Paso citizen group plans meet

May 18, 2012

The inaugural public meeting of a newly-formed Paso Robles citizen action group, Change Paso Robles Now, or CPRN2012, is set for Saturday at La Quinta Inn and Suites, 2615 Buena Vista Drive in Paso Robles, from 2-4 p.m.

Chair Karen Daniels said everyone is welcome to attend the open forum community gathering.

“We want to stimulate a lively discussion about our basic expectations for local government, and to find common objectives,” said Daniels. “We think the people of this community are ready, willing, and able to assist in addressing very obvious existing civic problems, as well as proposing potential solutions.”

Daniels said numerous critical issues are facing citizens of Paso Robles, including bad streets, shadowy and costly payments to a former chief of police, increasing crime, bloated city management salaries, and a non-responsive and often hostile City Hall environment.

She said the event will incorporate time for participants to meet and mingle, to learn about CPRN2012, to discuss issues, and to exchange questions and answers. For additional information, call 400-5652, or email

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Just a brief followup announcement about our meeting. We feel it was well received despite the appearance and presence of Councilman Fred Strong. We did not specifically invite him but obviously he felt included in the general public invite. To his credit, he fielded many tough questions and comments from the attendees and I think our group walked away with a better understanding of the resistance and excuse-making way PR city council operates. I do not think any of the antendees were swayed by Mr. Strong’s lenghty speeches or offerings. Resulting, we have had more requests for membership and phone conversations from the community wanting to help in any possible way.

i encourage any of you who support our mission to register at our website,, if you have not already done so. We will be announcing our next general meeting soon, which will be for members only and NOT open to the public. We are gettng down to business!

As always, we appreciate your support.

Best of luck to you folks. We could use that in every city of the county, there is terrific graft and greed at every level.

Thank you, Hotdog. We appreciate your encouragement.

I hadn’t seen this video but thought it was appropriate considering Fred Strong came to our Meet and Greet today.

I won’t be there because I don’t live there…..but my best thoughts and wishes are with you for a successful meeting and sincerely hope that you find common ground to solve your most serious problems, i.e., a non-responsive Council, etc.

Be careful that you don’t end up like whistleblower Donal Schneider.

You must be a long time resident of the North County. Please tell everyone Donald Schneider’s story.

Several stories on the late Donal Schneider were published in New Times – SLO. He was killed in 1997 by a choke hold from a SLO Sheriff Deputy over an alleged expired license plate tag. He is a 69 year old who was asking too many questions about suspicious irregularities in local government. It almost looks like Donal could have been ambushed in a remote area of SLO County (i.e., Creston) by a Sheriff that was laying in wait for him. It is suspicious that KSBY and the Telegraph Tribune spiked the story. It is suspicious that the D.A. threatened the media into silence. New Times – SLO should have a complete file on the incident. There is a lot of dirty laundry in Paso Robles.

Thank you, NCG, for telling the story of Donal Schneider. My husband and I spoke of Donal and what happened to him and the possibility of retaliation for exposing that “dirty laundry” in Paso Robles. It could happen. But I have confidence in my purpose and faith in the community and I can’t sit by in worry that I will be targeted for any form of retaliation.

I rarely go to Creston, but am lured by the deliciousness from the Loading Chute every once in awhile….

Thank you again for taking the time to share the story.

Even though I live in North County outside of Paso Robles, anything that happens in Paso Robles impacts everyone living in this county.

In 1997, I was rear-ended on Spring Street by a politically-influencial member of the Ol’Boy Clique who was speeding in excess of 50 MPH in a 25 MPH zone. The malicious cover-up by the PRPD was a bigger threat to my life than the actual collision. The nasty PRPD officer behaved like someone who was following orders.

The Ol’Boy Clique of Paso Robles has absolute power and zero accountability.

I’ll be there, but be warned: there may be residual drunkenness among attendees coming from the Wine Festival, and we all know how alcohol fuels rage. This is a long-overdue meeting of the I’m-mad-as-hell-and-I’m-not-going-to-take-it-anymore crowd. If anyone really cares about local government, do not miss this meeting.


Everyone knows that locals don’t attend the wine fiasco

good grief

Well we definitely know the locals won’t be enjoying the facilities at the public park downtown because we are all fenced out. Pretty sure my tax dollars are paying for maintenance at that park.

Then those locals who are interested in serious change for Paso Robles should attend the Meet and Greet.

You got that ! Most locals stay at home with their meth and peppermint schnapps !

LOL @ peppermint schnapps! I am actually an iced tea woman, myself. And I don’t do meth, my drug of choice is Tylenol, out of necessity. Dealing with city hall can give one a huge headache!

Speak for yourself, Slowerfaster.