Arnold, Hill, Mecham prevail

June 6, 2012

Debbie Arnold

Voters in the county’s fifth supervisor district turned their backs on incumbent Jim Patterson Tuesday, giving the nod to Debbie Arnold and creating a conservative majority on the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors.

In the third district, incumbent Adam Hill outdistanced challenger Ed Waage 58.62 percent to 40 percent —  94 percent of the total tally. First district’s Frank Mecham, former mayor Paso Robles, easily retained his seat without opposition.

Arnold, a rancher in Pozo, was strongly backed by conservative and Republican interests and responded by collecting 55.66 percent of the vote to Patterson’s 44.16. She outspent her opponent considerably.

The current board chairman conceded shortly before midnight after seeing his vote support fall sharply.

Patterson, Hill and Bruce Gibson — who did not face election this go-around — formed a liberal bloc on the current board and collectively have been accused by business, ranching and wine interests of  over regulation.

Arnold will tip the board to the right in a new majority including Mecham and Supervisor Paul Teixeira.

The actual makeup of the current board will not change until January 2013.

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Comparing apples and oranges? At least Slowerfaster has the nerve to engage with fervor! What does Roger do? He runs for his safe haven subsequent to making an inane “single” posting!

I can see his wife comforting him. “Roger, did you post another single post again at CCN? Good boy! Now, let me make you some warm milk and cookies and we don’t care what they think if you don’t engage in the topic other than your one post, do we? There, there, it’s okay………”

Now that he’s helped destroy Waage’s credibility and political career, I wonder what naive, desperate politician Kevin P, Rice will offer to “help” next.

Oh, they will find body parts in his freezer soon enough .

It has been rather quiet from SLORider’s keyboard lately. Maybe he’s actually working for a change.

It’s called ‘harvesting’.

OR, maybe a friend invited him for dinner.

One can hope.

I think I may have solved the mystery …. They had plenty of ‘tri-tip’ and ‘pork’ sausage at the Arnold election night bash last Tuesday. The meat was suspiciously ‘gamey’.

The cheesecake was a nice lagniappe, though.