Capps’ bill promotes self employment

June 4, 2012

Lois Capps

Congresswoman Lois Capps is pushing a new bill with a focus of helping job seekers move into self-employment. [ModestoBee]

Capps introduced the bill in late May. It is slated to make training available for would-be entrepreneurs through local Workforce Investment Boards.

In 2010, the Department of Labor assigned Workforce Investment Boards to provide self-employment training. But they have shied away from training because present Labor Department guidelines are geared toward traditional job creation and placement, Capps said.

“As we work to help small businesses grow and create jobs, we can’t overlook the importance of the smallest of businesses – our innovative entrepreneurs,” Capps said in a statement introducing the bill.

Today, the Entrepreneurial Training Improvement Act of 2012, which focuses new attention on job seekers who are looking to create their own jobs by starting their own businesses, is in committee.

California, which had 440 adults per 100,000 starting businesses in 2010, trails only Arizona in entrepreneurial activity. Nationwide, about 543,000 businesses were created each month in 2011, according to the Kauffman index.

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Interesting reactions here to the bill introduced by our local Congress person; some have chided Ms. Capps because she “hasn’t done anything in Congress”, so she attempts to “do” something and is given a load of crap here by the conservatives. How many bills have been introduced into the House by the party in charge? How many jobs bills have been passed? For all of the bluster put forth by Republicans about how there is a need for bills to help create more jobs, what have they accomplished? The bill Ms. Capps has brought forth focuses on extending “training” for those who have been looking for jobs, but those jobs are not forth coming right now, or fast enough, so her bill extends the training for those who would like to start their own business. My question to you conservatives is other than the fact that this requires funding, what exactly is your problem with providing this training? I understand that the usual conservative answer to job creation is a healthy tax cut for the most richest in our country, but with all of the tax cuts that were passed between 2001 and 2008, why weren’t more jobs created? And for all of the railing about how dismal the stimulus was by President Obama, are any of you aware that the Governor of Virginia admitted on Sunday that his state was better off because of the stimulus? Oh well, I can’t say I really surprised by the reaction here; when you have the thought that “government is the problem”, apparently anything the government does is “wrong”. You might make the mistake in thinking that I think everything the government does is “great”, or the “right thing”, but I am a realist; anything humans do is not going to be perfect, at least not every time, so I realize that there have been many many instances of the government screwing up. But there are times when government does do something well and that should be encouraged.

Brother Bob,

How many times did we see the Republicans outcry against the Stimulus Package, but yet they took the check anyway and spent it upon their State’s needs? Can we spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E-S?

It’s like we’re all blinded and stupid to their actions, NOT!

The tattoo removal program was staffed by volunteer doctors and ultimately saved taxpayers money and reduced crime. You have a problem with that?

Oh, these anti-everything clowns have a problem alright, and I bet it’s hard to pronounce.

Actually they have myriad problems, but the main one is that they are weak cowards that need a daddy figure authoritarian to tell them what to do and make their miserable, unfullfilling lives appear to have some purpose.

The problem with promoting “self-employment” nowadays, when Congress is STILL giving incentives for American manufacturers to offshore jobs, is that there simply is not the number of contracts for small operations that there were during the Clinton administration.

A Royal Proclamation of Her Royal Highness for the Benefit of the Poor and Destitute

Dramatis Personae:

Low Miss Naps


(In the halls of Congress)


Hark! The sky darkens, clouds gather,

Grumbling voices turn to blather!

Crowds assemble, they make me tremble,

What shall we do, oh great one?

Low Miss Naps:

What? I promote what I always have,

A plan, a fix, a way that’s salve,

Haves and haves not, will self employ,

A push, a shove, a little love,

From on high for a need well nigh,

Is all that’s needed, have you not heeded?

Money’s the thing, enough for a king,

Peace will reign, tranquility will bring.


Forgive me, oh great one, critics will be critics. Twisted ranting creatures, reddened frothing fiends, nature’s runts, whose danger is catching. A pitfall, however small, can destroy all. Says old Aeschylus it’s minute, near the heart, a hatred, or a loss of focus is to fear from such stupid rabble.

Low Miss Naps:

What have I to fear?

Sorrow? Disease?

What burden can bind me?

What groans can still my voice?

Like Athena from Zeus’ brow,

All that I am, shows me exactly how,

I may act, and in that fact lies my destiny.

Mobs may trample my example,

But in the end, I shall fend them off.


Fear only fate. But Who knows what is this fate or whence it comes? A hovering vision, a smell, a touch pell mell, a taste, a dream, a nightmare, from heaven or hell? Pride is blind, arrogance an unctuous aroma, crime a balm, mesmerizing evil. Lovingly quiet, subtle, tranquil, giddy happiness its draught, until its fangs spring out, its venom flows, its writhing victim cries injustice, whilst observing Zeus judges all. But even Zeus knows not the origin of fate. Fear can be a friend on occasion.

Low Miss Naps:

What, my lackey?

Who fed the starving, nursed the sick,

Built the bridges, tatooed the wicked,

And employed the vagrant?

Who has economized, energized, pushed and pasteurized?

Who has grown the fruit of bucolic pastures?

Who has domesticated violence?

Who has exported and imported wealth away from the fray?

I, of this tranquil slice of the earth,

Merely equal my dear husband, Walter,

Therefore, I cannot falter.

Surely money is no object,

To one such as I, proclaiming from on high,

I speak ex cathedra, don’t think I can’t lead ya,

Big government is good, the bigger the better,

Just apply the trusty chain-like fetter,

The state is God, not fallible, fool, Zeus,

Our game works wonders, though nought but ruse,

Don’t despair, when the foul fruit ripens,

The sky will clear, no more this fear,

All is well, money’s the smell,

Of sweet success, empire, and flight,

Of capital, away in leaps and bounds,

Poverty will bring the beggars into line,

You’ll see what future our plans will bring,

The rebellious into our notorious ring,

Empty their pockets, and their hearts will follow,

Their flabby protestions doth ring hollow.

What a wasteful bunch of pickle smoke.

Slowerfaster, I am your master,

My pen is mighty, ten times faster.

I’ve a hunch that your bunch,

of pickle smoke is nought but a joke.

Your pickle’s dill, it makes me ill,

Break out the bottle of ill chill pill.

You make me sick, your prose a tick,

Go back to bed, you son of the FED.

Such bellyaching is unbecoming,

Like the incessant whine,

Rising from a bad glass of wine,

Your society will muck it up,

Hate’s the thing, it has such a ring,

Weak minded colt with brains of dolt.

Xenophobia leads to Wachovia,

Dim-witted scribblers, to moronic nibblers,

Thoughtless pansy, you don’t strike my fancy.

So, did you channel William McGonagal ? He’s still dead., Dimlit Guy.

By Jove! Nature’s runt has spoken,

All hail to nature’s runt,

Who apes a man with a grunt!

Yeah, you’re a MASTER-something alright. .

You have a ‘fancy’ ? Didn’t know that …NOT that there’s anything WRONG with having a fancy. Hey, as long as you keep it behind closed doors.

I really don’t care. Your poetry salad is a curious sideshow, but insignificant.

It might be more compelling when you pen a suicide note.

Brother SF,

Wait! I smell fish! Oh yeah, the “Gimlets” of this board can only throw out red-herrings in the hopes of taking away the fact that they don’t have a pot to p*ss in when it comes to explaining away the GOP’s lack of job creation!

Gimlet’s word salad of copied poetry is an embarrassing prime example of this fact.

What’s new with this faction? Absolutely nothing, and they have the audacity to disparage Lois Capps at the same time? What an outright joke.

Government is not responsible for “job creation.” In fact, it’s none of their gd business.

They need to get the hell out of the way and leave the economy ALONE. It is their interventionism which is screwing it up.

I am a Libertarian. I don’t give a damn about the Republican party or the Democratic party. They are both branches of the same corrupt ilk which oppresses us more and more with their warfare/welfare police state.

Thus, I can attack both Republicans and Democrats with equal ferocity. They are both gangsters of the same stripe with alternate scripts to read to us. It’s all “show biz,” fantasy, illusion, and fairy tales that they are trying to sell us.

I know that both D’s and R’s are crooks from the same school of gangsters because NOTHING SUBSTANTIVE EVER CHANGES, regardless of who is in power.


Only theideological silliness and Republican obstructionism prevents the obvious fix by having the government put people back to work in the service of public goods such as infrastructure, education, public health and research. We can at least begin to address joblessness by dispatching the notion that the government can’t create jobs!

Then John Boehner lied to the country in the 2010 elections when he stated with specificity that it’s about the government creating jobs? Wow, what a surprise.

Oh, government can create jobs all right; GOVERNMENT JOBS!

Look at FDR. What private sector jobs did he create? NONE! He had to get us in the war to put anybody to work, and EVEN THAT did not stop the Great Depression.

Oblooper won’t put anybody to work in the private sector either! HE CAN’T! But his predecessor and he sure love war, don’t they? War sure puts people to work, doesn’t it?

If a little war is good, more war is better, right?

In that case, let’s have WWIII!

That will sure put people to work! (If they are still alive, that is).

Gee…let me think. OH YEAH ! HOOVER DAM !

Thousand of other WPA projects across the country. My very own Grandfather got the WPA contract to put in Chatanooga Tennesee’s street sewer system. People were living in filth, with streets and alleys being rivulets of open sewage. Grandpa was a PRIVATE contractor, and he had to hire around a hundred unemployed men to do the work.

You simply don’t know what you’re writing about.

It was FDR’s switch to austerity as pushed by Republicans and conservative Democrats that reversed recovery and created a double-dip depression and a second market crash. You can read about it here: .

Really, your historical revisionism and lack of facts is just stunning.

You have some curious ideas about theology and Holy Scripture. You need some fresh air in your study:

The Bible mandates free market capitalism. It is anti-socialist. The proof is here: 10,000 pages of exposition, verse by verse. Free.

Gary North

The essence of democratic socialism is this re-written version of God’s commandment: “Thou shalt not steal, except by majority vote.”

Yeah, yeah…you’re a freakin’ Libertarian. So what the Eff do you do when your house catches fire ?

Well, that might never happen.

In the meantime….STAY OFF MY ROADS !

So typical of ego-tard imaginary supermen with delusions of adequacy.

You bore the hell out of me with your snotty rhetoric.

Your flabby prose is like the rust on a the hull of a dead ship, like the rot in a sunken hulk.

Don’t waste my time.

Oh, I think that you’re entertaining …in a kind of a slow motion, serial narrative, Darwin award candidate way.

Wait, wait! Please don’t take the bait!

The stink of fish is in his dish,

A mere old copy far too sloppy,

Pretender chirping on this board.

Gimlet hopes and merely gropes,

Be I mistaken or amiss,

By Jupiter, he sells horse p*ss,

The GOP is not for me!

Gimlet’s salad’s quite invalid,

Copied sure from horse manure,

Prime suspect, won’t pass muster,

Faction’s bore, audacious luster.

Lois Capps jokes aright,

Twinkling eye has got it right,

Outright winner, such a grinner,

Joke’s on Gimlet, such a sinner.

Derivative, and not unique,

Gimlet won’t pass our critique,

Palimpsest shorn of script forlorn,

Scribbling broken, fancy’s token.

Significance not worth a pence,

We don’t care what dross he air,

Pen he life, or pen he death,

His words so uttered beneath his breath.

Nothing’s new under old Sol,

Casting shadows over all,

Republican and Democrat,

All the same’s in their spat.

Sideshow bloke not worth a look,

Gimlet’s passion we’ll not brook,

Never mind this babbling geek,

Stuttering, uttering, senseless freak.

Anti, contra, he’s a clown,

Drive the myriad minded man from town,

Coward, weakly to the core,

Feeble, faux pas, we needn’t more!

Your “prose” bores me. Respond to me in verse–if you dare. Otherwise, be consigned to the dustbin.

whippet wit –

Election proproganda… If you want to start a business you get experience, education and a small business loan. Hard to get experience because there are no jobs, Cuesta stinks at offering proper educational classes and has anyone notified the banks not loaning. What is wrong with this woman? Does she not hear and see the real people around her, not the ones bloating her campaign funds. If you want to do this, give the money to schools to train them for vocational/hands on training. Give the young people experience and education. Lois, get out from behind the wine colored glasses!

These bellyaching Republicans just don’t like anything.. As Gore Vidal has astutely observed, they are the “small town enemies of everybody”.

If we as a society and nation want to do anything…anything at all, certainly anything positive, or advancing, or even maintaining civilization; then don’t expect these Republicans to do anything but to muck it up.

These Republicans simply hate everything, as their weak minded Randian philosophy of personal greed and egotism infects more and more of popular culture like a pandemic disease of stupidity and violence.

I am not a republican, yet I think this bill is crap.

I’m a Libertarian, and I think this bill is crap, too.

Yes, and Gore Vidal thinks we’re headed toward a dictatorship or didn’t you read the entire telephone interview? I’ll bet you’ve never met or talked to Gore Vidal, have you? He’s actually been here in San Luis Obispo for a book signing. Interesting fellow, but your comments don’t reflect the quote that you used. Gore thinks that Republicans don’t like Obama because he is black, but they call him brown so they can call him a terrorist. Gore thinks everything hinges on racism, even in California.

” I’ll bet you’ve never met or talked to Gore Vidal, have you? ” .

Wrong on both counts, Kreskin.

The power Republicans only use racism, nativism, and xenophobia to appeal to those dimwitted haters of ‘others’, ..people that scare these morons because they don’t look like they do. This is done so that these lesser than 100 IQ’s vote again and again against their own interests.

Mr. Vidal has lived a long life and is now in his late 80’s, but he’s still sharp witted.

I am a Republican, and I agree this bill is crap.


Conversly, what bill do you recognize from the House that the Republicans have proposed as not being crap?


I know, I am sorry for the “trap” because the Republicans have NEVER proposed a job bill since they took back the House of Representitives!!!!

This is just great. Typical Capps. Let’s throw away more government money. It is undeniably true that the majority of business start-ups fail. Was it not enough to throw away money on Solyndra, et al, which at least were active businesses. Do we really need a government program to seek out more failures so we can guarantee waste? If you want to do something to help an entrepreneur, remove the myriad barriers that exist. Of course, she and her ilk won’t do that because that decreases, not increases government control of the individual citizen.

Why not throw way more government money? After all, it’s FREEEEEE! Lois lives in a wonderland where the government can do ANYTHIIIIIIIIIING!


In the Bush Administration, the US added about $7 trillion of debt in eight years. In the Obama Administration, we added an additional $1.7 trillion over three years. Do the simple math.

Where were you when Bush took the money off the books, as if it was just to disappear in his simple mind, where it will come to trillions of dollars in the future, ALL UN-FUNDED, on two fraudulent wars, and Medicare part D? Barring the loss of life in the wars, were you this upset over this FREEEEEE money at the time? Yes?

I wasn’t blessed with a computer or Internet access then. Thus, you did not hear from me. Yes, I have ALWAYS been upset with the pretender Bush, this upstart, this fraud, this crook, this imposter, war monger, criminal, malefactor, evildoer, gangster, hypocrite, fraud, murderer!


Bush was a puppet, as is Obama/Soetoro, etc. Bush, like Obama/Soetoro was a creature of the CIA, and does the bidding of the NWO.


But, you were blessed with a newspaper, weren’t you? Maybe even a television and the news? Huh? Lame excuses.

Yes, I am satisfied, praise Jesus in what He obviously thinks of the former Bush. OMG, I would love to be there when Bush comes before Jesus on Judgment Day. I can see Jesus oiling the spring mechanism to the trap doors to Hell on Bushes behalf, can’t you?

You forget that we came into contact via computer and Internet, not the newspaper. Besides, I probably don’t even live in the same town as you.

It is not a “lame excuse.” I have spoken out against Bush the Younger for years. Whether you were aware of my opinions among the thousands that you could have become aware of is not the issue.

And once again about the subject, I say that Bush the Younger, the same as his evil daddy, is a profoundly evil man, a child of the NWO, and should be in prison doing hard time. He was one of the masterminds of 9/11 just as surely as the sun rises and sets.

Let’s see. This is the USA where people have been coming for over 200 years to start new lives. Now we need a new program to teach them how to do it? Give me a break. Talk about feel-good legislation in an election year! Classes in being an entrepreneur are already available at community college for those inclined to take them.

If you want to create jobs, make it easier to start a business not harder! It’s a matter of lack of capital, lack of credit, costly overhead in rent, high taxes, specific regulations that deter honesty, high workers comp and other insurance, ad nauseum.

One of her family members or friends must need a no-pay-back guberment start a failing business loan.

Two things:

I like the TV lois with the eyeliner, the one above is too gramma-like

Is this a continuation of the tatoo removal, government sponsored program that she started for the bangers? Is she prompting self-employment training for those that want to open their own shop?