Eateries you don’t want to work for

June 21, 2012

Some restaurants may be fun and appetizing to patronize, but for many of those establishments’ employees, their jobs are not so appealing. (AOL)

Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC), an employee organization which claims more than 8,000 members nationwide, cites dozens of restaurants such as Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and Applebee’s which the group claims treat workers particularly unfairly.

ROC annually publishes a “Diners’ Guide,” a measure of “the working conditions of American restaurants,” according to its website. The group says it seeks to improve wages and working conditions for the nation’s low-wage restaurant workforce and has offices in Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Miami, Michigan, New Orleans, New York City and Washington D.C.

Also included on the ROC’s “worst” list are Burger King, Hooters, Baskin-Robbins, Chuck E. Cheese, KFC, McDonald’s,  Quiznos, Subway, Taco Bell, TGI Friday’s, Wendy’s, and famed New York eatery, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. (Read the entire list here.)

The list does not take food quality into consideration.

According to the guide, “Workers who cook, prepare, and serve our food suffer from poverty wages, no benefits like paid sick days, and little or no chance to move up to better positions. When the people who serve us food can’t afford to pay the rent or take a day off when they’re sick, our dining experience suffers.”

Ninety percent of the more than 4,300 restaurant workers surveyed by ROC reported their employers did not offer employees paid sick leave. Two-thirds of those surveyed reported that their employees routinely cook, prepare, and serve food while sick.


My Wife was a waitress as they were called then , for 20 years , she made lots of bucks in tips from, 70 to 200 a night , then the IRS gets there share


I can certainly understand that small mom and pop businesses cannot in this economy afford to provide sick leave or medical, in fact many of the owners cannot afford it for themselves. What the public needs to be angry about is that these giant mega corporations, especially Mcdonalds who is also feeding toxic waste to their customers, raking in billions in profit for the top dogs, without concern for the humans who are desperate to have a job. It is everyone who continues to support these swine companies that breed this kind of abuse and greed. If you want to make life in America better then shop local. Support small local business. Avoid the corporate fast food chains. Help take back America and the American dream.

Spirit Filled

I tip 20% if she smiles and fills my coffee. If she doesn’t I give her 20% anyway. Maybe her dog died or she can’t pay for diapers. If she’d ask I would kick in a little more. I can never say no to someone that is in need.

God Bless


And if your server is a “he”?


More like a list of the worst food in America. Eat local or cook it yourself.


I’m sure being a woman working for F.Mclintocks in the 80’s would have made this list.


(My take on a typical conservative response): Well if they want to get paid more, find a better job. If they want to get rich, start your own restaurant. Work harder and you will be rewarded. Do a good job and you will get the good tips.

I’m pretty sure that most who work in the restaurant industry do do most of those, with the exception of starting their own restaurant; I’m also pretty sure that most mom ‘n pop restaurants try to treat their employees the best they can. That being said, given the state of our economy and people’s current spending habits, it seems to make more sense to me to establish a non-tip based minimum wage that can furnish those working in these food places and bars a minimum weekly check that enables them to pay at least the barest of bills required to exist like their rent and utilities. Perhaps I have it all wrong, but if an employee isn’t as stressed about making their living expenses, maybe they will be a little less tense and be able to relax a little and enjoy their job, and by extension be more personable and engaged with their customers. I’m sure not trying to assert that I have THE answer, but perhaps one suggestion that could make a difference.

Ted Slanders


“Well if they want to get paid more, find a better job. If they want to get rich, start your own restaurant.

Wow, with still being in this Bush instigated economy, where does one get a ticket for this ride to nirvana?

The bottom line: The banksters aren’t lending, there is less income, hardly any more jobs, sharply increased mortgage debt and Washington ledgers awash in red ink as voters are asked to endorse even more tax cuts by the GOP (God’s Own Party). What a joke!

How many years of evidence does it take to comprehend that the Bush Tax Cuts for the alleged “1 % job creators” doesn’t work? Another 5 years,10 years more? It has FAILED and the Republicans have the audacity to want it continued!

It amazes me that John Boemer can stand before the electorate and still spew forth further legislation regarding further tax cuts for the 1%, and still heralding that it will creat jobs, as if we haven’t paid attention for the last eight years!

We need to recognize that the tax cutters are snake oil salesmen of the highest order!


If the tax cuts are so detrimental, then why does BO continue to extend them?


Because that horse has left the barn. Thanks to GOP largesse, the “job creators” have all the money they need. What is needed now is demand. Put some money into the hands of anyone who will buy. And stop laying off government workers. They buy and eat, too. Their salaries are a big part of the SLO local economy.

Jorge Estrada

I go there to ge my daily dose of germs, which I beleive is good for strengthening our natural germ killers. So now I learn that this, highly regulated by the Health Department, is an unhealthy place to eat and work?


Just so you folks know, the wage for restaurant worker for many states in the Union is just over $2.00 an hour……it’s the customers who really pay the wages. Not only that, getting paid via the tipping system doesn’t mean an employee will get paid. Fact is no one is legally bound to tip.


This shouldn’t be so, as consumers subsidize restaurant employee wages in the form of tips. Why should consumers subsidize restaurant owners payroll. I think we should do away with the tipping and owners should pay the true cost of employing people and pay them a living wage. If you don’t like the heat, get out of the kitchen.


To clarify the wage law regarding tipped restaurant workers:

Restaurant workers are guaranteed minimum wage. Federal law allows restaurants to pay as low as $2.13 an hour as long as the employee’s tips make up the difference (called “tip credit”) to total federal minimum wage of $7.25. If the employee’s tips fall short of $7.25 an hour, the employer must make up the difference. Bottom line, if customers don’t tip, the employee still makes minimum wage.

HOWEVER, California law does not allow tip credit. So, in this state it cannot be said that customers “subsidize” payroll.

“Q. My employer pays me less than the minimum wage because he includes my tips in my hourly pay. Is this legal?

A. No. Unlike under federal regulations, in California an employer cannot use an employee’s tips as a credit towards its obligation to pay the minimum wage. California law requires that employees receive the minimum wage plus any tips left for them by patrons of the employer’s business. Labor Code Section 351”