Chief’s charges against Paso Robles officer dismissed

June 28, 2012

Lisa Solomon

Charges levied against a Paso Robles police officer for allegedly accessing DMV records by former chief of police Lisa Solomon-Chitty were dismissed earlier this month.

Prosecutors asked San Luis Obispo County Superior Court Judge John Trice to dismiss the four misdemeanor counts lodged against Officer Jeff Bromby after determining they were unlikely to get a conviction. Prosecutors blamed the judges instructions to the jury for the cases failure.

Prior to Solomon leaving the force under allegations she sexually assaulted her men and implemented illegal policies, officers accused her of regularly using threats of criminal charges against employees who crossed her.

Most of the threats of criminal charges against her employees were either never filed or resulted in the district attorney’s office refusing to prosecute. Nevertheless, several employees have been criminally charged.

Officers say Solomon and a few top-level commanders regularly searched videos of employees they  were looking to get rid of in an attempt to claim excessive force, and check the employee’s computers for unlawful access of driving records, a misdemeanor.

In 2010, Solomon was allegedly looking to get rid of Bromby. After the district attorney’s office rebuffed attempts to have the officer charged with theft for helping his girlfriend remove items from an elderly relative’s home, she was successful in having him charged with unauthorized access to driving records.

After remaining on paid administrative leave for several months, Bromby resigned from the force.

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Interesting that App/Solomon put Bromby on paid admin leave pending his investigation. BUT…. App never put Solomon on leave pending her VERY serious (ending up to be true) investigation. Then freeing her up to roam the halls and continue to intimidate WHILE an investigation on her was ongoing.


Answer – Manager arrogance and involvement, City Council incompitance!

AMG – App Must Go

We have no choice with the City Council, no one wants to run. Very sad…..

Very good question! Bromby has to go on admin leave, while Ms Chitty gets off scot free with a quarter million of our money.

I’m sure both App and CC has answers to this question – such as “——- ——— — ——– —-“,

but what they really know the answer is “We control this town and we don’t give a d— what the citizens want or care about – we will do it our way”.

Though I’m extremely disappointed w/how the current councilmen handled Chittygate (no incumbent will receive my vote!), I’m also upset w/former police chief Dennis Cassidy, former mayor (now supervisor) Frank Mecham, former councilmen Jim Heggarty, city mgr Jim App, and other community members who propped up Lisa and allowed her to become chief in the first place.

Lisa was not properly vetted and no other applicants were even considered. Paso’s decision makers KNEW of her personal and political baggage yet were so eager to have “Paso’s first female top cop” that they just stood by and let App crown his Lovely Lisa the Meter Maid as police chief.

Now, month after month, we’re learning how Lisa trashed the PRPD and acted inappropriately time after time… And she’s off enjoying her $250K payout, probably reading these chat boards and laughing her well-endowed self off all the way to the bank. Well, this Bromby matter may have been settled, Lisa, but Chittygate’s not over. Tatro’s lawsuit is still coming down the pike… stay tuned!


It would be fascinating to know just how many times and with how many different partners Soloman engaged sexually (manual, oral or intercourse) in order to move up the food chain, get the chief’s job and hold it for as long as she did?

I believe that sexism — “first female police chief in the county!” played a big part in her becoming chief and remaining chief. I do however believe that sex played an even larger part…

Considering the fact that she gave birth to an illegitimate child, she may have been a less-than-cautious sex partner…. Paso Robles’ answer to Typhoid Mar,….

Jeff is a good cop , the problem was the chief could not have her way with him

Come on…….…/paso-robles-cops-use-of-force-still-hurts-one-year-later/

The problem is “The pot calling the kettle black.”

Integrity is at issue here….and restoration of integrity to system that lacks transparency.

Note to Mr. App and his city council puppets: Get a bigger broom, you still need to do a whole lot more sweeping to get this under the carpet.

Note to Paso Robles voters: Can you really go to bed at night with a clear conscience that what (or who) we have running this city is the best we can come up with?? How many more “little” things like this one is it going to take for it to be crystal clear a big change is necessary.

BCP states that no one is running, which means he (or she) understands the real issue – no one in Paso really cares about their city. Would someone pay the election entry fee for a three-legged flea-bitten dog. I would vote for the dog any day of the week. Get someone or something on the ballot.

Darn near anything or anyone would be better than what we have now.


Dear Flahertini: Maybe you could run for the city council on the platform of pave 12th St. Considering what we have now on the City Council, I’d vote for you.

12th street? Its not even a main thoroughfare. Lets get Union, Rolling Hill, Airport, and Spring taken care of first!

Most of the threats of criminal charges against her employees were either never filed or resulted in the district attorney’s office refusing to prosecute. Nevertheless, several employees have been criminally charged.


This isn’t an allegation. This is a statement that it, in fact, happened.

Wow, what a piece of work she must have been. Cross her and you find yourself under criminal investigation.

I’m sure several government jurisdictions are in negotiations to hire her. This is the type of management style many government entities use to keep employees (and the public) in line.

In my opinion, strong leaders lead by inspiration, positive mentorship and setting a good example.

Weak leaders lead by fear, intimidation and retaliation.

By the time the weak leaders are fired, or leave of their own volition, they can cause an incredible amount of damage to an organization.

Many of the ethical workers will have been harassed into resigning, or will have been fired.

What you have left are the ethical workers who hadn’t yet been fired and the unethical workers who played toady to the reign of terror of the weak leader.

At least some of the ethical workers who survived the weak leader’s fear-based leadership will have been harmed by having to work in such a retaliation-based work situation. The unethical workers may continue to be loyal to the ousted leader, which may cause problems for any new leader.

I think it will take a very strong, ethical, and patient new chief of police to deal with what Lisa Solomon has left behind. However, with App and the city council deciding who is hired for the position, and with the ability to fire anyone who doesn’t toady to the CC and App, I don’t think the chances are very good of getting an ethical chief who will be around long enough to begin the rebuilding of the destruction Lisa Solomon caused to the department.

The answer is to get rid of the current CC members, and then get rid of App.

Why not? The whole damn POLICE STATE is run that way. Civilians are not the only ones who are afraid. The police are afraid, too!

What I got from this reporting is the “weasel” like reasoning the prosecutors gave for dropping the charges: “Prosecutors blamed the judges instructions to the jury for the cases failure.” Uh, yeah, that’s the ticket! It’s the judges’ fault! No matter that the charges were spurious, no matter that this was pursued by someone on their way out of power and they were clinging to whatever means they could to diminish the veracity of the charges that were being leveled against them, no matter that the whole affair was a bogus pursuit to begin with. Shameful behavior by our D.A.s office, again.

The gift that keeps on giving. How was she ever able to maintain her position for so long? Oh yea, I forgot, that wonderful City Council members who love her – November is coming, November is coming…

November is comming…….

and no one is running………


No one has ANNOUNCED they are running.


How was she ever able to maintain her position for so long?

Two words: knee pads.

Good. These were trumped up charges by the retaliatory chief of police Lisa Solomon. What a worthless, hateful, incompetent piece of work we had in a police chief. I wonder if Bromby had refused her sexual advances at some point.


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


“Woman”, yes. “Lady”? Definitely not.

Truer words were never spoken.

People who think that men are the most ruthless, power-hungry fighters have never worked in an office where a very large majority of the workers are female.