Public forum set for PR chief quest

May 30, 2012

Paso Robles city officials will try to glean from residents their thoughts about the city’s next chief of police in a Saturday forum starting at 10 a.m. at City Hall, 1000 Spring Street.

A replacement is sought for Lisa Solomon-Chitty, who resigned following allegations of her sexual abuse of subordinates, retaliation, and unlawful management practices.

William Avery & Associates Inc., a Los Gatos search firm, was retained by officials earlier this month at a total cost of about $20,000.

City residents can email comments to, or mail to Bill Avery at Avery & Associates Inc., 3‐1/2 N. Santa Cruz Ave. Suite A, Los Gatos, CA 95030. Phone: (408) 399‐4424.

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Why don’t you try a brunette this time?

How about we see if we can get a “two for one deal” and have this forum be about Jim App as well? Let’s include in the forum, what we want in our new City Manager. It really is only a matter of time.

Jim’s arrogance has putrefied most of his direct reports, they believe the citizens work for them. Just try to get something done down there in City Hall, and you beg them to do their job, it’s like you work for them.

Note to Jim App… Jim, you have lost touch with the citizens of Paso Robles, you can never regain their confidence in your life time. For the sake of Paso Robles, and your career, please start your own job search. You can’t continue in your current position and hope to effectively manage the City. You have reached the point in which you blame everyone else for the City problems; you honestly believe you are better than your Council and the Citizens. That should be a signal you need a change.

You know you really don’t like your job anymore; well-educated and smart people recognize that situation and initiate change on their own. Move on, it’s better for you and for us.

The firm these Bozo’s hired needs to justify its fees. So they will waste everyone’s time asking ridiculous questions. What sort of answers do they expect?

We want a PC that goes to church? We want a PC who is in a monogamous marriage rather than a swinger, yeah that is right, the Solomon’s are known swingers. We want a PC who doesn’t entertain in public bars while getting intoxicated, shaking her tits and sing songs like, lets give them something to talk about”? We want a PC who isn’t a public alcoholic or sex addict? How about we want a PC who is PC?

What WE WANT, is for these Bozo’s to back off until we vote in a competent local government. DON”T HIRE ANYBODYelse, that is what we want from you.

This is what we don’t want:

A police chief who considers himself a singing and dancing entertainer. A police chief who attends every wine and city council function. A police chief who is seen in every bar in town drunk. A police chief who serves as the event planner for AMGEN. A police chief who tends to personal business–bankruptcy court, multiple divorces, sexual escapades, shopping, wine functions, and parties on the job while the top heavy with administration department operates on its own. A police chief who is dishonest/fearful and creates a hostile political atmosphere for officers whereby they are desperate to have a second officer present as a witness for protection. A police chief who is incompetent and knows next to nothing about police patrol, gang suppression, traffic control, etc. A police chief that does everything the city manager Jim App requests, regardless of what it is, showing gross lack of integrity. A police chief who won’t wear the uniform. A police chief that operates a business on the side.

How condescending. They’re holding a public forum to ask what sort of a Chief of Police the citizens want!

How about a well vetted, competent, qualified, educated, emotionally stable, honest one? Is that something that they have to be told? Perhaps they are expecting to hear the demands for height, eye color, build and sex, since that is how the last one got hired, idiots.

How is that condescending? They are getting you involved in the process, giving you a voice. I am sure if there were closed door discussions you would be up in arms about that too. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t I guess. Instead of continually complaining, why don’t you go to the meeting and lend something constructive for once.

Postpone the process until after city council and mayoral elections.

Agreed. The people are not happy with the performance of the city council and city manager. The last thing needed is for PR to get stuck with another loser police chief. As we found out from the last disaster, Solomon, they are very difficult and expensive to get rid of, even if they sexually assault their subordinates.

I believe the postponement is the only way to go. A new broom sweeps clean.