Man accused of murdering Oceano teen

May 18, 2012

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies arrested a Santa Maria man for the gang related killing of an Oceano teen.

On Nov. 17, Armando Yepez, 21, allegedly participated in the drive-by shooting of Gabriel Salgado, 17, and an unnamed 14-year-old on the 1700 block of 21st Street. Salgado was killed while the 14-year-old recovered from his injuries.

Department officials said Salgado was not involved in gang activity and just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Deputies booked Yepez into San Luis Obispo County Jail with charges of homicide, commission of a crime for the benefit of a criminal street gang, and participation in a criminal street gang. He is being held under a $1 million bond.

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A lot you know maybe too much, but the reality is you are correct, as the wife of one of the out of town agencies operations team members your information is too right. I am thankful we do not live in the direct area. What was not revealed was as these boats and some custom mini-subs smuggle cash, arms, people, communications monitoring equipment jamming equipment, guns and have been for some time.

As was said seriously dangerous armed smugglers are involved and they have the ability to monitor and track enforcement teams . Their co-conspirators follow along the coastal highways with armed associates that are in constant communications in case of trouble from Coast Guard, Military or Police or just a broken vessel or a rival crime family is aware of the deal . If they get to a drop and it is a set up the vehicles have the drops under surveillance and can gun down anyone. If a group is detected they abandoned ship and radio for help toss the weapons over board along with the communications equipment and try to save and pick the smugglers and cash and maps then of the point of drops and code words to safely complete there deal. The loads are usual too big to save so the important thing is get the smugglers, radios, maps and cash and get out.

What I find very interesting is the lack of locals LEO’s the boards, city councils to really want to do something about the Criminal Elements taking hold here. Yesterdays alleged Gang community meeting at Mountain Brook was “Fun” to eat and listen to stories but NOT ONE real solution’s or fact on what is really happening.

When the Tribune white washing the conference and deletes people who attended this social gathering it tells me our paper does NOT want the facts out, to scare people off, hurt real estate prices etc. If they really wanted to know they should have called US DOJ Deputy Director of Organized Crime and Gang Section at 202-514-1103, whether he would have revealed or come I can not say. But what I can say is this: In our area we have seen members of Florencia 13, 18th St. (LA), Fresno Bull Dogs, Hells Angels, Mongols, Vagos= OMGs ( Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs. Prison and Street gangs in the area marking their turf, like La Eme, Nuestra Familia, Mexikanemi, Barrio Azteca, Los Zeta’s, BGF=Black Guerrilla Family , AB= Aryan Brother Hood, just two weeks ago in the small town of Bodfish, CA in the foothills of Lake Isabella three members of a cartel from Mexico went to eat at Subway in Lake Isabella as they drove back to protect the POT farm in the hills above bodfish they passed a sitting CHP vehicle with one office, they turned around and without warning or notice as he was parked ambushed him and his car, thank god he had his vest on, they got away but the hunt is on.

These Organized gangs, street thugs, prison gangs and there ma ma’s and prospects on the outside live in our community, in sec 8, HUD subsidized housing etc. (DTOs) Drug Trafficking Organizations are growing at an alarming rate on the Central Coast, the conference failed to address the real issues, with Gang Leaders ship from MS-13 to the many settled from Paso Del Robles to Santa Maria and turf battles going on daily we will see our area be very much like ” Boyle Heights” sooner or later. For the Tribune to conceal this to protect our image and realty values is a joke, all while our kids are using Heroin, Meth, Crack, X, prostitution, racketeering, threats and intimidation and witness tampering someone better wake up and take some action with in my opinion a new covert unit without the press or Public knowing it since their is Police Corruption in our area, we need to base a specialized unit at Camp Roberts in a high security area, with selected vetted new members of the CHP, Sheriffs office, and several Police Departments, with major vetting and background checks before joins this unit and bring on as oversight one sitting Judge, one vetted board member, and the Sheriff and at least two trusted local chiefs of Police.

Also to include on Asst. US Attorney, and members of the State ABC, Federal BATF,DEA,FBI, IRS CID, State Attorney Generals Crime staff. A unit not unlike the new DOD unit DCS=Defense Clandestine Unit, with oversight. NO ONE from CDC, DMV, PROBATION or PAROLE this needs to be a very special unit new highly trained staff of all races, male and female. If not you will see more home invasions, garage drug labs, drive buys, hits, etc. read the graffiti now showing up in San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Sanat Maria, Los Osos, and Paso Del Robles the gangs are already tagging their territory and sending waring to rivals a war is going to happen if not stopped soon . More young people will become unwilling participates in these actions, parties to sells to the protection racket and mules as well as local couriers.

Do Not think for one minute they are not monitoring the radios, searching the plates of vehicles, tracking U/C staff and have there own intelligence operatives as well. Funding should never be an issue with this, IRS-CID can help you recovery some serious financial assets to pay for this new unit. Watch how Narco Trafficking is using Morro Bay ” Fishing Boats” Zodiacs at night to drop loads off the coast of Harmony area and more. Please do not take this as a government form of taking over, it is meant to alert you to some serious problems, follow how many young people have killed family members, friends, while in a drug crazed state it is only going to get worse.

Well one of your stumbling blocks in all this is the A.C.L.U.

What a load of FUD.

Well Zaphod, regardless of your opinion I am stateing fact. I’ve been following the gang problems in the media since 1980. One of the things they (authorites) have tried is limiting gang colors or other associated items. I.e. Raiders jackets in L.A. In all of these instances the A.C.L.U has stepped in. Sorry to confuse you with facts.




And what is your point?????

zaphod says: 05/19/2012 at 11:10 am

Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt

When they occur, it is usually a mankind creatation / persuation!

Always get a credible 2nd “honest” opinion

Yea I guess gangs and killings is o.k? No fear or doubt or uncertainty here. Just a case of REAL PISSED OFF at kids getting killed 34 years after the likes of the Bloods and Crips were formed and since other murderous gangs and we are still tring to find a way to stem the flow of the cancer that is gangs.

The ACLU is one of the best organizations in the country. Sometimes they do things I don’t like but they are all about individual rights, even when their position is unpopular. And they cannot DO anything about anything, if they see a good case they sue in court and the court does something. So if the reader hates the ACLU then they must hate our laws and courts first.

No I don’t hate our laws or courts. I hate our lawlessness that continues in gangs. I hate the mom’s and pop’s stores that get robbed. I hate the innocent kid that gets hit by a stray bullet. I hate the innocent kid that is targeted and killed like in the article. I hate the kid that is going to get jumped into a gang and from here on out is going to have a screwed up life. And I hate smug individuals that try to simplify the whole thing.

The ACLU has done FAR MORE GOOD than not-good.

Never said one way or the other. My comment is in regards to gangs.

Yeah well the problem here is lack of linear thought process or relevant facts. No one is covering anything up. People are just becoming increasingly paranoid because of the perception spread by the media and adopted by the racist. None of what you said here demonstrates ANYTHING whatsoever except that you have a fear and fixation on something, and are grabbing any kind of information that validates it and dumping into one confused mental pile and then desperately trying to make it all seem like one thorough, lucid argument. It is grammatically challenged hysteria.

Relax man, no one is coming to get you. Violent crime is down all over. It is no worse now than it has ever been, you just hear about it more.


Excellent big picture and analogy of the present and the real of it

Wow, i red today the Sheriffs office found a massive load of Marijuana off the central coast just as you said is happening so i guess the SLOSO is reading the post as well now they are doing something no arrests but a boat load of drugs is off the streets. Since this is a massive load you can be the smugglers are going to be “Hit” and dumped at sea for failing to complete the deal. OUCH ! one for the Narco team… glad you red the CCN post to go and find out about the off shore smuggling you might want to read CCN more often.

If we allow a death penalty it should be done within two years of the conviction. Allow the convicted to have their case supersede all other cases in the count system and then be done with it. It makes no sense for society to pay for 15 plus years of litigating a death sentence. Either do it straight away or don’t pretend it will be accomplished and waste money. Life in prison is cheaper. Lifers do not have all that much longevity in our prison system.

It is ironic that although abigchocoholic, WiseGuy, hotgrandma, JackR comments below are so contrast, yet each one of their views are so very true.

Wow ! Six months gone and the alleged perp is found ! Rare, to say the least.

Congrats to the police4 work and investigation that led to this arrest. Either the perp bragged, or someone else dropped a dime.

Condolences to the Salgado family, which even this news will never replace their Gabriel.

As for Yepez, he took a life and ruined his own.

Yepez was the name I heard the day after the shooting but it appears they didn’t have enough evidence to arrest him until now.

unbelievable. Give him the death penalty if he did it.

That 17 year old was an innocent child standing on his street in his community . I can’t imagine what the victims’ parents feel. The mindset that doing that crime was somehow cool or justified is beyond belief. The killer doesn’t deserve to be alive.

The death penalty accomplishes nothing good. It simply serves as an example to the masses that one party who feels wronged has the right to take the life of another. And the cycle continues….

Your type of blood lust degrades our society and without a doubt leads to more violence and tragedy.

I detest all forms of violence toward all people and animals. In the case of the death penality however, just look at Atascadero State Hospital as an example of allowing violent criminals to go on living. Where did some segments of our society get the idea that because a monster is put behind bars he/she can’t hurt anyone else. Look closely at ASH and CMC right in you own backyard. No, I don’t like the death penality but I like even less people who don’t deserve to live.

Most gang members view prison as a place to continue their gang activity. The new generation of gang members (like Yepez) probably knew that’s where they’d end up. Just following in their parent’s footsteps.

If we’re going to have a death penalty, then this murder is one that deserves it. If we are going to have a death penalty but never use it, then we’re wasting millions of dollars on the appeal process. Either use it or abolish it. If we start putting gang members to death for murders, will that make them stop? Nothing we’re doing now appears to be working.