole it is in presently.